Sunday, 9 December 2012

Nivea Express Hydration Primer Review

I recently started using the Nivea express hydration primer before applying my makeup. It says  to use the cream after cleansing the face massaging it in circular motions. When i used it as a moisturiser and primer it made my face a little tight, so from then on i started adding a little of Simple's hydrating light moisturiser to keep my skin feel soft. And this worked a treat! It sit on the skin perfectly and when applying your foundation it keeps it smooth and in place and lets your foundation last longer than 7hours. Trust me (I timed it).

You can buy the Nivea express hydration primer from places like Superdrug for £5.00 seems a bit pricey but it does the job especially when a little goes a long way! If your someone that loves to dabble around in primers give this one a test.  You can get the product either in Dry/Sensitive skin or Normal/Combination skin and for all those who know i have combinations skin so that the one i picked up. So it does try and cater for most skin types.

The only issue some may have with the product is that it has a slight scent to it which doesn't really bother me but its just a heads up for those who are thinking about trying it. I have become pretty fond of this product by Nivea and will be purchasing again :)

It didn't make me irritated or spotty or dry at all just for me it needed a little added moisture for my skin. It makes my foundation look flawless especially my concealer under the eye. Its a definite 9/10 :)

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Review

Hey guys its been awhile but I'm back and hitting you with another review. The Bourjois magic nail polish remover seems to have mixed reviews so i thought id pop along to boots and pick one up. I bought mine in boots with the 3 for 2 offer they had going on at them time, it costs £5.00 but don't be to alarmed this beauty goes along way.

When i first started using it i was a little hesitant as when you first open the bottle your a greeted with a strong smell of nail polish remover, which i slowly began to get used to. Needless to say the bottle does say that the nail varnish will be removed within 1 second of using the nail polish remover and I'm guessing you knew as well as i did it takes a little longer than a second.

But i was pleasantly surprised how quick it was to get rid of existing nail varnish on my fingers considering i coat my nails up to 3 or 4 times sometimes. And with a couple of turns  of my finger in the bottle the nail varnish was gone like magic. No fiddly cotton wool needed or cheap cotton pads that will fall apart, and no liquid getting spilt here and there. It was all nice and neat, cheery in fact. Considering my first attempt at using the product was when i had to go to A&E it was practical in the sense that i needed to take the (black) nail polish off in order for the nurse to be able to read my blood oxygen saturation and respiration rate. It came off oh so quickly so thumbs up for that!
After using the product i found that it dried really quickly and the smell didn't linger on my finger tips. Although some may say a disadvantage to this is the fact that you cannot use it for your toes is it really that much of a concern? Not for me anyway as i don't put nail polish on my toes. This product might not be for you but all in all i think it is a good product and a nice idea for those who are always on the go and may not have time to sit down and do it the conventional way.

So overall i give the magic nail polish a 10/10 i was pleasantly surprised and can see that this will be a product the will last me a long time so for the price its worth it!

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Full Face Routine

Like any girl i like to play around with my make up and create different styles. Makeup enables you to transform into different characters. So i thought you guys may want to know what i have been using recently for a full routine. As i haven't been able to upload to my YouTube channel its only fair i still do regular posts. 

So lets dive in...

Foundation- MAC Studio Fix Fluid ( NC55 )
I absolutely have fallen in love with this foundation all over again, especially during this hot weather we have been experiencing lately. The studio fix fluid is a liquid foundation especially designed for oily skin, this is because as the foundation sets on your skin it oxidizes and has a powdery look. It wouldn't be too good for dry skin as it may have a tendency to oxidizes around the dry patches which altogether wouldn't look to nice.

Concealer- MAC Pro Longwear ( NW35 )
I only use a small amount of pro longwear to lighten up under my eyes and also towards my cheeks to give it a highlight/contoured look and glow to it. I tend to use the concealer also just to highlight under the brows to give it more definition. Its always a good idea to go one or two shades lighter than your foundation. I like to opt for the MAC pro longwear as it doesn't crease when using it under the eye and blends really well.

- MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Powder
 - Collection 2000 Presses Powder
Your probably wondering why the hell are there two powders here. Well basically i prefer to use Mac prep and prime powder to set my under eye, where ever i have put the concealer and also for my most oily points. Which in my case would be my nose and forehead. But when i run out of Mac i go to my cheaper alternative and use collection 2000 pressed powder. They both to a fantastic job and helps my makeup to stay put.

