Saturday, 31 August 2013

Have you heard of

Ever wanted to be able to purchase that designer bag you have been lusting over or something else that may be a little out of reach. I know I have and as a student it can be hard to buy things that I would love to have. Spreddit is an affordable site that allows you to pay for your items in 3 monthly installments! stocks brands such as AllSaints and Alexandra McQueen and many many more, holding all the latest trends catered for all from one site.

Its a easy step by step way to purchase items that tickle your fancy. Firstly by shopping online, choosing what it is you would like to buy and then paying your first installment when you check out then the next two payments in the next two months. So if your after the latest gadget or bag and want a smooth way of buy now pay later why not have a look at Spreddit!

Let me know if you give it a go and what you buy. Is there something you've got your eye on?


Sunday, 25 August 2013

A/W Wishlist

I usually don't get too excited for A/W clothes but this year everything seems to be catching my eye, majority of the colour and theme are the same as last year but for some reason this year is just a little bit better. These are just a few bits that I have been watching for the past 2 weeks. And I find most of them I can easily mix and match in my wardrobe, as I prefer to by things that I will wear with lots of outfits rather than just one.

1. H&M Knitted Jumper (Black/Glitter) £14.99
2. Miss Selfridge Paisley Printed Trouser £35.00
3. New Look Inspire Black Neon Floral Print Kaftan £22.99
4. H&M Chiffon Trousers £14.99
5. H&M Knitted Jumper (Black Marl) £14.99
6. New Look Burgundy Lightweight Jersey Blazer £19.99

These pieces alone can be worn together for different occasions. I particularly love the Miss Selfridge trousers as I have always been a lover of paisley prints, and the chiffon trousers look perfect for adding some edge to a simple outfit. I'm not really a jumper lover but I wouldn't mind owning a few over-sized jumpers this A/W over dressers and tops for a off the shoulder slouchy kind of look and you can't go wrong with plain colours really now can you? Both the Jersey Blazer and Kaftan are perfect picks for me as I'm not too fond of my arms so love buying lightweight cover ups that still add style without looking boxy. 

I look forward to putting these into my shopping basket and finding them in my wardrobe.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I have been looking around for something stylish versatile and comfy for ages but never had any luck, every shop I went into had horrible shoes and I was starting to lose hope. For me its difficult to find shoes in general as I have size 5.5 somewhat broad flat feet, both with high insteps (not to be confused with high a arch) which can cause discomfort with most shoes, and not to mention my right foot has damage in which is still going through tests to find the cause. I have been told not to wear flat dolly shoes as this can make the condition worse but can help but slip into them when I want to dress up even though I shouldn't, as nothing else will go.

I recently scoured the world wide web in order to search for online stores that could cater for my need but everything I came across wasn't to my fancy. I checked everywhere from places such as NEXT, H&M, SIMPLYBE, FOOTLOCKER, SCHUH, etc anything I could think of. I am fan of NEW LOOK and even they had nothing considering they are quiet known for there wide fit shoes.

So I basically gave up and started doing some general online shopping and to my surprise I came across something I liked that looked versatile and was affordable too. Topshop had the nicest range available with thick soles (which i need to give my foot support) and a lovely design. The Tyson High Top Trainers do not look like typical trainers and I think that's why I loved them so much, and I know I will be able to wear this with skirts, dresses, leggings, jeans or whatever I want to wear. So all I had to do was order them to see how they fit, as I previously said I'm a size 5.5 so had to go up to a size 6 when ordering.

They came the next day as I ordered with express delivery and they fit like a glove! So comfy so stylish and I could wear them with or without socks and they still fit perfectly. So now I have beaut shoes that I can wear whenever all I have to find is some beautiful shoes like a wedge that I can wear on a night out! Yay!

