Sunday, 29 December 2013


I was lucky to pick up the cherry coco ‘Shea Butter & Coconut Whip’ during Make-Up Show Live and met the special talented cherry herself, I was so thrilled to be able to schmooze with her sister learning about the products and the brand itself and was given an added gift with my purchase which was the miniature spa bar. Cherry Coco creates luxurious handmade soaps and skincare using natural plant oils, butters and botanical ingredients.

Cherry Coco products:
o   Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
o   No preservative
o   Not tested on animals
o   No animal fats, petrochemicals, or sodium lauryl sulfates.

Shea Butter & Coconut Whip
The Shea butter and coconut whip is a un-refined Shea butter mixed with Coconut oil and natural body butter infused with May Chang and Lime oils and that’s it, a very natural product with no hidden ingredients.  All the products have positive benefits for keeping skin hydrated as well as giving it essential oils.
The Shea butter literally melts into your fingertips (without being greasy) when scooping out of the pot and dissolves effortlessly into the skin, leaving you with silky smooth baby soft skin.  I found that this magical pot is so kind to the skin and leaves my skin feeling so rich and nourished. I particularly love the fresh subtle zesty lime smell and haven’t come across anything like this before.
The Shea Butter and Coconut Whip can be found at for a minimal price of £6.99 (small) or £12.99 (large).

Miniature Spa Bar sample
I was so shocked to have received this miniature gift to sample and can gladly say i can’t get enough of it! The Spa Bar is handcrafted with red rose petals, sea salt and oatmeal.  Each ingredient has its own special benefits for your skin:
o   Rose petals- Rejuvenates, hydrates and soothes skin.
o   Sea salt- Detoxifies and exfoliates the skin.
o   Oatmeal- Rich ingredient for nourishing and moisturising the skin.
This works wonders during a bath especially for keeping feet soft as it gets rid of dead skin and leaves your feet supple and smooth.  The Spa Bar can also be found on the website but at an even sweeter price of £3.50!

With the cold harsh weather these products are just what you need to give your skin the tender love and care that it needs.  I’m looking forward to purchasing and delving into more of the range myself.
Cherry Coco products are perfect for pampering gifts so if you haven’t heard or need to have a look yourself head over to the website now!

W: .. Twitter: @1cherrycoco


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Amie Skincare

Amie Skincare- Spring clean deep cleansing mask review

I was recently contacted by the lovely team at Amie Skincare. The brand creates skincare products for sensitive skin at affordable prices. Amie Skincare is a cruelty free brand that doesn’t test on animal’s and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Amie Skincare sent me the Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask to review (beautifully packaged may I add).

The Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask is meant to purify pores in order to leave you with clear flawless skin. By applying a small thin layer over the face and letting it set for 10minutes then washing off with warm water, I found the cleansing mask refreshing and light on my skin with the added bonus of not having any breakouts after use. It cleared my pores and impurities without completely stripping my face of its own natural oils which I loved as I hate my skin feeling dry after using a new product. The Amie Skincare cleansing mask enables me to use a small amount for my whole face and whilst on, during the drying process it doesn’t feel harsh on the skin. I was particularly impressed with how nourishing it feels on the skin, how it clears congested areas and its minty fresh smell. I did find that it wasn’t the best on my dry patch. So this would be best for someone who doesn’t have dry skin.

The best thing about all of the Amie Products not just this one, is that it is free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or animal extracts so you know there are no hidden nasties. The Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask is packed full of natural plant extracts so you know you are only getting the best ingredients.

Key Ingredients:
• Organic Peppermint
• White Clay
• Lime Butter 
The Amie Skincare Cleansing Mask can be found online at 100ml for £5.95 or on the high street in stores such as John Lewis and Waitrose.

Why not get your hands on some Amie Skincare products.


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist

I honestly feel like I haven't written a post in the longest time, and I'm sorry if you have come back to this little wonderful space of mine hoping a new post would be on your screen. But my time was taken away with moving house, settling in and essay deadlines. So slowly but surely I'm back up and running again, and sharing with you my mini Christmas wishlist. Hopefully this year Santa will be able to surprise me with them all. 

Now we are in December I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit so thought I would put together a few things that have been catching my eye. Thanks Santa!

