Whats on my wishlist?

I have been eyeing up a few items from different stores atm. I am not the one really to follow the crowd or jump on the band wagon but i must say there are a few fashion items i have been craving to come home with me in the last few days! But don't you just hate when payday has gone and so has all your money and all you can do is look at the beauts through a shop window or on your computer screen.


I adore this store and always find things that are hiding in the rails of the store but my xray vision eyes always seems to pick them up...

{Gold tone peace sign earrings} 
Im not generally one for hoop earrings but i really love that it has the peace sign situated within the hoops that gives such a nice touch. And for £3 its defo something that's affordable and can be worn with many of outfits. Looking forward to getting my hands on these and wearing them on a daily basis.

{Black patent ankle boots}
Such a big lover of Doc Martins and any kind of dupes of the real thing and right here we have one of them. They look so comfortable and because they are black it will go with so many outfits and so many types of weather, as we all know what Britain can be like- one minute it summer then the next its winter.
At £60 its pretty affordable and a cheaper alternative to the real things so that's a thumbs up from me river island i will defo be getting these from the online store.

{Tribal print tunic top}
I love every single detail this top has, i love the aztec and tribal feel to it and the warm colours used. Once again a versatile top that can be worn dressed up or casually. The only thing that puts me slightly off is the price £38 for oe tunic top? Im not to sure but it will still sit on my wishlist... If you wanna buy it for me then don't hesitate. Trust me ill be happy. :)


if your looking for somewhere that is having a sale this is the place. If your looking for somewhere that is doing alot in there swimwear department look no further this is the place to shop...

The items in my HM wishlist are alot more casual

{Fine knit shawl cardigan}
Only £9.99 in the sale used to be £14.99 which i think its a pretty good price for a knited light weight cardigan than can be worn over anything. Im a sucker for white or black long cardigans.  One of those everyday items you have in your wardrobe :)

{Print scarf} 
Also in a blue version i love this scarf that i can wear around my neck or in my hair. The colours in the scarf just shou out spring summer 2012 and i love that its only £6.99. I probably will be picking this up soonish yay!

{Winged sunglasses}
And finally how could i not put a sunglasses up on my wishlist considering that its summer and everyone loves a good pair of sunglasses! These ones are perfect, as you guys know i love vintage and vintage looks. Anything that looks remotley 50s im in there. And i compleltey fell in love with these sunglasses and the simple black and white colours it has. This is first to buy when money comes my way.  And they will only set you back £9.99 yes please!

Have you gpt a summer wishlist? Let me know what you lusting for?




  1. such a good wishlist! i like the shoes and the sunglass :) your blog is very nice and cute <3


    1. Thank you so much yea they are cute xxx

  2. That tunic is fab and those sunglasses are amaaaaazing! :)

    you have such a great blog. what do you think about following each other?


    1. Thank you so much. Yes i defo will follow, ill drop by and take a look x

  3. Hi! Love so much your blog! Just found it today and i´m a new follower! Hope you can follow my baby blog back :) Kisses


  4. Love this cardigan and sunglasses! ♥ Amazing post :)



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