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I recently have picked up a few bits and pieces here and there and have particularly been loving this cluster of products. I love buying beauty products nearly as much as I love researching buying and reviewing skincare products.  These are just a few items I am liking and will be repurchasing again.

Clearasil- Vitamins & Extracts Wash + Mask
This has easily become a favorite of mine purely because of how it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean as well as keeping in the moisture every time I use it. I find many of combination 2 in 1 daily wash and mask products tend to dry out my skin but not this, It completely leaves all the moisture by hydrating my skin as well as cleaning it and leaving it so smooth and super soft. I cant help but use it every day and night as a wash and a face mask 3 times a week its that good. So i will be on the hunt for the face scrub as well to complete my Clearasil family, I picked this up from boots for a sweet price of £3.33! 

Sleek BB Cream- Medium
I know I have recently blogged about this little beauty but I have to give it all the praise in the world because it's that good. The only negative is that it doesn't quite match my skin tone but I can easily work with that. The Sleek BB Cream may not have the best range for all types of skin tones but it does its job well, gets rid of blemishes, moisturises the skin and stays on for hours. You cant really complain with that and for its little price tag of £8.99 its a definite winner! 

Bare Minerals- Mineral Veil
The Bare Minerals Veil is one of the best finishing powders I own, I love how it sets all of my makeup with one quick swipe of my powder brush. The mineral veil leaves you with a smooth finish and whats best is that a little goes a long way. I have noticed if you are heavy handed it may leave you with a white ghost mask over the top. I find it makes my makeup stay on all day. I bought mine from the Bare Minerals counter in John Lewis for £20.00 and I love it!

Ben Nye- Topaz (Translucent Face Powder)
I have been using the Ben Nye powder every time to set my concealer, its so easy to work with and I cant wait to try some more from their range. I fortunately bought this from Epiphannie's blog sale for £8 which is a bargain as I wanted to make sure I bought it at a good price in-case I didn't like it, and now I cant stop using it!  10/10

Sleek- Luminaire Highlighting Concealer
I recently picked up this product in two shades 04 and 05 and find they both work perfectly in my everyday makeup routine. 04 wasn't the best to suit my complexion but 05 is a absolute beaut with yellow undertones. I use it majority of the times under me eyes and to highlight my cheek bones. If you want something that blends easily and is a handy little product that you only have to click I would suggest this. I picked these up from Superdrug for £6.49 each and will definitely repurchase shade 05. 

L'Oreal- Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution
You all probably have heard about this somewhere or another, and there is good reason why. The L'Oreal Micellar Solution is a more affordable version of Bioderma at £3.33 (although I still use and purchase Bioderma). The solution works by breaking down makeup with a cotton pad and purifying the skin to get rid of traces of makeup. I find that when I use it, it feels like my skin is extra clean, I even use it when I'm not wearing makeup and my skin is feeling a bit dull this definitely wakes me up. I love this product so much and will repurchase it! 

Sleek- Luminous Pressed Powder
Although this is meant to be a face powder, I don't use it for that at all. Instead I picked two of these up from Superdrug in order to have other uses for them. I bought one in shade 04 and the other in 03. The reason I bought two of the Luminous Pressed Powder is so that I could use 04 as a contour for my cheeks (which works beautifully) and 03 as a highlight. They both have slight shimmer in them, and it looks so nice when you want a natural finish and natural colours which makes the skin glow. I bought them for £7 each.

Garnier Ambre Solaire- Kids 50SPF Sun Lotion (Resisto Swim)
Unlike other people I know I love to use a good sun cream to protect my skin regardless whether its blazing hot outside or cloudy. The sun can cause hyper-pigmentation which I tend to suffer from as well as skin cancer and many more so whenever I can I protect my skin. I bought this at Superdrug for £6.99, it is a kids sun lotion but I find most kids sun lotion have better protection. I don't always use SPF 50 only when its really hot but I always use some kind of sun cream higher than SPF 15. This sun lotion has become one of my favorites as it isn't greasy and sinks easily into the skin and also has UVA + UVB protection bonus everything I want in one bottle at a handy little price. And if your a swimmer it stays on while you go off for a swim... even better. This is my best buy for a long time!

Have you got any beauty favorites at the moment? 


  1. Such a good haul of goodies! I'm loving the L'oreal micellar water at the moment :)


  2. Nice haul! I love the sleek powder.

  3. Lovely blog. You picked up some great stuff Pls follow my blog


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