This is always the battle I have when finding shoes so I always prefer not to, its such a hassle. But if anyone knows of any sites that do suitable flats,shoes,trainers please let me know. But as for now I'm happy with my Topshop babies ♥


Saturday, 17 August 2013

So...? Girls Night Out ♥

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the So…? With Attitude Girls Night Out Event hosted by Bloggers Love in Penthouse Leicester Square, which started at 5:30pm and ended at 9:30pm. There was a lovely ambiance as soon as I walked in, as well as complimentary cocktails, sweet trees made by ‘Heirsand gracies’ and cupcakes made by ‘Earle of Cakes’ to tickle your fancy.

The Girls Night Out was definitely filled with girly activities to delve into such as being able to get a manicure, your hair and makeup done throughout the evening.
I was excited to try out all the latest So..? Fragrance’s and dry shampoos. The range was brilliant and I didn't even know how big the range would be until the event, which was very insightful. I particularly love the new So..? Sexy and So…? Enticing 
During the evening you had the chance to enter a raffle and win one of your favourite So…? Fragrances and other pampering goodies, There was three winners and I was so glad that Kassia won the first!
We all had the chance to enter a competition to win a spa treatment package, where the winner will be announced on Twitter. 
The event was filled with youtubers, bloggers and celebs from TV such as Towie, Take me out and BB. I enjoyed mingling amongst my friends and other like-minded people with great music and an even better atmosphere. At the end of the evening we was given a goodie bag filled with So...? products such as dry shampoos, testers, perfumes and more (Review to follow soon). 

In the goodie bag I received the limited edition So...? Exclusive and this smells divine  I was so happy to see it sitting there when I got home and I have already put it away to keep me from using it as I like it so much.

It was such a good night and I look forward to going to more in the future.


Monday, 12 August 2013

Have you heard of Prairie Charms?

Prairie Charms kindly contacted me through twitter to take part in ‘Project Blogger’. What is Project Blogger you ask? Well it is collaboration where Prairie Charms give an exclusive discount to bloggers in order to:

1. Donate money to charity – 'Great Ormond Street' to be exact,

2. Create awareness for Prairie Charms re-launch &

3. Bloggers to blog about their new accessories

Prairie Charms are a completely handmade boutique that specialises in all things girly, floral, quirky and whimsical. They create their accessories with such passion which you can see when you receive your order through the post. Everything is so delicate and beautifully made.

For ‘Project Blogger’ I bought the Sadia Bracelet with gold feather charm and the Rose Bobby Pins in orange. As soon as I was browsing the site I couldn't stop looking at the Sadia Bracelet and its turquoise gemstone beads… it had me hooked and I just had to get it! And now I’m wearing it every day and the compliments are hitting me like crazy. The Rose Bobby Pins add such a girly touch to any outfit regardless of what you’re wearing, and I love to add them into my hair whether it’s down, up in a high pony or in a bun, any style works! I choose orange as I’m not the biggest fan of pink and I don’t actually own any accessories in an orange colour.

The Sadia Bracelet can be bought here at an affordable price of around £6.50, its is a beautiful dainty piece that fits just right in my jewellery box. ♥

The Rose Bobby Pins can be bought here, for around £4.

I particularly love the feeling of the roses and can't quite work out what it is made of. But believe me these little magical trinkets wont disappoint.

Prairie Charms 

Twitter: @Prairie_Charms



Sunday, 11 August 2013

Beauty Haul

I recently have picked up a few bits and pieces here and there and have particularly been loving this cluster of products. I love buying beauty products nearly as much as I love researching buying and reviewing skincare products.  These are just a few items I am liking and will be repurchasing again.

Clearasil- Vitamins & Extracts Wash + Mask
This has easily become a favorite of mine purely because of how it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean as well as keeping in the moisture every time I use it. I find many of combination 2 in 1 daily wash and mask products tend to dry out my skin but not this, It completely leaves all the moisture by hydrating my skin as well as cleaning it and leaving it so smooth and super soft. I cant help but use it every day and night as a wash and a face mask 3 times a week its that good. So i will be on the hunt for the face scrub as well to complete my Clearasil family, I picked this up from boots for a sweet price of £3.33! 

