Full Face Routine

Like any girl i like to play around with my make up and create different styles. Makeup enables you to transform into different characters. So i thought you guys may want to know what i have been using recently for a full routine. As i haven't been able to upload to my YouTube channel its only fair i still do regular posts. 

So lets dive in...

Foundation- MAC Studio Fix Fluid ( NC55 )
I absolutely have fallen in love with this foundation all over again, especially during this hot weather we have been experiencing lately. The studio fix fluid is a liquid foundation especially designed for oily skin, this is because as the foundation sets on your skin it oxidizes and has a powdery look. It wouldn't be too good for dry skin as it may have a tendency to oxidizes around the dry patches which altogether wouldn't look to nice.

Concealer- MAC Pro Longwear ( NW35 )
I only use a small amount of pro longwear to lighten up under my eyes and also towards my cheeks to give it a highlight/contoured look and glow to it. I tend to use the concealer also just to highlight under the brows to give it more definition. Its always a good idea to go one or two shades lighter than your foundation. I like to opt for the MAC pro longwear as it doesn't crease when using it under the eye and blends really well.

- MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Powder
 - Collection 2000 Presses Powder
Your probably wondering why the hell are there two powders here. Well basically i prefer to use Mac prep and prime powder to set my under eye, where ever i have put the concealer and also for my most oily points. Which in my case would be my nose and forehead. But when i run out of Mac i go to my cheaper alternative and use collection 2000 pressed powder. They both to a fantastic job and helps my makeup to stay put.

Contour & Blush- Sleek contour kit (medium) & Sleek Blush (coral)
I have never really wanted to change from using sleek blushes as i always find them to be really pigmented and they always seem to do the job and are affordable. In this case I'm using Coral as it such a fresh spring/summer colour and helps give my cheeks a natural glow. Plus i think personally that coral is the type of blush that is suitable for most people. I use the contour kit in medium to contour my cheek bones and also under my jaw. As most of you know the contour kit comes with a highlight but i prefer to use the highlight colour as a eye-shadow, and that's exactly what i have done here. It just gives my eyes a nice pop of golden shimmer. 

Mascara- Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara
I have raved about this for so long so imma keep this one short and sweet. This is a perfect mascara to have as it contains two wands one for length and the other for volume. But in this case i only used the volume wand but i kept applying length instead of volume as i didn't want it going clumpy. :)

Lipstick- MAC Vegas Volt ft. Revlon Mauve it Over
I have the tendency to always mix up my lipsticks to give it a unique colour. Plus i think it looks quite naturally and to me that's a bonus. The Mac vegas volt can be pretty vibrant, its an orangey peach colour and depending on the look your going for it might be a bit much. So as my makeup is kinda on the down low, i though it best to add something a little more low key such as the Revlon mauve colour lipstick. And it worked a treat.

And here it is the finished look...

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  1. ohh fantastic info about all the products- i have been considering buying some mac and now i feeel so much better informed.
    you look beautifful!

    1. Yea I find MAC to be one of the leading best brands out there. Hope you find what you need. And thank you for the comment. xx

  2. Great post and u r really pretty!

    1. Thank you so much really means alot xx

  3. So pretty!




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