I have been looking around for something stylish versatile and comfy for ages but never had any luck, every shop I went into had horrible shoes and I was starting to lose hope. For me its difficult to find shoes in general as I have size 5.5 somewhat broad flat feet, both with high insteps (not to be confused with high a arch) which can cause discomfort with most shoes, and not to mention my right foot has damage in which is still going through tests to find the cause. I have been told not to wear flat dolly shoes as this can make the condition worse but can help but slip into them when I want to dress up even though I shouldn't, as nothing else will go.

I recently scoured the world wide web in order to search for online stores that could cater for my need but everything I came across wasn't to my fancy. I checked everywhere from places such as NEXT, H&M, SIMPLYBE, FOOTLOCKER, SCHUH, etc anything I could think of. I am fan of NEW LOOK and even they had nothing considering they are quiet known for there wide fit shoes.

So I basically gave up and started doing some general online shopping and to my surprise I came across something I liked that looked versatile and was affordable too. Topshop had the nicest range available with thick soles (which i need to give my foot support) and a lovely design. The Tyson High Top Trainers do not look like typical trainers and I think that's why I loved them so much, and I know I will be able to wear this with skirts, dresses, leggings, jeans or whatever I want to wear. So all I had to do was order them to see how they fit, as I previously said I'm a size 5.5 so had to go up to a size 6 when ordering.

They came the next day as I ordered with express delivery and they fit like a glove! So comfy so stylish and I could wear them with or without socks and they still fit perfectly. So now I have beaut shoes that I can wear whenever all I have to find is some beautiful shoes like a wedge that I can wear on a night out! Yay!

This is always the battle I have when finding shoes so I always prefer not to, its such a hassle. But if anyone knows of any sites that do suitable flats,shoes,trainers please let me know. But as for now I'm happy with my Topshop babies ♥


  1. Awesome buy! Love the cut out detail, I want these in my life! Xx

    H @ Higher&Haya

    1. Thank you. I know they are gorg. x

  2. These look so cosy :) <3


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