Harley Medical Group Consultation & 1st Session

Hey lovelies as you may know if you follow me on twitter, I have been talking about the non surgical treatment I have been receiving with Harley Medical Group and that I was going to be reviewing and sharing with you guys my progress. I had been planning this for over three years so had been thinking about it for  long time and wanted it to be with a trusted company with professionals you could rely on. And with that I took the plunge!

So one day I went online to book a free consultation with a nurse to see what treatment I need. I have never been too comfortable with my skin, as I have really large pores which is what makes me have oily skin and as well as that when i was younger in school I suffered from acne and have some scarring as well as discoloration and hyper-pigmentation in some areas of my face which is why I resulted in always wearing foundation to cover and give me a even colour. 


So on valentines day February 14th I went to the Finchley clinic where i was seen by a lovely receptionist who was very welcoming and offered me complimentary chocolates (bonus). Whilst waiting for my time I had my skin analysis done, I had to remove my makeup in order to get a clear picture and I was surprised with how quick it was done. Shortly after I was seen by one of the head nurses called Laura or Lauren (I wish i actually remembered because she was so nice) who talked me through the treatment that would work best with my skin to have the best possible result. I had thought that I would be having a skin peel but she explained to me that a Medical Microdermabrasion would benefit me better (click link for more info here). So after talking for just over a hour and filling out forms I decided to go for one microdermabrasion for £95 as a course of six cost £399 and I wasn't sure if I wanted to fork out such a substantial amount of money on something that may not work. So i booked myself in for one session so then if  I saw positive results with the first, I could then continue with the rest of the package. 

{The Before & After From Leaflet}

Treatment- 1st Session

Two and a half weeks later I was back at the Finchley clinic where I was ready to have my fist session. I was surprised at how the treatment felt as I was laying on the table with my eyes protected from the crystals. It was like a cleansing brush rubbing on your skin a little prickly and warm to the face, as the session went on 'Laura' continued to talk to me making me feel so comfortable ensuring there was no awkward silences. The session was around thirty to forty five minutes and I was covered with little crystals on my clothes and even in my mouth hehe. After cleaning myself and trying to look presentable I paid for the products to use in conjunction with the treatment which was the cleanser, sunblock and exfoliating scrub ( I will go into these products further in the next post).


I was told that my skin would be healing from three days up to two weeks but I should see progress within the first week, and not to wear any make up for the first few days or have any hot baths or saunas as I left, due to my skin being open and sensitive.Whilst using the products I saw results within three days I was astonished my pores were noticeably smaller my skin tighter, smoother and more even in tone and some of the lighter scarring I had reduced. So on that day I was certain I wanted to continue with the rest of the package and called to book myself in with Finchley.

I will continue to write posts on my treatment days and progress and hopefully at the end I will insert before and after pictures to show the stages of each session and my overall review. So keep an eye out for my posts on those and my next post on the products used. I am now having treatment every two weeks till June and have already had my second session(a few days ago) which will be posted next week! Keep Your Eyes Peeled!


  1. Really interesting read. Hope you got the results you wanted.
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    Wishing you a Happy Easter Hun xoxo

  2. I am so proud of you now.

  3. Sounds really interesting! :)
    Hope it all goes well in the future meetings!
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  4. This sounds super interesting:)
    I really hope it goes well and u get the results you want xx


    1. Yeah hopefully fingers crossed. Keep you posted hun x

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