Sunday, 25 September 2016


Avene has been a product I have used for a number of years now, if I had to estimate probably around four years. I was first introduced to them by accident then got to know more about the brand and their products during a blogger networking event. Over the last few years, I have suffered with psoriasis all over my body and although I have been prescribed ointments and creams to help soothe irritation Avene products have also worked wonders.  
The time came when all my skincare products had finished, is it just me or does this happen to everyone, everything you have seems to finish at exactly the same point? So I just had to go on a splurge in Boots, and whilst I bought my usual cotton pads, face wipes, sprays and other toiletries, I headed over to the Avene stand to get a few of my usual's and a few things I hadn't tried before. 

My Avene shopping list consisted of:
Eau Thermale Avene- Tolerance Extreme Creme
This is something I always need for my psoriasis and eczema, especially at this size that can just pop into my handbag. It is so rich and hydrating I would recommend it to anyone who wanted something for dry skin that is thick and keeps you moisturised all day.
Eau Thermale Avene- Tolerance Extreme Mask
I don't suffer with psoriasis on my face but from time to time I get dry skin, so make sure to keep this product stocked in my bathroom for when I need a holy grail product to give my skin life again. The mask doesn't leave your skin dry, it is recommended to leave the mask on for five minutes but I have found myself leaving it on for twenty minutes and boy does it do wonders for hydrating my skin. The mask is very thick which can be a bit daunting to some but really is worth it.
Eau Thermale Avene- Tolerance Extreme Emulsion
Avene Emulsions is probably my favourite from this haul, it is so hydrating but not as heavy as the cream so I can actually use it on my oily combination skin type when it is needed. This product is one that I can use morning and night, and is a constant repurchase product. Very worth the hype and the product. 
Eau Thermale Avene- Hydrance Optimale*
Now this is something I was sent and boy was it not a good match, the hydrance optimale is meant to be a hydrating skin tone perfecter and I was told it was meant to be suitable for all skin tones, which I was already hesitant about... How can one product match every skin tone....hmmm? So once the product turned up at my door, I eagerly tried it on and was seriously disappointed. Mainly because I was left grey and ashy. Even on a second and third attempt I was still turning into a ghost version of me that I met previously whilst trying this product.  
All of these products can be purchased from,  And that;s it the end of the haul!



Sunday, 4 September 2016


Autumn is approaching thick and fast, and the summer nights becoming a thing of the past. Soon we will be saying hello to the shorter days and the longer nights, for me Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons! The leaves start to drop and in comes the warmer colours of fall- forest greens, navy blues, burgundy reds and rustic oranges. 

So I thought now we have officially entered Autumn, why not have a look around the shops online and see what's new into the stores- starting off with New Look. Although this post is technically a wishlist, I tried to combine it as a outfit post at the same time, showing you all something I would wear during the colder months. 

For this outfit I chose to stick to the theme that pops up every year and that is checkered shirts, but instead of going with the usual red lumberjack colours, I decided to opt for this khaki cropped hem shirt. To go with this beautiful coloured shirt, I decided to pair it with this loose fit ripped mom jeans, mom jeans have easily became a fast trend setter in the last few years, and we all know they are comfy as hell! Everyone knows I am a sucker for a bomber jacket, and I know I am not the only one. Everyone and their mum loves a good old bomber, and that's because it goes with everything. This particular black long-line drawstring bomber is a little different to your average jacket. I love this particular one for it cheap and cheerfulness as well as its simplistic design. To put the whole outfit together I thought I would choose two options for footwear either to take you from day to night- or for those who prefer flats over heels etc. The trainers of choice are these simple white metal trim trainers, I picked these for the day look because I always wear flats, you would hardly ever catch me wearing heels. These trainers are a easy piece to add to an outfit, whilst the light brown metal trim Chelsea boots  have a bit more flair and character to then which can easily be worn day or night. 

I have always preferred more relaxed casual looks over anything else, if I'm not in my comfort zone then I never feel truly myself. 

That;s it there you have it, my one look that can take you from day to night during Autumn 2016!


Wednesday, 31 August 2016


I read so many do's and don'ts on the internet and never ever know what to listen to. Most of the time, I read them and start to get bored with all these different approaches to makeup and beauty. So I thought i'll share with you guys a few beauty hacks I have learnt that have worked really well for me, not only because I'm the biggest Scrooge but also because it has actually worked and saves me from spending a lot of money.

