Sunday, 20 May 2012

I ♥ tea-tree

I've always been a really big fan of super-drugs tea tree products and would always go back to them. They are my secret go to holy grail products. Whenever i seem to be having bad days i go back to my tea-tree exfoliating scrub which works wonders on my skin. The whole line of products are to die for as they work a treat and are so inexpensive.

As a child i was bought up on using tea-tree products and obviously this was way before simple products was around.  So i used to use everything and anything that was tea-tree and it has never let me down. With my skincare regime now, i seem to combine the simple and tea tree products and for the past month they have worked so well as a combination.

(Superdrug teatree range  ♥  them so much)
Price ranging from 99p to £5

I recently purchased the tea tree and witch hazel exfoliating face scrub from boots, and let me tell you something i have fallen in love with this product. I use it about 3x a week to unclog my pores and freshen my skin and it does just that. I particularly like to use it at night before going to bed with the simple toner, so that by the morning my skin is feeling so soft and fresh.

(boots range of tea-tree and witch owl)
price ranging from 99p to £5

I am such a huge fan of products that don't have no nonsense in them and here are a few of em along with simple products that i love more than anything. These products can generally be used on all skin types, so dont worry if you have dry or oily skin and don't know what to try. Here's a few cheaper alternatives with no unnecessary ingredients. And they work a treat too!

Check em out at your closest stores and tell me what you think or if you have used them before



Monday, 14 May 2012

Emporio Armani- Rihanna Collection

After her first success with her debut collection for Armani, Rihanna is at it again ready to release a new batch for her collection with Armani.

Here are a few of her sketches at work:-

-Denim Romper Suit-
When i look at this particular sketch i can imagine how this can work as an daytime and evening outfit. So elegant yet so simple, easy to mix it up with accessories and shoes.

-Sexy Tomboy-
This look has all the elements of such a edgy look. From the grey leather jacket to give the rocky edge. The denim shorts for that tomboy hint and lace up boots to add even more style. This is the kind of thing i love to see keeping it simple yet on trend.

-Classic American Vintage-
This piece to me looks so calm and collected everyday chic. Yet i cant help but feel that there is a old vintage feel to the look. The canvas bag is the ultimate piece to the collection for this particular sketch.

As a whole if i had to word it up i would call the whole thing Demure and stylish.
It has also been said that Rihanna will be adding an underwear range within the collection. Don't quote me on that but i'm definitely hoping so and once its out i would love to get my hands on it.

What do you think about the collection the sketches and everything else!


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