Emporio Armani- Rihanna Collection

After her first success with her debut collection for Armani, Rihanna is at it again ready to release a new batch for her collection with Armani.

Here are a few of her sketches at work:-

-Denim Romper Suit-
When i look at this particular sketch i can imagine how this can work as an daytime and evening outfit. So elegant yet so simple, easy to mix it up with accessories and shoes.

-Sexy Tomboy-
This look has all the elements of such a edgy look. From the grey leather jacket to give the rocky edge. The denim shorts for that tomboy hint and lace up boots to add even more style. This is the kind of thing i love to see keeping it simple yet on trend.

-Classic American Vintage-
This piece to me looks so calm and collected everyday chic. Yet i cant help but feel that there is a old vintage feel to the look. The canvas bag is the ultimate piece to the collection for this particular sketch.

As a whole if i had to word it up i would call the whole thing Demure and stylish.
It has also been said that Rihanna will be adding an underwear range within the collection. Don't quote me on that but i'm definitely hoping so and once its out i would love to get my hands on it.

What do you think about the collection the sketches and everything else!


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