A little wishlist

Hey Dolls,

I haven't had a decent wishlist in a little while and whilst browsing the world wide web, I came across River Island and as usual my basket suddenly became full of bits and bobs. But out of the pile I found these little gems that stood out the most.

1. Navy Patch Pocket Utility Vest- £18.00
2. Black Pinafore Skater Dress- £22.00
3.  Blue Floral Print High Waisted Leggings-  £16.00
4. Grey Acid Wash Motorcycle Leggings- £22.00
5. Black Fringed Backless Boxy Crop Top- £25.00
6. Denim Contrast Check Sleeve Boyfriend Shirt- £20.00

Now that the spending ban is nearly over (even though i didn't really need one) I have been carefully picking key items to join the wardrobe family instead of going fairy tale shopping crazy. Bare in mind a lot of these picks are black but I always find that it can mix with anything, even if some of you may disagree with it.

A lot of people I find aren't too keen on River Island clothes and i don't really get why but it is one of the high street stores that i adore the most, there's is always something in there that i wouldn't mind owning for myself.
All the pieces picked in the list above i feel can mix and match with each other which is what i love the most. Yes these items are very casual but I tend to like dressing down and comfy, its the best way to be. 

My fave of the lot has to be the denim shirt!!! I love how the sleeves look like its a completely different shirt underneath and how it pairs beautifully with the plain blue vest and grunge motorcycle leggings, all you have to add is some black combat boots or dr martens. I also love how the beautiful floral print high waisted leggings (ready for summer... if we have one) can be paired with the tasseled crop top. 

-Ahhh Bliss-

What i love most about the wish list is that everything can be so versatile. This wishlist might soon be purchased in a day or two because they are all absolutely gorgeous.

Let me know what your eyeing in River Island


  1. I love number 3, they are gorgeous:) Great picks xx


  2. Adore the pinafore so cute and perfect for spring! Love the blog, new follower :)

    www.laurenbehappy.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  3. gorgeous clothes!
    anna from that-burning-desire.blogspot.de

  4. No. 5 and No.6= I NEED THEM. Love your style and blog :) xxx

  5. Nice post. I wish there was a river island in the US

    Thanks for the comment ^^

    1. Thank you. I didn't know the US didn't have a RI. x

  6. love this wish list, the dungarees is amazing!
    Now following lovely :)



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