Wishlist- New Shoes

1.Boohoo Leandre Westerned Ankle Boots {Ebay} £14.99
2.Black Flat Suede Chelsea Boots {Ebay} £19.95
3.Aerobic2 Wedge High-Tops {Topshop} £45.00
4.Black Imitation Leather Boots {H&M} £29.99
5.Black Studded Lace Up Biker Boots {River Island} £65.00

New year new shoes right? I think it's about time I updated my shoe game! My collection of shoes is looking rather pitiful for this new year, i'm not much of a hoarder so as soon as i realise i'm not wearing shoes anymore they instantly go to charity or in the bin resulting in having only a few pairs for my daily needs.

I'm not looking to get all  these shoes but I want to add a little more variation to my shoey home so my little shoe family can meet some new shiny trendy shoes. 

Why all black you ask? And why all boots/Wedges?
When i look for shoes I instantly approach anything that is black because we all know it is a safe zone, and can go with anything. Secondly I look for comfort, usually I would probably have some flat ballerina dolly shoes up there but as the weather is still a bit frosty here and there and we are still seeing drizzles of rain i think I will stick to closed up shoes.

~ So these are a few things I am eyeing at the moment but wont be purchasing as of yet because I am on a spending ban (eek) Lets see how long I last ~

Have you got anything in your sights this new year? Let me know!


  1. Great wish list love the h&m ones xx

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  3. I love love love #2 n' #3!

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    1. Thank you sugar ill defo have a look x

  5. I need number 4!! They are amazing, lovely post!:)

    Check out my Blog too and maybe we can follow each other if you like:)


    1. I know right i need 4 too they are beauts. Will head over to your blog x

  6. Number 4 are gorgeous! I really want a pair like this!


    1. I know right, they are gorgeous x

  7. Yes love this awesome all black collection!


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