Tuesday, 14 March 2017


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I know you are all looking at the title thinking.... Sea? Pasta.... Sea Pasta? What is all this malarkey. Well I was contacted by Media PR to review a healthier alternative to our much loved complex carb PASTA, who would ever trade you in? Well me, for one night only. 

I Sea Pasta is a green seaweed pasta that can enable you to get your vegetable intake all in one go.The brand 'I Sea Pasta' says exactly what it does on the tin, or in this case packet. The brand launched in 2015 by Sea More founder Willem, who came up with the idea in 2013 by mistakenly consuming seaweed as he believed it was pasta... This idea then became reality, in which Sea More Food was born, the product is harvested in Ireland and only uses sustainable harvesting. 

I Sea Pasta is 100% seaweed which is gluten free, organic and of course low calorie which means all you die hard vegan fans can have a field day. Not only is this green pasta low calorie, but also benefits from being high in anti-oxidants, fibre, vitamins/minerals and omega 3 YAY!
Now let's get down to the nitty gritty... What exactly does seaweed tagliatelle taste like? Well before I give you any specific details on the taste, lets talk about the preparation. 
I Sea Pasta takes around the same time normal pasta takes to boil (however you can also prepare seaweed tagliatelle in cold water to add to chilled dishes), around 15-20 minutes and your meal is ready, making it really easy to prepare and combine with your favourite dishes. 

During my own experience of cooking seaweed pasta the smell was very fishy, no not curious but actual fish from the sea... But then again you know, what comes from the sea smells like the sea. This wouldn't be an issue if you are used to prepping fish or seafood, however I personally do not like to venture in seafood especially fishy seafood... The smell completely threw me off, which I didn't expect upon embarking on my voyage to Sea (get it). To ensure a full review though, I persevered with the smell that lingered in my flat and wanted to get straight into the tasting part. To my surprise there was no fish taste. The seaweed was similar to that of normal pasta in regards to texture and tasted pretty plain, but certainly not my cup of tea.  I made my sample without any additional sauce or side dishes to engage with the full experience of I Sea Pasta. 
I Sea Pasta is a very versatile product which I am sure many will love, I am not sure I will give it another go due to the fish smell. Alternatively you can add ginger, vinegar or lemon to your cooking water to tame the odour, unfortunately if you have been a long time lurker on this blog you  would know I am a very fussy, sensitive and allergic individual so generally try things as plain Jane. So this adventure of lemon ginger and vinegar I will leave to you, the readers.  If you are looking to give it a go why not try mixing it into your original pasta (half n half) or if you are a boss, brave it out like I did!

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Thank you to Media PR for the collaboration 


Sunday, 12 March 2017


So you might be wondering what the hell is Penclic... Well its a pen and a mouse combined! MINDBLOWN! To give you some background information I was asked to review this new age tech gadget a few weeks ago and as always you all know when I review something I need to review it properly.

So let's get straight into it. Again like I said Penclic is a new generation hybrid pen and mouse gadget, that enables you to have a more comfortable and strain free experience when using your laptop or computer. It promotes a healthier working position that stops all the fuss and bother that you get with a generic mouse, I don't know about you but as a casual gamer and someone who uses their laptop daily for university and work life, my hand can tend to cramp up from the monotonous position that my mouse contorts my hand into. 
Penclic is simple to use, literally just like your normal mouse. Pop the USB into your computer or laptop and hey presto it follows your every command just like the control and dictation you get from using an ordinary pen. Underneath the base of the mouse, there is an additional switch which is known as a DPI switch (Dots Per Inch- the technical way of saying, this mouse is really sensitive). However it is crucial to know that you will need to use this on a flat surface to obtain maximum mobility and comfort. 

