Sambucol Review

So after taking Sambucol for two weeks I have noticed some changes. Two weeks ago I had tonsillitis for the fifth time this year so after being prescribed penicillin, I went to holland and barrats and bought myself some Sambucol and acai. 

The combination of the two cleared up my tonsillitis within a week and a half and also boosted my immune system. Whilst everyone around me was getting the flu or colds, I was still going strong. The anti-oxidants of the elderberries within Sambucol helps combat against germs. The Sambucol also gives you more energy and helps combined with the acai flush out unwanted toxins as I found it more easy to go toilet and felt overall so much better.

Retailing at £9.29 I think its a pretty good bargain considering that I feel that it has improved my immune systems and my body as a whole. And I will definitely be purchasing another bottle once this one has finished. I have also got my mother taking it now and she feels the same. :) 

You can buy Sambucol on-line here at holland and barrats x

Nutritional Information

5ml contains:
Black elderberry extract1.9g
Vitamin C55mg
100ml contains
Black Elderberry38g
Vitamin C1.1mg

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