The Harley Medical Group Skin Care Range (Review)

Hey all, so as you may know I am getting treatment with the Harley Medical Group (See previous post here)  It is going really well, and as I said in my last post I would do a quick review of the skincare range I have been using from them and how I work them into my routine!

So every morning when I wake up, I use the 'Harley Medical Gentle Cleanser'. The cleanser is a mild non irritant cleanser (a watery texture slightly coloured)  that helps to balance and maintain the moisture levels in the skin. I use only a small amount (a little goes a long way) in my hands working it into my face with circular motions until it lathers up slightly, I then wash it off with warm water nothing to hot as my skin is still repairing itself. I also do this every night. 

[Gentle Cleanser £26.00] Find Here

When I first started using the cleanser I was surprised at how soft it made my skin feel, now that I have got used to it I can see it has already given me good results after only two sessions of treatment and regular use of these products! 

As well as using the cleanser I use the 'Harley Medical Replenishing Exfoliator'. I use this twice a week in the mornings and love how gentle it is on my skin. The exfoliator has microderm crystals in one bottle and an activator in the second bottle (both having gel consistency's), I use a small amount of the microderm crystals in my finger tips and massage it over my face (clean dry face) for a minute or two then apply a thin layer of activator over the top massaging till it creates a foaming effect. Then I rinse my face and pat dry, (I never wipe my face hard on a towel as it can damage the skin). I find the exfoliator had reduced the size of my pores (obviously with the help of treatment) and made it firmer. The Exfoliator is meant to deliver collagen into the skin making it more plump fresh and glowy removing dead skin cells with its natural bamboo extracts. I wasn't to fond of the smell at first but I have gotten used to it :)

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After cleansing or exfoliating my skin I use the 'Anti-Microbial Cell Renewal Cream'with my simple hydrating cream to give my skin more moisture. I use the renewal cream morning and night using a small amount to my face. I find this can make my skin feel a little drying at times hence why i also use the hydrating cream from simple.  The renewal cream is (transparent and gel consistency) used in order to increase blood flow to help recover the skin with its repair process and helps to smooth out and soften the skins surface. Which i definitely think it does my skin is a lot more smoother, less bumpy and supple. This is my fave product of all and I love all the science behind it and how it is repairing my skin with increasing the blood flow. 

[Anti-Microbial Cell Renewal Cream £32.00] Find Here

Lastly I have to use a really strong sunblock this is one of the first things I bought whilst at my consultation. They gave me the 'Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 Gel' to use with my treatment. With my skin being treated I need something to protect my skin with it being so sensitive. The SPF 50 gel protects skin from UVA and UVB damage, during any type of exposure. So whenever I go outside even if it isn't sunny I have to put on my sunblock to help my skin. I apply the gel to my skin evenly and generously, I quite like the fact that the sunblock has a really unusual smell and a light tint of colour. This sunblock has worked wonders as most sun creams do. (Unfortunately I don't know where else you can buy this as I purchased mine at Harley Medical for around £20 I think).

[HelioCare SPF 50 Gel]

Overall I am loving the products that have now become part of my skincare regime. I am following it strictly to get the best results I can get. All the products are so gentle to my skin which is what I love most.

Hope you like the detailed review and how I use the products.
Stay Sweet 


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