Bioderma Crealine/Sensibo H20 Review :)

Hey guys and dolls,
For a long time i have been looking for products i can add to my skincare regime. Products that will be able to look after my skin keep it supple and fresh. And wallah i came across bioderma which is generally a cleansing product used to remove makeup. But even the days where i am makeup free i still end up reaching for this magical product and using it at the end of the day after i have washed my face.

There are two of the bottles and you are probably thinking well which one should i purchase this is sounding pretty darn good? Well if you've been following my blog long then you'll know that i suffer with oily/combination skin so therefore i opt for the green top bottle, which is particularly designed for us oily skin girls and guys .Whilst the pink top is for those who have dry to normal skin. It also caters for those with sensitive skin so that must be a bonus?

This cleanser is not yet available over here in the UK as it is based in Lyon, France. But there are quiet a few websites that you can buy this product from. Such as Ebay :)

Everyone is calling it magic water as it works wonders. And i have to agree. I have been using bioderma for 2weeks now and ill let you into a little secret... It has kept my skin so soft and has reduced my oily skin. I can see a difference and im glad i was able to fit this into my skincare regime. Whilst using this i haven't received a single spot and i know that is every girls worst nightmare! It hasn't irritated my skin at all. It is so purifying and refreshing and leaves your skin so smooth. I haven't got anything negative to say about the product as of yet. The only downside i guess i could have is the fact that its not available in our own chemists in the UK!!!

And on a final note if that hasn't made you think about looking into the product then maybe the fact that its being used behind stage on catwalks to remove makeup might make you feel a bit better and a bit more confident in knowing that it isn't a dodgy product and its worth while looking into... Plus if you find the right websites it is so affordable and nothing cheers me up more than something that is cheap and cheerful!

Tell me what you think, have you tried bioderma cleanser yet or any other of there products
Let me know





  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Don't forget to check back :).

    Oh the Bioderma sounds interesting, but it is not available in my country. :(

  2. I got mine off of ebay check there hun xx


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