1. Babyliss Pro 3 in 1 Universal Diffuser & Babyliss Pro Straight 230 Straightener
I have been looking for a decent diffuser for ages and came across this one that has very good reviews and would be perfect to use in my hair, and the straightener is just a added bonus as I need a new one. The Babyliss diffuser can be found at for a sweet price of £7.99 whilst the straighteners can be bought at boots exclusively for £19.99.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4
I wouldn't usually want something gadgety at Christmas but after having my previous Samsung stolen I cant help but want the newest of the galaxy family instead of using a simple mobile where i cannot email or use social network on the go. I feel so out of the loop.

3. Topshop Croc Panel Bowling Bag
If you haven't noticed I love a simple black bag, especially when they are of a decent size. I noticed this beauty on the Topshop website for £40 and couldn't help but add it to my saved tabs. A black bag is so versatile and simple to use, and I love the added croc print down the middle!

4. Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation
I am a avid beauty blogger which kills me to say I have never tried the Illamasqua skin base foundation, but i desperately want to pick up one as i have heard such good reviews. My only problem is I have no clue what shade I would be at all, (I'm guessing shade 11 or 12) but really would like to add one to my make-up collection. If anyone has any idea of what shade would suit me please leave it in the comments below so Santa can pick one up for me. This can be bought on the official Illamasqua website for £27

5. Schuh Vans Sk8- Hi Trainers
I love Vans, I love Hi tops and I love suede so this is the perfect combination for me. I find Hi tops the most comfiest shoe to wear ever and i can practically style them with anything, hence why another has been added to my Christmas list. And for £60 you cant really complain because the majority of well made hi top trainers will be around that price!

6. Marc Jacobs Honey
I don't really need to say much about this apart from it has to be added to my perfume collection, not the 50ml but the 100ml! I cant be dealing with a small bottle that wont last me, it has to be the biggest bottle possible. I adore all Marc Jacob perfumes and cant wait to add this baby to the family. 100ml can be bought at the perfume shop for £67.50 whilst the 50ml is £40.00. I'm sure there are plenty of places you can buy it cheaper so if this doesn't end up under the Christmas tree this year I will either wait for the sales or hunt for a discounted online store.

So my list isn't long but it is pricey. Is there anything you have been lusting over this Christmas that you want Santa to bring you? You better have been good otherwise you will find a lump of coal!


Monday, 11 November 2013

Eden Avocado Oil

Eden Organic Care: Avocado Oil

Whilst attending 'Make up Show Live' I made sure to pick up a few bits and pieces to try out for myself such as Eden Avocado Oil! I am not the biggest fan of using oils, as I hate the greasiness left on my hands after so I'm not usually one to purchase such products. Whilst i was browsing the stalls and schmoozing away I noticed the brand Eden and the offer they was doing. 100% Pure & Organic 100ml Avocado oil for just £10! I had to jump right in and test this out for myself, it left my hands so smooth with a lovely sheen. The benefits being it can be used for hair and skin.

The Goodness
Avocado oil contains a range of vitamins, proteins and amino acids which are important to aid the appearance and health of hair. The avocado oil can restore the hairs natural shine, appearance of dry/damaged hair, improve dry scalp and increase its soft and silkiness texture.
A small amount is all you need to apply into the hair gently massaging the scalp working it from the roots to the ends then shampooing out after 15 minutes to give you silky lovely hair!

The amino acids help to support collagen production, whilst the fatty acids from the avocado oil aid to nourish skin cells. The avocado oil contains vitamin A and D which can help to relieve dry and itchy skin. And vitamin E to assist with maintaining healthy skin
Once again the smallest amount is needed, only 3 drops. gently massage into the skin in circular motions to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

The Avocado oil is 100% pure organic oil that is cold pressed from the fruit of an avocado. It is highly valued for its regenerative and moisturising properties and is loaded with a variety of nutrients and vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. I absolutely love this product, especially for the fact that I can use it both for my hair and my body, it doesn't leave a greasy residue and sinks straight into the hair and skin. I know this little wonder is going to last me a long time, so is definitely worth my money and i just adore the packaging! The Eden Organic Care also offer Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Rosehip oil!

You can purchase this beauty from for a affordable £14.99 for 100ml or £10.99 for 50ml
Have you tried any of these oils from Eden? If so let me know what you think!


