Exclusive Interview With LFW Designer Sofia Dourvari!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Bloggers Love event based in Penthouse Leicester Square, to attend the end of London fashion week party showcasing many brands particularly Sofia Dourvari’s LFW collection. The event was filled with lots of music and sweet treats. There was even a gifting suite to promote different brands. It had a such a chilled vibe and I got to meet some lovely bloggers too.

I was luckily able to view some of the collection of Sofia’s with a beautiful fashion show, and also was able to interview the very talented creative lady herself.
Sofia was bought up in Greece and her designs are heavily influenced by Mediterranean styles as well as the elements and Greek architecture, the main influence of her pieces being the manipulation of conventional shapes.

The collection had a black theme throughout with an edgy, chic sophisticated vibe. The dresses were stunning and had everyone in awe wanting to get their hands on their favourite dress.  As each dress was showcased you could see the pure talent from the designer. Check out some of the pictures here.

Talking to Sofia I was able to really understand the roots of her ideas and her inspirations. She was a very friendly, kind, and easy-going woman. (She even helped me with my phone). After friendly introductions we found the quietest part of the room to start the interview where I asked a few questions.

Sofia & Model
Shug: When did you first start designing?
Sofia:  It might sound funny, and you may not believe me. But I started when I was five; I would always make clothes for my Barbie dolls and have been drawing ever since. Even when I went to university here, I bought all my drawings and hung them up on my walls.

Shug: What University did you go to in the UK?
Sofia:  I went to Salford University, as I live in Manchester.

Shug: What inspires your designs?
Sofia: Sometimes it’s hard to answer this as it’s not specific; you can start with one thing and get inspiration from something else. I like architecture, all shapes even things like clouds. I love clouds. Everything I see around me is inspiration and creates ideas as there is no specific brief. Even my last winter collection I drew it in 20minutes in front of the TV.

Shug: How and why did you start, was there any particular reason you started to design?
Sofia: No, I honestly think it just happened. Both my parents are very creative, I’m left handed and a Libra so it goes hand in hand.

Shug: How was your London Fashion Week experience?
Sofia: Amazing! I showcased my collection with Fashions Finest and exhibited both days (14th/15th), I found it very interesting. I received a good reception and there was a photographer really interested in doing some artistic work. It’s nice to know all the hard work and late nights is paying off and people like the collection! As the catwalk started it was getting crazy behind the scenes. I didn’t get to see much of it, but everybody loved it.

Shug: Is there a reason that you chose black as a key theme?
Sofia: Although many people think because it’s black it’s not a statement piece, you easily see black on the red carpet and at award shows etc. And it will always be classic, you can wear it now or even in three years. It’s timeless.  I like black and black is very sophisticated however you use it; all you need to do is accessorise.  I wanted all my pieces to be feminine and classy with a twist.

Bonafide: Do your designs reflect a particular type of woman?
Sofia: I don’t support size zero, the smallest size I have is a 6 or 8. But I even design for 10- 12 as I like curves, and it is relatable to women. Its clothes you can see yourself wearing. If you like something but it’s not completely you, we can alter it like adding a sleeve or adding other details. As these designs are my suggestions, it’s up to you whether you like them. There is no limit.

Shug: Do you have a key piece this A/W13 and one for S/S14?
Sofia:  I always follow the trend report, I followed it for next Winter they have a lot of royal blue but I’m not going to do that, as I already designed a dress in that colour  December 2012. I want to do something in purple and will be going to a fabric fair to do some research.  And some summer wedding wear is my new adventure. Next winter with the 50 shades of grey launching it will be the perfect time for the dominatrix theme, I will be incorporating a design I made in university as well as a ballerina extravaganza with PU body shape in red and black.

Shug: Thank you so much for your time, I loved the collection and look forward to more in the near future.
Sofia:  Thank you, I look forward to the interview to be up. You can find me on twitter or via the website.

Hope you enjoyed reading the interview and got an insight about a lovely designer. Keep an eye out for more of Sofia's pieces to come! Shes defo one to watch!


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