Contour & Blush- Sleek contour kit (medium) & Sleek Blush (coral)
I have never really wanted to change from using sleek blushes as i always find them to be really pigmented and they always seem to do the job and are affordable. In this case I'm using Coral as it such a fresh spring/summer colour and helps give my cheeks a natural glow. Plus i think personally that coral is the type of blush that is suitable for most people. I use the contour kit in medium to contour my cheek bones and also under my jaw. As most of you know the contour kit comes with a highlight but i prefer to use the highlight colour as a eye-shadow, and that's exactly what i have done here. It just gives my eyes a nice pop of golden shimmer. 

Mascara- Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara
I have raved about this for so long so imma keep this one short and sweet. This is a perfect mascara to have as it contains two wands one for length and the other for volume. But in this case i only used the volume wand but i kept applying length instead of volume as i didn't want it going clumpy. :)

Lipstick- MAC Vegas Volt ft. Revlon Mauve it Over
I have the tendency to always mix up my lipsticks to give it a unique colour. Plus i think it looks quite naturally and to me that's a bonus. The Mac vegas volt can be pretty vibrant, its an orangey peach colour and depending on the look your going for it might be a bit much. So as my makeup is kinda on the down low, i though it best to add something a little more low key such as the Revlon mauve colour lipstick. And it worked a treat.

And here it is the finished look...

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation @ Boots

Boots are doing a 7day trial of the new YSL eclat foundation and its only exclusive to boots so head down there for your 7 day trial. This foundation is proving to be a big hit and i cannot wait to get my hands on it!
From the adored highlighter it has been magically transformed and adapted into a foundation that is said to give you illuminating results leaving the face and skin naturally radiant and beautiful. Having around 22 different shades to choose from I'm sure there will be a shade to suit everyone (although boots don't do all 16 you can always pop to Selfridges who do all 22 shades). Once i get my hands on the product be sure to expect a detailed review of my honest opinion.  The touch eclat foundation is £28.00 in boots not one of the cheapest foundations but definitely one that i wanna try in the near future.

Tell me what you think? Have you already tried it?
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Whats on my wishlist?

I have been eyeing up a few items from different stores atm. I am not the one really to follow the crowd or jump on the band wagon but i must say there are a few fashion items i have been craving to come home with me in the last few days! But don't you just hate when payday has gone and so has all your money and all you can do is look at the beauts through a shop window or on your computer screen.


I adore this store and always find things that are hiding in the rails of the store but my xray vision eyes always seems to pick them up...

{Gold tone peace sign earrings} 
Im not generally one for hoop earrings but i really love that it has the peace sign situated within the hoops that gives such a nice touch. And for £3 its defo something that's affordable and can be worn with many of outfits. Looking forward to getting my hands on these and wearing them on a daily basis.

{Black patent ankle boots}
Such a big lover of Doc Martins and any kind of dupes of the real thing and right here we have one of them. They look so comfortable and because they are black it will go with so many outfits and so many types of weather, as we all know what Britain can be like- one minute it summer then the next its winter.
At £60 its pretty affordable and a cheaper alternative to the real things so that's a thumbs up from me river island i will defo be getting these from the online store.

{Tribal print tunic top}
I love every single detail this top has, i love the aztec and tribal feel to it and the warm colours used. Once again a versatile top that can be worn dressed up or casually. The only thing that puts me slightly off is the price £38 for oe tunic top? Im not to sure but it will still sit on my wishlist... If you wanna buy it for me then don't hesitate. Trust me ill be happy. :)


if your looking for somewhere that is having a sale this is the place. If your looking for somewhere that is doing alot in there swimwear department look no further this is the place to shop...

The items in my HM wishlist are alot more casual

{Fine knit shawl cardigan}
Only £9.99 in the sale used to be £14.99 which i think its a pretty good price for a knited light weight cardigan than can be worn over anything. Im a sucker for white or black long cardigans.  One of those everyday items you have in your wardrobe :)

{Print scarf} 
Also in a blue version i love this scarf that i can wear around my neck or in my hair. The colours in the scarf just shou out spring summer 2012 and i love that its only £6.99. I probably will be picking this up soonish yay!