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Baby Smooth Hands

Johnson's Baby Soothing Naturals Intense Moisture Cream

Whilst browsing the shops, I went into Morrison's to purchase some lunch and stumbled across the baby isle. I found a bunch of Johnson's baby products and couldn't help but pick up this little tube. The Johnson's baby intense moisture cream is meant to relieve dry skin with its unique blend of olive leaf extract, vitamin e and enriched minerals which helps to nourish babies skin. When I picked it up, my first thought was that: if its got natural goodness for little ones than its the perfect thing for me to use.

I am a sucker for anything that is natural and doesn't have any hidden nasties I generally use the intense moisture cream as a hand cream and I particularly love the way it easily sinks into my skin. It isn't thick so doesn't take ages to massage into the skin but feels so light and fluffy like a cloud. The cream also has the sweetest powdery smell in the world which is common with Johnson's products. But for 100ml you are getting a lot for your money especially if you use it as a hand cream like me (as it isn't too big for your handbag).
I picked this little beauty up for around £2 and now can't get enough of it, especially for these colder months this is exactly what i need to keep my hands moisturised! I defo will be buying more from the range even if it is for babies. 


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Silk Oil of Morocco!

Silk oil of Morocco
After attending Olympia Beauty I was keen to know more about the lovely brand Silk oil of morocco, during my time at the event the staff were amazing and informed me all about Silk oil of morocco and the range that they had. Following this I wanted to review what I had previously heard so contacted the lovely team at Silk oil of morocco and they kindly sent me a few products for me to try.
Silk oil of Morocco is an amazing company that stocks the highest quality of skincare, hair and cosmetic products, enriched with certified organic argan oil! Yes that’s right all of their products have organic argan oil infused in them.
The team kindly sent me two hair care products which was the ‘Liquid Volumizer’ and the ‘Hair & Skin Treatment Serum’ as well as two cosmetics products being the ‘Mineral Blush in Moroccan Berry’ and ‘Vegan Blush Brush’.

Liquid Volumizer
The liquid volumizer is meant to inject a spritz of body into limp hair whilst also nourishing and protecting the hair with argan oil. It is best to use with a nice arm’s length on damp towel dried hair and with a few pumps voila perfect dramatic body to the hair. When I first used this on damp hair, it was so easy to apply and the best thing about it, is although it is infused with argan oil I never once found my hair greasy at all but the complete opposite very lightweight and it left my hair bouncy and also helped to enhance the waves in my hair. Although the bottle does say to use on damp hair, I did go ahead and try it on dry hair and found it worked just as good. This has easily become my most reached for product as it is easy to use no mess no fuss and creates the body and wave that I need. Even after using it, it leaves my hair tangle free compared to some other products that can leave your hair sticky and tangled. You can purchase this at the Silk oil of morocco website for £19.95.

Hair & Skin Treatment Serum
The hair and skin treatment serum is high concentrated organic argan oil that is used to moisturise the skin, hair and scalp leaving the area of use soft. When I first tried to use this product I used it on dry hair and applied a little too much causing me to have very greasy hair, so my biggest tip would be to use with a light hand gliding it through your hair with your fingertips. The serum can also be used on wet hair and this is where I found the best usage for this product, as soon as my hair was washed it instantly soaked up the argan oil serum and as it dried left my hair soft and silky with a slight sheen.  I also tried the serum on my body (but not my face as its oily enough) and my skin loved it, I found it best to use just before going to bed, massaging it into the skin and as it settled it left my skin so smooth and relaxed. I particularly like this product as it is versatile to use, and this bottle is going to last me months, because all you need is a small amount. As well as it leaving my skin soft it helped me get rid of a few dry patches that just wouldn't budge over time.  The hair and skin serum can be purchased in 12ml for £6.95 all the way up to 500ml for £99.00.

All of the Silk oil of morocco hair care range is–
·         Sulphate free
·         Sodium Chloride free
·         Parabens free
·         PPG free
·         Formaldehyde free
·         Suitable to use after Keratin Straightening

Mineral Blush & Professional Vegan Blush Brush
I have always adored mineral blushes so when I saw they had a range of their own I jumped at the chance to try their wonderful brand.  The silk oil of morocco mineral blush is also infused with argan oil (you don’t hear that every day) and minerals, which is rich in colour. I was sent the mineral blush in Moroccan berry which is the most gorgeous colour I have seen that matched perfectly with my skin tone; the blush is easy to build from a pinch of colour to full cheeks. With the winter months’ approaching this gorgeous colour gives me a sweet glow and natural rosy cheeks. I normally find that with some mineral blushes they lack in having rich pigmented colour but this is the complete opposite, and I find myself wanting and craving for more of the range. The Mineral blush comes in a range of colours including Flame, Summer and Coral at £24.95 each you’re getting the best of the best out there. I have never seen a product that looks so high end and chic, the packaging definitely beats all my other blushes!

