Happy New Year

Hi everyone this is just a very small post to say Happy New Year to all and I hope you had a great Christmas. Your all probably wondering where the hell I have been and whats with the irregular posts. But I made a resolution to get back to my weekly posts every Friday or Saturday so look out for that. And unfortunately this was already late as I was at uni mainly this week and ill from tonsillitis and the flu... Can you believe I fell ill on new years day :(

Previous to the rare posts I have been away from YouTube and my blog as my health has taken a turn at the moment so I had to say goodbye to YouTube as I wouldn't be able to fully commit and that was the same to my blogging hence why it was very sparse at times.

But not to worry now its a new year and I'm trying to get better (excluding the flu and tonsillitis) I can do regular post as I recover. And for this new year I have a few resolutions; 

First being to get healthy fit and stable again. 
Followed by continuing my blog
Trying harder with everything

So i just wanted to know if you guys have any new resolutions or things you wanna change in 2013?
Enjoy the new year and whats to come


  1. Great Post!

    I know what you mean it's also hard for me to find a good balance between Youtube and blogger but I look forward to all your new great posts :)

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    1. Thank you so much and yea it is difficult. x


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