Sleek BB Cream- Medium
I know I have recently blogged about this little beauty but I have to give it all the praise in the world because it's that good. The only negative is that it doesn't quite match my skin tone but I can easily work with that. The Sleek BB Cream may not have the best range for all types of skin tones but it does its job well, gets rid of blemishes, moisturises the skin and stays on for hours. You cant really complain with that and for its little price tag of £8.99 its a definite winner! 

Bare Minerals- Mineral Veil
The Bare Minerals Veil is one of the best finishing powders I own, I love how it sets all of my makeup with one quick swipe of my powder brush. The mineral veil leaves you with a smooth finish and whats best is that a little goes a long way. I have noticed if you are heavy handed it may leave you with a white ghost mask over the top. I find it makes my makeup stay on all day. I bought mine from the Bare Minerals counter in John Lewis for £20.00 and I love it!

Ben Nye- Topaz (Translucent Face Powder)
I have been using the Ben Nye powder every time to set my concealer, its so easy to work with and I cant wait to try some more from their range. I fortunately bought this from Epiphannie's blog sale for £8 which is a bargain as I wanted to make sure I bought it at a good price in-case I didn't like it, and now I cant stop using it!  10/10

Sleek- Luminaire Highlighting Concealer
I recently picked up this product in two shades 04 and 05 and find they both work perfectly in my everyday makeup routine. 04 wasn't the best to suit my complexion but 05 is a absolute beaut with yellow undertones. I use it majority of the times under me eyes and to highlight my cheek bones. If you want something that blends easily and is a handy little product that you only have to click I would suggest this. I picked these up from Superdrug for £6.49 each and will definitely repurchase shade 05. 

L'Oreal- Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution
You all probably have heard about this somewhere or another, and there is good reason why. The L'Oreal Micellar Solution is a more affordable version of Bioderma at £3.33 (although I still use and purchase Bioderma). The solution works by breaking down makeup with a cotton pad and purifying the skin to get rid of traces of makeup. I find that when I use it, it feels like my skin is extra clean, I even use it when I'm not wearing makeup and my skin is feeling a bit dull this definitely wakes me up. I love this product so much and will repurchase it! 

Sleek- Luminous Pressed Powder
Although this is meant to be a face powder, I don't use it for that at all. Instead I picked two of these up from Superdrug in order to have other uses for them. I bought one in shade 04 and the other in 03. The reason I bought two of the Luminous Pressed Powder is so that I could use 04 as a contour for my cheeks (which works beautifully) and 03 as a highlight. They both have slight shimmer in them, and it looks so nice when you want a natural finish and natural colours which makes the skin glow. I bought them for £7 each.

Garnier Ambre Solaire- Kids 50SPF Sun Lotion (Resisto Swim)
Unlike other people I know I love to use a good sun cream to protect my skin regardless whether its blazing hot outside or cloudy. The sun can cause hyper-pigmentation which I tend to suffer from as well as skin cancer and many more so whenever I can I protect my skin. I bought this at Superdrug for £6.99, it is a kids sun lotion but I find most kids sun lotion have better protection. I don't always use SPF 50 only when its really hot but I always use some kind of sun cream higher than SPF 15. This sun lotion has become one of my favorites as it isn't greasy and sinks easily into the skin and also has UVA + UVB protection bonus everything I want in one bottle at a handy little price. And if your a swimmer it stays on while you go off for a swim... even better. This is my best buy for a long time!

Have you got any beauty favorites at the moment? 


Friday, 9 August 2013

Bloggers ♥ Event

Yesterday I was kindly invited to Penthouse in Leicester Square to attend a bloggers event showcasing Nicola Crawford Jewellery and Angel Armogida Dresses. The evening started with complementary drinks and cupcakes with the chance to get a manicure, schmooze and mingle amongst other bloggers and attendees. I really enjoyed the chilled out vibe with good people and good music from DJ Sarah Giggle.

