Have you heard of Veil Cover Cream?!?

A few weeks ago maybe two weeks ago, I received a couple of samples from the lovely people at Veil Cover Cream to test their products. I had heard such good things about them, and as you know if you have followed my blog for a while I used to suffer with acne as a teen which caused me to have a lot of scaring. I also have a few tattoos and wanted to see whether the cover cream would work first to cover my scars/tattoos and secondly to match my skin tone as I vary in colour all over my body.

Veil Cover Cream is a cosmetic camouflage brand that uses pure and simple raw materials which makes the cover cream very effective and easy to use.  The company was founded in 1952 by Thomas Blake and since then has continued to develop creating successful camouflage for all people with different skin blemishes.
{Samples| Veil Dust| Samples}
So when I received the package I was delighted to see just how many variations in colour and tones they had to suit particular people.  I went through each sample trying to match what was closest to my own skin tone and ended up with a handful of samples that might just work.  You can also pick up the sample kit from the website at an affordable price of £6.50.

I decided to test the shortlist on a smaller tattoo of mine first to see how quickly and easy it was to use, It was a little difficult finding exactly the same shade for me (as previously mentioned due to having different complexions all over my body) but after a few trial and errors I found something quiet close which was covered up in a jiffy using my fingers, all I had to do next was set it with my sponge using the veil finishing powder and voila! A first finished attempt at covering a small tattoo, using caramel and a second attempt using colour no.3.

{Before & After With/Without Flash}
{Caramel Cover Cream Sample| Colour No.3 Cover Cream}

My second attempt was with a slightly larger tattoo, testing other colours that I also thought was close to my skin tone. And once again after a few trial and errors, I found another that would work by mixing the two colours sun-glow and colour no.3. Which I found worked a little better with blending into my skin using my fingers, but this time I used a powder brush to lightly dab the veil finishing powder on top.

{Before & After: with one coat using finger tips and powder brush}

Overall I found this lovely to use to cover up my tattoos. It is ever so creamy and isn't messy to use, I particularly like how there isn't a funny smell and love love love the veil finishing powder which I just have to buy now at full price! I will continue to play around and test different colours, but I am extremely impressed with its pigmentation, variation in colour and the fact that it never made my skin have any rashes (due to having sensitive skin). This is 100% friendly to the skin!
I tested the products also on my acne scars but found that it didn't match completely. But I am still happy that I was able to test some samples, would definitely recommend 100%. 


  1. I haven't heard of this brand before. Looks like the coverage is great!


  2. It looks like the coverage is really nice <3

    Sad that it's so hard to find the right color...


    1. I just think i have to play around more with it. It has lovely coverage. x

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