{Winged sunglasses}
And finally how could i not put a sunglasses up on my wishlist considering that its summer and everyone loves a good pair of sunglasses! These ones are perfect, as you guys know i love vintage and vintage looks. Anything that looks remotley 50s im in there. And i compleltey fell in love with these sunglasses and the simple black and white colours it has. This is first to buy when money comes my way.  And they will only set you back £9.99 yes please!

Have you gpt a summer wishlist? Let me know what you lusting for?




Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Revlon Colorstay- combination/oilyskin (Review)

I decided to purchase the Revlon Colorstay foundation as a back up foundation to use or to use when i'm not going out. Plus its a cheaper alternative and as you all know i am a sucker for products that are of good quality but are at a healthy price. 

So firstly i want to praise Revlon for having two variations of this foundation depending on your skin type. ie: One for dry skin/ normal skin and the other version for people with combination/ oily skin like me.

My specific colour is in 400- caramel. It matches my skin so perfectly and is such a nice shade. This was one thing i was worried about die to a lot of drugstore foundations don't have a wide range generally for all skin colours. I was so happy to find this foundation and even more happier when i tried it for the first time to find that it easily blended into my skin matching it perfectly. 

Revlon caramel is ever so close to Mac NC45. But i found that Revlons cappuccino was also of a nice shade which was close to NC50 with a red/peachy tone to it compared to caramel.

Pros to Revlon Colorstay:-

  • No break out- I had absolutely no break out at all from this foundation which is always gonna be a positive for anyone. 
  • Available for different skin types- As said before they have made versions depending on which skin type you fall under.
  • Very good coverage- I find that this foundation has such good coverage and is buildable depending if you want more coverage.
  • Good selection of colours- I was so happy to see that this foundation has a wide range of shades depending on your skin tone.
  • Generous amount and good quality
  • Long lasting- For a drugstore foundation i found that this one lasted longer than 7hours which i was pretty shocked about.
Cons for Revlon Colorstay:-
  • Drys quickly- I found that when applying the foundation it dried ever so quickly before i even finished applying to my whole face. So you kinda have to work quick with this product.
  • No Pump- For me i love a foundation with a pump so that it can enable me to get the right amount out with a quick pump or two. Plus it just makes it a lot easier.
  • Slight smell- I'm not sire if it is just me or if other people smell this too but i find there is a slight smell to the product when its not dry but its not that bad considering if it was then i probably wouldn't even use it.
Overall i feel that the foundation is such a decent product that i give so much kudos to, and if your looking for something to replace your higher end foundations for a cheaper alternative. Then i would recommend this little product right here. 

Have you used this product? Whats your opinion?



Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nicole Richie- We want her style!

Nicole Richie is most famous for co starring in the simple life. Shes a multi-talented woman at the age of 30 is an actress, fashion designer, author and singer. But lets not comment on any of that and focus on her undeniable fashion foward dress sense. 

But that's not what were talking about here. Nicole Richie knows what style is she was awarded the Young Hollywood's Style Icon award from Hollywood Life magazine in 2005 and is known for topping best-dressed lists.  She has continued to amaze us with her dress sense, from her teen years to pregnancy and now being a working mother.

Nicole can go between chilled out and causal to elegant and sophisticated in a minute. Generally most people know they can achieve a day to night outfit in a minute, changing flats to heels or wedges and a cardigan to a blazer and Voila!

Nicole used to carry that bad girl chic image but has transformed it into a trendsetting woman. Sporting such styles as knee high boots, headscarves and her favorite big over sized sunglasses. She is not new to the fashion world at all, where she has modeled and was the face for Bongo Jeans and Jimmy Choo. 

We all want a little of Nicole Richie style she keeps the looks real.

Tell me what you think? Yummy Mummy?



Sunday, 20 May 2012

I ♥ tea-tree

I've always been a really big fan of super-drugs tea tree products and would always go back to them. They are my secret go to holy grail products. Whenever i seem to be having bad days i go back to my tea-tree exfoliating scrub which works wonders on my skin. The whole line of products are to die for as they work a treat and are so inexpensive.