The event was so nice and whilst being there I had the chance to view some of both designers collections. We were entertained by Angel showcasing her dresses with a catwalk, a chance to win one of her dresses in a raffle which all funds went towards cancer research and the chance to win jewellery from Nicola by a twitter competition.

Here's a few pictures of the night courtesy of Sarah Taylor, Enjoy.

I look forward to going to the next one. Will you be attending?


Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Whilst I was at IMATS back in June, I was able to pick up a few products from the Nars counter at a discounted price, so obviously I bought a handful of things. I had not previously owned anything from Nars but can officially say I have now lost my Nars Virginity!

So finally I have put all the products in one post to write up a mini review and give you a insight on what exactly was bought. 

Nars Illuminator- Laguna
This is easily one of my favorite highlighters. It is very versatile and works well alone and with foundations. I particularly like that I can mix it into my foundation and create a flawless base that gives me such a healthy glow. Laguna is a brown/golden light weight sheer illuminator that lasts all day, and only a small amount is needed so will definitely last me for a long time.

{ Laguna (left) & Super Orgasm (right) }

Nars Illumiantor- Super Orgasm
Super Orgasm is also one of my favorites, this too is lightweight and sheer with  iridescent specs of colours. I don't mix this with my foundation as I find it works a lot better as a highlighter along the cheekbones, highlighting my nose and cupids bow.

Nars Creme Blush- Lokoum
Lokoum is such a easy to use creme blush which glides effortlessly onto the cheeks giving such a subtle colour. (makeup post soon come). I liked this colour because I wanted to be able to use something that would match my skin tone as well as looking natural on my cheeks. My favorite thing about this creme blush is the fact that it is so velvety and when warmed up with fingers works so well.

Nars Lip Palette Collection ( J. Mendel Fall 2007)
I haven't yet used all the colours in the palette as it is a Autumn/Winter palette, but I have particularly liked Dolce Vita and Virdiana as they matched well with all the other products I have been using lately. But I still am excited to try this palette through the Winter in order to try out the other colours and have more fun experimenting.

{From left to right/top to bottom- Chica Boom, Chastity, Galactica, Dolce Vita, Scarlet Empress, Viridiana}

I cant wait to try more Nars products especially there foundation as I have heard nothing but good things about them. I just wish that it was cheaper sometimes for a broke student like me. 


Thursday, 1 August 2013

FOTD ft. Sleek BB Cream

Hey sweet-peas, as we all know the weather has been pretty darn hot and humid in the UK recently and at times very temperamental, with all this heat I have been playing around with a few products to make my routines easier and more manageable.

I recently have been looking for and researching BB and CC creams trying to find the best for my skin type, coverage and lasting power. As I was recently in Superdrug I managed to pick up a few Sleek bits and bobs and decided to give their BB cream a go. I ended up getting the shade 'medium' which was slightly darker than I had expected for my brown/ yellow undertone skin. So I decided experiment to find what could make it work, by mixing some concealer with my BB cream it worked a treat.

I found the Sleek BB cream to be a little oily when first applied (in my personal opinion) but it just needs time to sink into the skin and with a few swipes of powder over the top the sheen disappears. Sleeks BB cream deserves some good recognition for its staying power and overall good coverage! And the price helps too only costing £8.99 you cant argue with that!

After applying my BB cream/concealer base, I also applied some powder to mattify my face, blush for my cheeks, a little mascara and a pink/nude lip liner & lipstick.

Overall I was looking for something that I could wear in this heat, which wouldn't make me feel like I was melting, that was easy to do, didn't take much time and looked natural.

Products Used:
Sleek BB Cream- Medium mixed with Mac Concealer- NC42
Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer- Shade 5
Bare Minerals Original Veil
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
GOSH Velvet Touch Lip Liner- Antique Rose
Revlon Mauve it Over Lipstick

Let me know what you think. Have you tried any BB/CC creams yet?

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