With the mineral blush I was also sent the vegan blush brush, I wanted to see how they both worked together hand in hand, and as I thought, they are the perfect pair. The blush brush is sleek and professional with the softest black nylon hair bristles to give me a flawless application. The powder moves through the brush effortlessly and picks up the right amount of product that you need. The vegan blush brush was designed specifically for the mineral blush which is why they work so well together. It has become my number one brush to use, and I cannot wait to purchase more of the range, at a sweet price of £24.99 you can’t argue for a professional vegan blush brush. Perfect in every way!

 { Mineral Blush on cheeks, Wavy hair courtesy of Volumizer} 
The mineral cosmetics only consist of pure simple ingredients; they do not contain artificial fillers or dyes that are not natural for the skin. I love Silk oil of morocco for so many reasons, how professional they are, they don’t test their products on animals and how lovely and unique the range is. If you are looking for a new skincare, hair or cosmetics company, why not check out their website and find out more about their magical range.

Thank you again to the team of Silk oil of morocco!


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Winter Coat

Battle of the 'Winter Coats'

For ages now I have been searching for that perfect winter coat. But I didn't want any old coat, I wanted something that represented me, keeps me warm, and has style. Every where I look I find things that are nice, but who wants nice? I certainly don't. So I decided maybe I need something to make me look a little bit more like my age as I always get mistaken for the age of 17-19 lol (my actual age is 22 if you didn't already know). 

Plenty of high street stores catered to my needs for looking more grown up and these are the few I ended up with. All very similar but different in colour, I like coats and jackets that aren't just black as I have plenty of that in my wardrobe. For my shape I love coats that aren't too over the top but still have elegance and style. 

So here we have a few coats from Asos to Topshop, the usual shops/ online sites us bloggers would head to, all of the selection above range in prices from around £50+, and I believe if you want a really good coat that is going to last you, you need to invest! 

So for £89 the Topshop coat is worth the money as you know you are getting something worth while, what I like most about this is its pale blue colour and its slight Wendy (peter pan) style collar and shape. I also really love the Asos coats they both cost £85 and both have biker style influences, it adds an edge to a simple design that is easy to wear. The petite biker coat may look like its black but in fact it is in a deep grey (which I think is better than the black version!). And finally the £49.99 H&M figure fit coat, has taken my heart for the pure and simple fact that it disguises as a dress and although its a straight coat it caters to your curves, so a simple coat like this can change and become something new based on your shape. No need to worry about looking the same as someone else as it will sit differently on each person. #winning!

If I could I would certainly purchase all of them, as they could all cater for different outfits. But alas I cant so will have to battle down to 1.

Have you found your winter coat yet?


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Makeup Show Live 2013

Hello all you lovely readers. I have missed you, I'm looking forward to writing a few more posts so stay tuned for a lot of reviews to be coming in the next few weeks! And maybe even a cheeky ootd or fotd post :)

Sunday 6th October I was invited to the annual Makeup Show Live event in The Hilton London Metropole Hotel.  Makeup Show Live (MSL) is a international road show created to deliver education and empowerment to those who attend, it is an interactive makeup and beauty expedition open to all. There is a chance to purchase tickets from standard to VIP’s (with VIP’s getting access everywhere). Luckily with my press pass I too was able to access every corner of the expedition and even got to chill out in a press room. The doors opened at 11am and the event lasted all day ending at 7:30pm.

From the moment you entered the event you had the chance to soak up all of the great brands that was exhibiting such as Diamond Blend, AJ Crimson, Motives, Flori Roberts and Cherry Coco. It was lovely to network with the brands and others amongst the crowd.  The day was set up with a show schedule as there was so much going on at set times, the event had different rooms to showcases particular things.
Paul Herrington started the show with his talk on high-street versus high-end brands. He explained with a tutorial how we can create a high-end look with high-street brands such as MUA.  He also gave us an exclusive inside scoop that MUA will be coming out with a new collection at the end of the month called Luxe.

