Mac Matchmaster Foundation (review)

I absolutely love this foundation. Its so easy to apply as it has a pump. This particular foundation isn't full coverage, but I would say its something like a medium coverage... So if you want that full coverage look you will have to work it up until you find the right coverage you are looking for. 

My shade is a 7.5 which is about NC50/NC55. I have made a list to link other mac foundations with the shades with the matchmaster foundation...

1.0 = NC15
1.5 = NW15
2.0 = NC20, NC25, NW20
3.0 = NC30
4.0 = NC35, NC37, NW30
5.0 = NC40, NC41, NC42
6.0 = NW33, NW35, NC44
7.0 = NW40, NW43, NC45
7.5 = NC50, NC55
8.0 = NW44, NW45
8.5 = NW46, NW47
9.0 = NW48
9.5 = NW50, NW55
10.0 = NW58, NW60

I hope this list helps you find the particular shade that you are, because I found it difficult at first to know what shade i was. So i had to look at Youtube videos in order to find my shade. 

This foundation goes really well with the l'oreal studio secrets primer as i have previously mentioned in a earlier blog post. Also the mac translucent powder is a good product to have a matte finished look.


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