Beautiful Nails- Rimmel Black Cherries

This post was aimed to be up on saturday but alas I failed at posting it on time, but not to worry because today is my birthday. Yay. Nothing says happy birthday more than grey cloudy skies woo. But anyway this is just a quick lil post about what I recently picked up, the most beautiful nail polish ever by Rimmel in Black Cherries, it has easily become my best friend and jumped into my circle of favorites already. 

I've only used it once but I bought it over two weeks ago (why did I wait so long). After wearing it for three days, it hasn't chipped ridiculously and looks like a silky colour upon my finger nails. I have now officially become addicted with 'Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nail Polish'. 

I love how quick it takes to dry and that's not only with this colour but with all colours from Rimmel. Its definitely a top runner and what makes it even more special is that it only cost me £2.99 from Ebay, you cant really go wrong there so inexpensive and so good!

[Rimmel London- Black Cherries]

In the pictures above it looks like a purple but in person its quite a deep vampy purple bordering on black at certain times. I must say though I have received plenty of compliments on this colour. I know plenty of people are wearing spring pastel colours and zingy neon colours but I quite like how this looks in the warmer weather!

Any fave colours or nail polish products your wearing?


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