New nails? Rimmel Nail Polish!

I don't know if you guys know this but I am a big fan of Rimmel nail polish. They have such a big variety of colours, they stay on for ages and dry ever so quick.
So recently there has been two new additions to the polish family!
Rimmel Grey Matter (805) £3.69
Rimmel Grey Matter is such a lovely colour a light shade of grey that is so in right now- and is also part of their 60seconds 'drying' range. (although i can vouch they probably take a little longer than 60sec) I love the fact that this particular colour only needs 1 to 2 coats and isn't messy and coats with a simple stroke thanks to it having a flat bristle brush.

Rimmel Sweet As Sugar (704) £2.99
Rimmel Sweet as Sugar is the perfect powder baby blue and is so right for spring, again i love how tidy applying Rimmel's nail polish is,  as well as how quick they take to dry. And of course the fact that its long lasting.

I always think why spend your money on nail varnish that is going to cost you anything near six quid when you can get just as good quality colours and wear out of polish that would cost a quid or 2/3?
So here it is my new additions to the family, whats your fave nail varnish brand or colour?

P.S- Spending ban update i have so far only spent £20 in the last 4 weeks on essentials and this is my first treat so yay me x


  1. Ahh I love Rimmel Sweet as Sugar, Ive used it before and it looks amazing:) the colour is so cute:) xx

  2. love love the colors, they always look good on my nails especially the gray.

  3. I love Rimmel - nice and cheap but still good quality with some great colours.

    1. Im a sucker for anything cheap and cheerful plus good quality x

  4. Rimmel is fantastic <3 I love your blog
    Now I follow your blog :) I hope that you come and join my blog :)

    Nail Art Style

  5. Pretty colours xxxx check out my giveaway :)


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