As a child i was bought up on using tea-tree products and obviously this was way before simple products was around.  So i used to use everything and anything that was tea-tree and it has never let me down. With my skincare regime now, i seem to combine the simple and tea tree products and for the past month they have worked so well as a combination.

(Superdrug teatree range  ♥  them so much)
Price ranging from 99p to £5

I recently purchased the tea tree and witch hazel exfoliating face scrub from boots, and let me tell you something i have fallen in love with this product. I use it about 3x a week to unclog my pores and freshen my skin and it does just that. I particularly like to use it at night before going to bed with the simple toner, so that by the morning my skin is feeling so soft and fresh.

(boots range of tea-tree and witch owl)
price ranging from 99p to £5

I am such a huge fan of products that don't have no nonsense in them and here are a few of em along with simple products that i love more than anything. These products can generally be used on all skin types, so dont worry if you have dry or oily skin and don't know what to try. Here's a few cheaper alternatives with no unnecessary ingredients. And they work a treat too!

Check em out at your closest stores and tell me what you think or if you have used them before



Monday, 14 May 2012

Emporio Armani- Rihanna Collection

After her first success with her debut collection for Armani, Rihanna is at it again ready to release a new batch for her collection with Armani.

Here are a few of her sketches at work:-

-Denim Romper Suit-
When i look at this particular sketch i can imagine how this can work as an daytime and evening outfit. So elegant yet so simple, easy to mix it up with accessories and shoes.

-Sexy Tomboy-
This look has all the elements of such a edgy look. From the grey leather jacket to give the rocky edge. The denim shorts for that tomboy hint and lace up boots to add even more style. This is the kind of thing i love to see keeping it simple yet on trend.

-Classic American Vintage-
This piece to me looks so calm and collected everyday chic. Yet i cant help but feel that there is a old vintage feel to the look. The canvas bag is the ultimate piece to the collection for this particular sketch.

As a whole if i had to word it up i would call the whole thing Demure and stylish.
It has also been said that Rihanna will be adding an underwear range within the collection. Don't quote me on that but i'm definitely hoping so and once its out i would love to get my hands on it.

What do you think about the collection the sketches and everything else!


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Monday, 23 April 2012

Bioderma Crealine/Sensibo H20 Review :)

Hey guys and dolls,
For a long time i have been looking for products i can add to my skincare regime. Products that will be able to look after my skin keep it supple and fresh. And wallah i came across bioderma which is generally a cleansing product used to remove makeup. But even the days where i am makeup free i still end up reaching for this magical product and using it at the end of the day after i have washed my face.

There are two of the bottles and you are probably thinking well which one should i purchase this is sounding pretty darn good? Well if you've been following my blog long then you'll know that i suffer with oily/combination skin so therefore i opt for the green top bottle, which is particularly designed for us oily skin girls and guys .Whilst the pink top is for those who have dry to normal skin. It also caters for those with sensitive skin so that must be a bonus?

This cleanser is not yet available over here in the UK as it is based in Lyon, France. But there are quiet a few websites that you can buy this product from. Such as Ebay :)

Everyone is calling it magic water as it works wonders. And i have to agree. I have been using bioderma for 2weeks now and ill let you into a little secret... It has kept my skin so soft and has reduced my oily skin. I can see a difference and im glad i was able to fit this into my skincare regime. Whilst using this i haven't received a single spot and i know that is every girls worst nightmare! It hasn't irritated my skin at all. It is so purifying and refreshing and leaves your skin so smooth. I haven't got anything negative to say about the product as of yet. The only downside i guess i could have is the fact that its not available in our own chemists in the UK!!!

And on a final note if that hasn't made you think about looking into the product then maybe the fact that its being used behind stage on catwalks to remove makeup might make you feel a bit better and a bit more confident in knowing that it isn't a dodgy product and its worth while looking into... Plus if you find the right websites it is so affordable and nothing cheers me up more than something that is cheap and cheerful!

