A Spring/Summer WishlList ♥

So I'm not usually one to lust for something but lately I have been loving the colours textures and prints out there. Everything I seem to be eyeing up fits perfectly with another item. So I'm hoping this wish list is not only a wish list but slowly and surely moves from the baskets to delivery van and to my house so it’s mine!

1. Topshop|Jersey High Waisted Jeggings £30.00
2. River Island|Yellow Hawaiian Print Bralet £18.00
3.River Island |Black Dog Bite Print Tshirt Dress  £20.00
4.FootLocker|Converse All Star Leather Hi Tops (mens) $69.99/£44.98
5. Topshop|Original Black Hunter Wellies £80.00
6. River Island|Pale Pink Tropical Print Tee £10.00
7.Boohoo.com|Abbie High Rise Super Skinny Disco Jeans £25.00
8. Very.co.uk|Converse All Star Leather Hi Plimsolls £60.00

So this is it, this is the wishlist. I really would love to get me some topshop jeggings not for any particular reason but to have so I have more jeggings in my wardrobe. Which is the same for the boohoo jeans. No one can have too many jeggings or jeans!

I'm dying to get me some leather converse, I saw the US Footlocker ones first and love how it is white all the way through even the logo but was disappointed to find that the UK Footlocker doesn't have them *sigh*. So im hoping they could maybe ship internationally if I get the money, and if they dont I will have to opt for the Very.co.uk versions which are also leather but the only thing putting me off is the red line running around them.

The Hunter boots are my ultimate fave I love them to the max and would be so excited to have them in my hands. Perfect wellies for winter and summer, especially for festivals. Yay. The RI top with the dog bite is crazy and reminds me of the Givenchy dog which isn't really my cup of tea but this definitely is (even though I don't drink tea).

Finally the last two RI print tops are so ready for summer and so fresh. I'm not one for too much colour but would easily pair them up with black leggings or jeggings. They are all such beautiful pieces that can work together mix and match.

Have you got anything you're lusting for?


  1. Nice things!
    With love,


  2. i specially love the bralet!
    follow each other?
    kisses from Mexico

  3. Lovely wishlist! Both Converse pairs are fab and I want them both haha! <3 Hope you get everything you want hun! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  4. Great wihlist, Feel free to check out my new post, we can also follow each other if you would like to :)


  5. love this wishlist, i really want white converse :)



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