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My new favorite brand: La Cure!

Whilst attending Kensington Olympia (Olympia Beauty Trade Show) I was introduced to the brand La Cure and couldn't get enough. Continuing our conversation through emails, I was kindly sent a few products to review. La Cure offers a therapeutic skincare for the face and body which is sourced straight from the Dead Sea, but also has an aromatherapy range of complexes and mud wraps.
The first thing I like about La cure is how good their customer service is and secondly the affordable prices.  I was sent three products, the natural Dead Sea bath salts, papaya body butter and mineral mud therapy.
The packaging of La Cure is clean and professional; I prefer when packaging is easy to read and not too distracting because I want to know what I’m using fully, so this was an added bonus. I was eager to try the products as I was really impressed at Olympia.

Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts
The La Cure bath salts relax the body whilst soaking in a warm bath that helps to leave you calm and relieved of stress and daily tension. I found the bath salts wonderfully relaxing and it had me nodding of a few times, they helped to smooth my skin and also eased some of my dry patches that I have due to sensitive skin (my body doesn't work well with all types of products) but this left my skin clean and refreshed. The La Cure bath salts give a natural relief to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. I thoroughly enjoyed using the bath salts and will be using them over and over till they are all gone and I have to repurchase.

   - Very relaxing/ relaxes muscles
       -Leaves skin soft
          -Removes dead skin
        -Didn't dry out my skin

Papaya Body Butter
This product is amazing! La Cure have combined natural dead sea minerals with Shea butter and jojoba oil mixed with papaya essence (plus it has vitamins and anti-oxidant’s) to create the ultimate all over body moisturiser. This little beauty absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving it greasy at all. I loved the slight sheen it gave my body and the smells is delicious. The first thing I had noticed is the tiniest amount can go a long way, so it’s sure to last you a very long time. I found my skin felt smooth hydrated and glowy which is not something you can get with your everyday moisturisers and creams. This little wonder has become a ultimate favourite of mine and can’t help but carry it around with me to use on my hands.

-smells amazing
-leaves skin soft and moisturised
-not greasy
-not heavy
-small amount is enough
-body feels nourished and rich

Mineral Mud Therapy
The La Cure Mineral Mud therapy is also rich in minerals with a combination of sweet almond oil and honey. I found when I use this if not shaken it may be a little watery at first, but once you shake it the mud flows out effortlessly and is very easy to use, not messy at all. I have now added this into my skincare routine to use once a week, when I first used the mud therapy I was pleasantly surprised.  Usually mud mask dry out my skin to the point that there are no natural oils, but this left my skin feeling completely refreshed when washed off with warm water. I didn't feel as though my skin had been stripped completely. My skin felt so soft that I couldn't help but ask everyone to touch my cheek, I was that shocked! This pleasantly surprised me and has to be one of the best mud masks I have used.

     -  Doesn’t dry out skin
    -  Leaves skin ultra-soft/ smooth
     -   Plumped skin

All these products can be found on the La Cure website and you don’t have to worry about paying too much as they are very affordable. I am so glad that I did pop over to the stall and can’t wait to try a few more products. I love natural products that don’t contain any hidden nasties, so for that alone I have become a huge fan of La Cure!



  1. Thanks for sharing it!

    It look like a nice product to try out. I have never heard of this brand before and your review make it sounds amazing <3

    1. No problem, they are a great brand!


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