Tell me what you think, have you tried bioderma cleanser yet or any other of there products
Let me know




Friday, 20 January 2012

Natural Remedies

I have always loved the idea of home-made remedies. That you can make within the home without having to dip into your pocket and hit the high street. These ideas have been around for ages and i love that you can just pop downstairs and find the majority of the items in your house

Honey Almond Face Mask
I came across this a few months back and was surprised that it actually worked.The honey and almond face mask is basically 2 tablespoons of honey,2 tablespoons of almond oil, egg yolk and a tablespoon of yoghurt.
The mixture must be applied to your face and left on for around 20minutes. Rinse with warm water and remove any leftover residue with a warm damp cloth.
The benefits of the honey and almond face mask? 
it leaves your skin soft and moisturised, the honey leaves the skin with natural nutrients that gives the skin a nice healthy shine and the almond oil also hydrates the skin and penetrates deep down into the pores.
Together eliminates any dry dull skin you may have.

Everybody must have heard the secret about toothpaste... Apparently it gets rid of spots? Is this true...
Well i can say it doesn't completely get rid of spots, so if you have acne it is no way a cure. But toothpaste can defiantly help aid the process of getting rid of a spot. Toothpaste is obviously used for cleaning your teeth by 1.removing dirt and 2.killing bacteria. Toothpaste does that just thing as well as drying out oils that can be producing the spot in the first place. 
Placing a small blob on the spot for an hour or over night will reduce the soreness and redness and in time the spot should disappear.

Note- Make sure you are not using any whitening toothpaste as they generally contain bleach of some sort, and your not going to want to put that on your skin now are you? :/

Ginger Mix body scrub
The ginger mix scrub contains 1/4 cup sea salt, 1/4 cup olive oil, 2 finely crushed ginger cloves, and 1/4 cornmeal (you can add drops of rosemary or peppermint- if you like) Mix the salt, ginger and cornmeal together then add warmed oil and mix. Use this in the shower standing and apply to the skin in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water and towel pat dry. The scrub should leave your skin smooth and glowing. After using this don't use heavy amounts of moisturisers or creams on your skin as your pores will be open.

Please tell me what you think about the remedies and if you have tried them
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My everyday foundation routine

Hey guys and dolls, i guess this blog post would be more dedicated to the girlies. I'm just going to talk you through how i do my everyday face routine.

I moisturise my face with ''Simple's clear skin oil balancing moisturiser''. And then prime my t-zone with ''L'Oreal studio secrets primer'', i also l apply the primer just under my eyes in the crease so its not as visible when the foundation is on and setting

For my foundation i use the ''Mac match-master foundation'' in 7.5 or 7.0 depending on the time of the year (which is a liquid foundation) and i apply this with my Mac 187 duo fibre brush. A lot of people consider this foundation to be a medium coverage so if you don't think its enough for you just build up the amount of foundation you use to get a full coverage look. I apply the foundation all over my face and towards the neck to blend with my natural skin colour.

As the foundation is setting i then high light my eyebrows with the sleek contour kit in medium. I use my ''Mac cover-up concealer'' in NW40 for under the eye, the cheek bones and the apple of my chin applying with my fingers and blending with the elf blending brush. I set it all with the ''Mac translucent powder''.

I finish of using my blush brush to apply ''Sleek Sahara blush'' for my cheeks to add back some colour, I apply mascara. And lastly on my lips i use the ''Rimmel pencil in tiramisu'' and go over it with my ''Mac velvet teddy lipstick''.

And that is the completed look....



Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sambucol Review

So after taking Sambucol for two weeks I have noticed some changes. Two weeks ago I had tonsillitis for the fifth time this year so after being prescribed penicillin, I went to holland and barrats and bought myself some Sambucol and acai. 

The combination of the two cleared up my tonsillitis within a week and a half and also boosted my immune system. Whilst everyone around me was getting the flu or colds, I was still going strong. The anti-oxidants of the elderberries within Sambucol helps combat against germs. The Sambucol also gives you more energy and helps combined with the acai flush out unwanted toxins as I found it more easy to go toilet and felt overall so much better.

Retailing at £9.29 I think its a pretty good bargain considering that I feel that it has improved my immune systems and my body as a whole. And I will definitely be purchasing another bottle once this one has finished. I have also got my mother taking it now and she feels the same. :) 

You can buy Sambucol on-line here at holland and barrats x

Nutritional Information

5ml contains:
Black elderberry extract1.9g
Vitamin C55mg
100ml contains
Black Elderberry38g
Vitamin C1.1mg

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