Both Nivea and Vaseline have come out with a quick fix solutions for people who haven't got time to stop, they both claim to leave you with silky soft skin but is this true?

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser
I'm not the laziest person in the world but when it comes to moisturising my whole body, I feel as though it takes forever and then I still have to wait for it to sink in before I can put all my clothes on. I haven't heard much about this product but I picked it up anyway to give it a go. This little bottle of wonder works a treat, you literally just click it open, spray on your body and rub it in with basically no effort at all. I was pretty impressed as it left my skin feeling so smooth and smelling like a hint of cocoa butter (which isn't too overpowering) it is literally that quick! I picked this up from boots at £4.99 for 190ml (which has lasted a while) it is a little pricey but it does the job well so I cant really complain.  It doesn't leave the skin greasy and  I like the fact i can carry it around and use with ease. if they made a miniature version I would buy that in an instant.

Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser
Now this I have heard of and I must say I'm not too impressed with this little guy. Yet again this product like the Vaseline spray and go claims to leave your skin smooth and soft in an instant. The Nivea moisturiser is an in shower body mosituriser, after cleaning your skin in the shower you massage this lotion into the skin and rinse off after, which then enables you to dry off and get dressed and go without additional creaming of the skin. I must say I felt like i needed to use more than the average for it to work and still after I felt as though my skin wasn't completely mositurised. I don't have dry skin so opted for the normal skin range but this still did nothing for me, it didn't leave my skin silky at all like it claims. It makes me feel like it is just an additional step that isn't needed. I picked this up at Superdrug for £3.39 at 400ml it isn't a bad price at all but its not all that its made up to be.

My winner in the battle of the moisturisers goes hands down to VASELINE!



  1. I've wanted to try the in-shower moisturizer for ages now as the advert looked so good and was such a different product, but never got round to buying it, don't think I will now! Haha, great post. xx

    1. Thanks, yeah I wasn't impressed at all with the Nivea in-shower at all. But the Vaseline is perfect. x

  2. I still need to try the spray and go. It seems like it would be so practical if you're in a rush :)

  3. Vaseline is my number 1 also. Best moisturiser hands done


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