Harley Medical Session 2

Apologies as this was meant to be up last Friday but I spent the weekend with my mumma, so the post was put on hold. My second microdermabrasion treatment was on the 26.3.13 at Harley St in central London as the company no longer do sessions at their smaller branches like when I previously was at Finchley. Because of the inconvenience I was sent a discounted offer of 20% of future treatments and a complimentary cleanser. 

Considering I was being moved, I felt somewhat anxious to go to somewhere new and meet new nurses that I would have to get used to all over again. When I got to the appointment I felt so comfortable when I stepped through the door, it was so clean so professional and the nurses were lovely with the exception of one rude snooty receptionist who didn't look like she wanted to be there. Whilst having the procedure I felt completely relaxed, even though there wasn't much conversation. But I was told with each session the microdermabrasion treatment is stronger and deeper, which isn't really noticeable.

After my session I booked all the rest of the sessions and was so pleased with the 20% off that dramatically dropped the price around £60 off. I am still seeing improvements as time goes on but in more of a slow and steady kind of way not big dramatic differences. 

But as it goes I am happy with the treatment so far.


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