Revlon Colorstay- combination/oilyskin (Review)

I decided to purchase the Revlon Colorstay foundation as a back up foundation to use or to use when i'm not going out. Plus its a cheaper alternative and as you all know i am a sucker for products that are of good quality but are at a healthy price. 

So firstly i want to praise Revlon for having two variations of this foundation depending on your skin type. ie: One for dry skin/ normal skin and the other version for people with combination/ oily skin like me.

My specific colour is in 400- caramel. It matches my skin so perfectly and is such a nice shade. This was one thing i was worried about die to a lot of drugstore foundations don't have a wide range generally for all skin colours. I was so happy to find this foundation and even more happier when i tried it for the first time to find that it easily blended into my skin matching it perfectly. 

Revlon caramel is ever so close to Mac NC45. But i found that Revlons cappuccino was also of a nice shade which was close to NC50 with a red/peachy tone to it compared to caramel.

Pros to Revlon Colorstay:-

  • No break out- I had absolutely no break out at all from this foundation which is always gonna be a positive for anyone. 
  • Available for different skin types- As said before they have made versions depending on which skin type you fall under.
  • Very good coverage- I find that this foundation has such good coverage and is buildable depending if you want more coverage.
  • Good selection of colours- I was so happy to see that this foundation has a wide range of shades depending on your skin tone.
  • Generous amount and good quality
  • Long lasting- For a drugstore foundation i found that this one lasted longer than 7hours which i was pretty shocked about.
Cons for Revlon Colorstay:-
  • Drys quickly- I found that when applying the foundation it dried ever so quickly before i even finished applying to my whole face. So you kinda have to work quick with this product.
  • No Pump- For me i love a foundation with a pump so that it can enable me to get the right amount out with a quick pump or two. Plus it just makes it a lot easier.
  • Slight smell- I'm not sire if it is just me or if other people smell this too but i find there is a slight smell to the product when its not dry but its not that bad considering if it was then i probably wouldn't even use it.
Overall i feel that the foundation is such a decent product that i give so much kudos to, and if your looking for something to replace your higher end foundations for a cheaper alternative. Then i would recommend this little product right here. 

Have you used this product? Whats your opinion?




  1. i brought this foundation the other week and love it!
    but i agree, there is a slight smell which reminds me of paint a little bit, it doesn't bother me too much though. They should deffo look into fitting a pump, i always pour too much foundation out and feel like i'm wasting most of it!


    1. Yea i find that its so good and affordable defo a fave drugstore foundation. Its a keeper x

  2. I've been watching YouTube videos about this foundation everyone says it's one of the best drugstore foundations! Great review, I'm definitely going to buy it!

    Diary of a Short Girl

    1. Yea you should, i don't usually tell people to buy things but considering that it is very affordable i think yea why not try it out. Im sure you will love it to. x

  3. Really wanna try this foundation! Wish it had a pump though! Followed you :) xoxo

    1. Yea its a very good foundation but thats its biggest downside no pump! x


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