{Paul Herrington Demonstration & New MUA Luxe Palette}
The Pread Room held all the master-classes for the day from the likes of Kristine Toce, Chanel Boateng and Marta Gacka. The Exhibition hall hosted all the brands showcasing as well as talks from Paul Herrington and Dr Diane Keith, and interviews with Eryca Freemantly, Alisha White and many more. And finally the Main stage held all the seminars from the likes of AJ Crimson, Nikki Taylor and Phyllis Cohen. So it was handy to hold on to the schedule to know what was going on at what time.

I particularly loved the master-class hosted by Makeup Artist Chanel Boateng on ‘’Makeup for Black and Asian skin’’ where she took the time to demonstrate on a model as well as talking us through knowing what type of skin you have, revealing how to determine your undertone colour and a list of brands that would work best with complimenting your skin. I also enjoyed the seminar by Makeup Artist AJ Crimson. He gave a talk on how he built his career and the secret to his success is determination! He also filled us in on tips and tricks of the trade with a tutorial on how to create a natural look with a smoky eye. He then spoke to us about his own makeup brand, which he had launched. I just had to grab my pen and notepad at these occasions to write down notes, as I knew I wouldn't get this chance again!
 {Chanel Boateng Master Class}
{AJ Crimson & Finished Tutorial look}
The exhibition ended with a catwalk and presentation by makeup artists and performances from the likes of Javine Hylton, D Lux, Project G and Class A.

There was such a beautiful atmosphere at MSL this year. Will you be going to the next one?
T: @makeupshowlive


Saturday, 12 October 2013

La Cure

My new favorite brand: La Cure!

Whilst attending Kensington Olympia (Olympia Beauty Trade Show) I was introduced to the brand La Cure and couldn't get enough. Continuing our conversation through emails, I was kindly sent a few products to review. La Cure offers a therapeutic skincare for the face and body which is sourced straight from the Dead Sea, but also has an aromatherapy range of complexes and mud wraps.
The first thing I like about La cure is how good their customer service is and secondly the affordable prices.  I was sent three products, the natural Dead Sea bath salts, papaya body butter and mineral mud therapy.
The packaging of La Cure is clean and professional; I prefer when packaging is easy to read and not too distracting because I want to know what I’m using fully, so this was an added bonus. I was eager to try the products as I was really impressed at Olympia.

Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts
The La Cure bath salts relax the body whilst soaking in a warm bath that helps to leave you calm and relieved of stress and daily tension. I found the bath salts wonderfully relaxing and it had me nodding of a few times, they helped to smooth my skin and also eased some of my dry patches that I have due to sensitive skin (my body doesn't work well with all types of products) but this left my skin clean and refreshed. The La Cure bath salts give a natural relief to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. I thoroughly enjoyed using the bath salts and will be using them over and over till they are all gone and I have to repurchase.

   - Very relaxing/ relaxes muscles
       -Leaves skin soft
          -Removes dead skin
        -Didn't dry out my skin

Papaya Body Butter
This product is amazing! La Cure have combined natural dead sea minerals with Shea butter and jojoba oil mixed with papaya essence (plus it has vitamins and anti-oxidant’s) to create the ultimate all over body moisturiser. This little beauty absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving it greasy at all. I loved the slight sheen it gave my body and the smells is delicious. The first thing I had noticed is the tiniest amount can go a long way, so it’s sure to last you a very long time. I found my skin felt smooth hydrated and glowy which is not something you can get with your everyday moisturisers and creams. This little wonder has become a ultimate favourite of mine and can’t help but carry it around with me to use on my hands.

-smells amazing
-leaves skin soft and moisturised
-not greasy
-not heavy
-small amount is enough
-body feels nourished and rich

Mineral Mud Therapy
The La Cure Mineral Mud therapy is also rich in minerals with a combination of sweet almond oil and honey. I found when I use this if not shaken it may be a little watery at first, but once you shake it the mud flows out effortlessly and is very easy to use, not messy at all. I have now added this into my skincare routine to use once a week, when I first used the mud therapy I was pleasantly surprised.  Usually mud mask dry out my skin to the point that there are no natural oils, but this left my skin feeling completely refreshed when washed off with warm water. I didn't feel as though my skin had been stripped completely. My skin felt so soft that I couldn't help but ask everyone to touch my cheek, I was that shocked! This pleasantly surprised me and has to be one of the best mud masks I have used.

