Sweet Sunday Post

Hello again honey bee's.

So I thought I would update you on a few little things and hopefully this mini post won't turn into an essay! My medical microdermabrasion is going so well, although I'm not seeing so much drastic differences like I had done when I first started. I recently had two more on the 8th of April and 22nd of April just gone. I am pleased with its progress and can honestly say the biggest improvement is how it has minimized my pores and has made my t-zone less oily. As each session goes on so does the pressure of the microdermabrasion causing it to go deeper into the skin. But I still have a few more sessions and will be doing a post on the end result but at the moment I am pleased and becoming more confident as I am finding that I am wearing less makeup whilst going out. Yay

Whilst out with my friend yesterday I went to the Bare Minerals counter in John Lewis Oxford St, and had a session with the makeup artistst to learn how to use the bare minerals foundation powder. Firstly can I say these girls were the nicest makeup counter girls I have ever met, one of the best experiences as I have been to a few and lets just say they can be rude. So I got matched and ended up buying the starter kit for £45 (bargain!) so hopefully will be doing a review on this. The day followed on by shopping in Westfields, dinner and seeing my twins play at Oval house theater. I was so proud! 

Just a small little Sunday post, I hope it wasn't to much reading!
Stay Sweet 


  1. Love your sweet blog! SHall we follow let me know XSE

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