Simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser (Review)

As you guys know or I think you know I suffer with oily skin and my t-zone gets especially oily when I have make-up on. So before I was using e45 and that was helping but not as much as I needed it too. Recently when I went to Superdrug I saw this product and thought I would give it a try.

Now I have been using it for two weeks and I definatley recommend it. The oil balancing moisturiser was really hydrating and leaves my face so soft and smooth. The moisturiser is light and has this sought of fluffy texture to it and doesn't feel heavy on your face. The cream isn't too thick either so its the perfect consistency. I highly recommend this product to anyone with oily or combination skin.

You can buy this product from stores such as Superdrug and boots ranging between £3-4.


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