As you are reading this, I used Penclic to create this whole blog post and more. I imagine this small but functional gadget would be beneficial to those who frequently use a graphics tablet, potentially to ease the strain from those who suffer from arthritis or RSI (repetitive strain injury). All in all I think it is clear to see that Penclic is an obvious winner for me and I am sure it will be for you to!
Learn more about Penclic HERE

Thanks for Reading 

Saturday, 31 December 2016


2016 has been a confusing year for most of us, with plenty of ups and downs along the way. But as usual I want to end the year focusing on the accomplishments I have made this year. So here are five things I am happy to reflect on from 2016!

1. Being part of a fantastic organisation and raising over 2.3million for The Princes Trust with my small ambassador team. 

2. Entering my 5th year of part time study with the OU and LSE studying BA Combined Social Sciences, still motivated still passionate and still dream chasing whilst working full time and mothering my blog.

3. Having intense therapy and not letting BPD or Anxiety get in the way of my dreams accomplishments and daily life. 

4. Being invited to Buckingham Palace for tea to meet royalty and get recognition for the work I have done. 

5. Having two new furry friends added to my little family and 
Adulting like a boss maintaing my own home and work life!

Happy New Year.
What are you proud of from 2016?


Sunday, 18 December 2016


Its been a long time coming, but I have finally found the time to sit back, relax and put up this blog post. For ages I have heard about coffee scrubs and never really understood the hype. I mean coffee... on your skin? Maybe its because of how I grew up but this idea, this new craze, didn't really have me jumping for joy and running up and down the high street looking for coffee to slap onto my skin.  Or maybe it is because I have never been fond of that strong coffee smell, like who actually goes into a coffee shop and breathes in the coffee smell in the air and thinks... oh this is the life? Not me I tell you, it usually has the opposite effect, I pop in smell it in the air and feel sick. I guess you wont find me in Starbucks getting happy about a new cup and a caramel latte... Damn! I'm missing out on all those typical blogger goals. haha

Then suddenly one day, postman pat knocks on my door and hands me over a package. And there amongst the tissue paper was a gifted coffee scrub, not for me to try but a gift. So after sticking my nose up at the idea. I actually had a chance to see if I could be proven wrong. Of course I was more skeptical. Now three bags in (constant repurchasing) I can honestly say i'm no longer skeptical.... Since then the Bean Body brand has been my favourite to purchase as it has infused scents that makes the coffee not as strong.
The Bean Body coffee bean scrub helps to soften moisturise and hydrate rough, dry and dehydrated skin as well as treat stretch marks and cellulite. This product can certainly last longer than what you expect it too. I use this beauty to exfoliate my body up to twice a week. Rinsing myself down in the shower to ensure my body is wet and ready for the coffee granules to stick to my body, I use a few handfuls in order to get my whole body exfoliated massaging it into the skin in circular motions, I've noticed ive come quite accustomed to falling into a anti-clockwise routine.

Once fully coated in the peppermint good stuff I end up sitting on the edge of the bath watching something on Netflix to pass the time whilst the coconut oil, vitamin e and sea salt gets to work, as it suggests to let yourself naturally dry for up to five minutes. But I never follow the rules because I am a rebel, I constantly change up the waiting time depending on what ive got going on. Usually I find myself pulling out all the stops, avocado face mask on, deep conditioning hair treatment mask on and soaking my feet in a shallow bath to get rid of the crust. (Yes we all get crusty feet). And once i'm ready to move on I rinse off all the granules to unveil super soft silky smooth moisturised skin that even a new born baby would be jealous of,... take that baby.
Bean Body do have other scents and infused scrubs to their range so make sure to keep an eye out for them, So I guess I was proven wrong, (I'm not going to hype as it still has a lingering smell of coffee but it isn't as bad as I first thought) It definitely is a lovely product and as someone who suffers with psoriasis I am very cautious about what I use on my body, as it can cause my skin to become more inflammed or irritated and this done the complete opposite, calmed my skin and reduced the redness. What more could I want?  

Bean Body gets a 9/10 from me! You can find the range here

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