1. Is This My Colour?
Too many times have I been hunting down Pokemon foundation and ended up left unable to find my shade, and too busy to sit and talk to someone at the counter for them to semi guess my shade with their poor training and really bad store lighting. What I have learnt in the few years I have upped my makeup game from oxidised orange to beautiful brown is to test my foundation on my neck in three shades that I think will best match me. The reason to do this on your neck is because that way your foundation can be applied to the whole face matching your neck colour. For WOC it is apparent that our faces are generally slightly darker than the rest of our bodies, so in order to insure a perfect match this is the best option. Secondly to add to that, never wait for it to oxidise in the store, take a step outside- see how it sets in the natural lighting... Has it gone grey and ashy? Is the undertone off? Or does it look like you didn't even apply makeup to the area. If your answer is the last one then viola there you have it. 

2.  Easy Peasy Primer
When times get hard and the pennies just wont stretch for me to repurchase a primer, I change up my makeup routine. And if you are someone who experiences oily skin, oily tzones or has combination skin then maybe you should to. For us primers and anything that will mattify our skin, is our best friends. So if you should find yourself lost in confusion of what to do, stop picking up the heavier moisturisers and opt for a light hydrating lotion or gel mattifying moisturiser. 
I personally opt for doing combination of options. For example; using the Simple light hydrating lotion- aiming to keep my skin moisturised but not overdoing it, followed by using the Simple oil balancing cream to help matte my skin, unless I have a mattifying gel moisturiser. Finally if I can I prime my face with my primer, but if not the first two steps work just as well. Just make sure you have your translucent powder to get that shine off the tip of your nose when the end of the day is approaching. 

3. Condition, Condition, Condition!
Big afro curly hair like me? Well I have always had constant battles with my hair, its normal especially when it comes to wash day... Ladies you know what i'm talking about. The best way to keep it curly luscious bouncy and tame the frizz is it to condition. And I mean condition in every single way you can. When your washing you hair maybe think about co-washing, using a conditioning hair mask, or a leave in conditioner at the end. Throughout the week I have my own hair crack *shout out the reference from Beauty Shop* which is a mixture of hair oil and conditioner that just helps my hair to keep itself looking fresh with a quick fix and making sure it retains moisture especially with the amount of sun we have been experiencing in London recently. Keeping our hair in check takes constant maintenance there is no dry shampoo for us ladies, lets keep that for our weaves! 

And that's it ladies and gents. Three simple HACKS.


Sunday, 28 August 2016


Being a WOC, it's not likely you would find me falling in love with a product that some may associate with tanning or bronzing of the skin. But after being contacted to review Temple Spa's Goldentini Oil, that is said to be suitable for all skin types and skin tones, I thought why not give it ago. 

I have been using Goldentini for a few months now, especially in the lucky and wonderful weather that has been gracing London, and can honestly say it is certainly something I reach for when I want to add a subtle amount of glow to the skin. This product does work for POC, in particularly it leaves me looking sun-kissed and radiant. Together with my Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs these two products go together like a power couple! The first time I was able to fully embrace Goldentini at full force was when I headed off to a few festivals, after getting ready I just applied a small amount to areas of my body where the sun would naturally greet my skin and give it a beautiful bronzed glow on my caramel complexion, particularly focusing on my collar bones, shoulders and of course my legs. 

Temple Spa's Goldentini retails for £25, which is pretty affordable as a little goes a long way. The 50 ml bottle is essentially a body bronzing cocktail that nourishes and moisturises the skin, leaving it with a lustrous sheen, ensuring you are left radiant by the help of it's photo reflecting agents. The oil itself is lightweight and non-greasy that melts into the skin.
Since using the product I have received a few comments on what I have been using to achieve these results. and most of the time I would love to keep it a secret but on this occasion. its the perfect product to use in this summer weather to leave you looking summer time fine. And with these results I just have to share my beauty tips and tricks. Now that the festivals have died down and Carnival has swiftly approached us I know exactly what I will be whipping out again, yes you guessed it... THE POWER COUPLE. Not only do I wear Goldentini for big events and when I want to feel amazing, but it can be used for any occasion (birthdays, dinner dates, festivals, family gatherings- any moment when you want people to compliment you on your ravishing skin). 

Let me know what products you use, to get your glow on!
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