Nivea Express Hydration Primer Review

I recently started using the Nivea express hydration primer before applying my makeup. It says  to use the cream after cleansing the face massaging it in circular motions. When i used it as a moisturiser and primer it made my face a little tight, so from then on i started adding a little of Simple's hydrating light moisturiser to keep my skin feel soft. And this worked a treat! It sit on the skin perfectly and when applying your foundation it keeps it smooth and in place and lets your foundation last longer than 7hours. Trust me (I timed it).

You can buy the Nivea express hydration primer from places like Superdrug for £5.00 seems a bit pricey but it does the job especially when a little goes a long way! If your someone that loves to dabble around in primers give this one a test.  You can get the product either in Dry/Sensitive skin or Normal/Combination skin and for all those who know i have combinations skin so that the one i picked up. So it does try and cater for most skin types.

The only issue some may have with the product is that it has a slight scent to it which doesn't really bother me but its just a heads up for those who are thinking about trying it. I have become pretty fond of this product by Nivea and will be purchasing again :)

It didn't make me irritated or spotty or dry at all just for me it needed a little added moisture for my skin. It makes my foundation look flawless especially my concealer under the eye. Its a definite 9/10 :)

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