     -  Doesn’t dry out skin
    -  Leaves skin ultra-soft/ smooth
     -   Plumped skin

All these products can be found on the La Cure website and you don’t have to worry about paying too much as they are very affordable. I am so glad that I did pop over to the stall and can’t wait to try a few more products. I love natural products that don’t contain any hidden nasties, so for that alone I have become a huge fan of La Cure!



Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Simply Be- Flirty 50's vs Grunge Glamour

Simply Be contacted bloggers to take part in reviewing and launching some of their new season collections.
They have recently launched their new collections online featuring the latest trends, Flirty 50's and Grunge Glamour. Giving the chance for bloggers to take part in a product review with a twist!

I was asked to select a trend and style to suit a “date night” outfit/theme.
I’m a simple girl at heart and like the smaller things in life, so if I had to create the perfect date night outfit I think I would change it to ''the perfect date evening outfit'' instead. When it is still light outside- sunset time and warm enough for a picnic, as no one wants an awkward date, and this creates a laid back chilled atmosphere.

I chose the folk dress as I love the pattern and it made me think of hippy chic such as those you see at festivals. A dress can also be versatile enough to wear in several different ways. But in this case I chose to wear it with the fluffy cardigan, converse and suede bag. If I’m going on a picnic for a date I need to wear something that is comfortable, I also chose the Cardigan as I hate bulky coats so, if the weather was to became chillier its fluffy and thick enough to keep me warm, as well as adding some much needed texture to my outfit. And my final choice was the suede duffle bag with studded detail to give my look a bit of an edge, plus I’m a sucker for a black bag! I added some simple gold jewellery and my converse that have a bit of wear and tear (since technically we would be in a park or field so I don’t think I would be wearing heels now would I?). 
For me this whole looks is fun yet comfortable and flirty enough for a date.

The outfits I picked came from the grunge glamour section, if I had to choose one trend I would opt for this instead of the Flirty 50's. I’m just not a girly girl so like tougher simpler outfits. I love the grungy look as I think they are easy to toughen up or soften down.

Simply Be ''Folk Dress'' 
Simply Be ''Fluffy Cardigan"  "Duffle Bag"

 Asos Casio Watch & Dorothy Perkins Dainty Gold Necklace

I'm ready for my picnic date! I really loved working with Simply Be and look forward to future blogger projects.
This is my first ever fashion outfit post and I loved every minute of it. Do you have a perfect date night?
Let me know.



Monday, 30 September 2013

Olympia Beauty 2013 Overview & NYX Haul

Sunday 22nd - Monday 23rd of September was the annual Olympia Beauty trade show based in Kensington Olympia. I was so pleased to attend with a press pass to be amongst the positive atmosphere and being able to see so many professionals from the beauty industry such as beauticians, nail technicians, and spa professionals. 

I was able to speak to many brands and professionals on the day and test products. The event was mainly dominated by nail brands but it was still amazing. I particularly loved La cure specialising in products straight from the dead sea.
The event also gave people the chance to listen to seminars and watch demos throughout the day on many topics such as how to run your business, nail techniques and much more. I will definitely be going again next year so look out for me, and if your thinking about going make sure you have comfy shoes! For a full review of the day see here.

Whilst being at Olympia i picked up a few things but mainly wanted to show the huge haul from NYX. I was happy with the 20% discount but even after spending £76.00 I still wanted so much more. Below is the selection I ended up leaving with..
NYX Products
Butter Gloss- Vanilla Cream Pie
Soft Matte Lip Cream- Abu Dhabi
Soft Matte Lip Cream- Antwerp
Lip Liner Pencil- 858 Nude Pink
Lip Liner Pencil- 813 Plush Red
Jumbo Eye Pencil- 612 Gold
Jumbo Eye Pencil- 604 Milk Lait

Butter Gloss, Soft Matte Lip Creams | Lip Liner Pencil | Jumbo Eye Pencil
NYX B07 Flat Top Brush | NYX B15 Smokie Brush
Eyeshadow Base- ESB03
Zazazu Luscious Volume Mascara- Black
Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer (Lavender)
NYX Smokey Eyes Palette | NYX 10 Colour Eye Shadow Palette

I'm looking forward to reviewing and trying each product. Is there any NYX products that you love?

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