Have you heard of Prairie Charms?

Prairie Charms kindly contacted me through twitter to take part in ‘Project Blogger’. What is Project Blogger you ask? Well it is collaboration where Prairie Charms give an exclusive discount to bloggers in order to:

1. Donate money to charity – 'Great Ormond Street' to be exact,

2. Create awareness for Prairie Charms re-launch &

3. Bloggers to blog about their new accessories

Prairie Charms are a completely handmade boutique that specialises in all things girly, floral, quirky and whimsical. They create their accessories with such passion which you can see when you receive your order through the post. Everything is so delicate and beautifully made.

For ‘Project Blogger’ I bought the Sadia Bracelet with gold feather charm and the Rose Bobby Pins in orange. As soon as I was browsing the site I couldn't stop looking at the Sadia Bracelet and its turquoise gemstone beads… it had me hooked and I just had to get it! And now I’m wearing it every day and the compliments are hitting me like crazy. The Rose Bobby Pins add such a girly touch to any outfit regardless of what you’re wearing, and I love to add them into my hair whether it’s down, up in a high pony or in a bun, any style works! I choose orange as I’m not the biggest fan of pink and I don’t actually own any accessories in an orange colour.

The Sadia Bracelet can be bought here at an affordable price of around £6.50, its is a beautiful dainty piece that fits just right in my jewellery box. ♥

The Rose Bobby Pins can be bought here, for around £4.

I particularly love the feeling of the roses and can't quite work out what it is made of. But believe me these little magical trinkets wont disappoint.

Prairie Charms 

Twitter: @Prairie_Charms

Website: www.prairiecharms.co.uk



  1. Love that bracelet. Look like a lovely event too xx



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