Silk Oil of Morocco!

Silk oil of Morocco
After attending Olympia Beauty I was keen to know more about the lovely brand Silk oil of morocco, during my time at the event the staff were amazing and informed me all about Silk oil of morocco and the range that they had. Following this I wanted to review what I had previously heard so contacted the lovely team at Silk oil of morocco and they kindly sent me a few products for me to try.
Silk oil of Morocco is an amazing company that stocks the highest quality of skincare, hair and cosmetic products, enriched with certified organic argan oil! Yes that’s right all of their products have organic argan oil infused in them.
The team kindly sent me two hair care products which was the ‘Liquid Volumizer’ and the ‘Hair & Skin Treatment Serum’ as well as two cosmetics products being the ‘Mineral Blush in Moroccan Berry’ and ‘Vegan Blush Brush’.

Liquid Volumizer
The liquid volumizer is meant to inject a spritz of body into limp hair whilst also nourishing and protecting the hair with argan oil. It is best to use with a nice arm’s length on damp towel dried hair and with a few pumps voila perfect dramatic body to the hair. When I first used this on damp hair, it was so easy to apply and the best thing about it, is although it is infused with argan oil I never once found my hair greasy at all but the complete opposite very lightweight and it left my hair bouncy and also helped to enhance the waves in my hair. Although the bottle does say to use on damp hair, I did go ahead and try it on dry hair and found it worked just as good. This has easily become my most reached for product as it is easy to use no mess no fuss and creates the body and wave that I need. Even after using it, it leaves my hair tangle free compared to some other products that can leave your hair sticky and tangled. You can purchase this at the Silk oil of morocco website for £19.95.

Hair & Skin Treatment Serum
The hair and skin treatment serum is high concentrated organic argan oil that is used to moisturise the skin, hair and scalp leaving the area of use soft. When I first tried to use this product I used it on dry hair and applied a little too much causing me to have very greasy hair, so my biggest tip would be to use with a light hand gliding it through your hair with your fingertips. The serum can also be used on wet hair and this is where I found the best usage for this product, as soon as my hair was washed it instantly soaked up the argan oil serum and as it dried left my hair soft and silky with a slight sheen.  I also tried the serum on my body (but not my face as its oily enough) and my skin loved it, I found it best to use just before going to bed, massaging it into the skin and as it settled it left my skin so smooth and relaxed. I particularly like this product as it is versatile to use, and this bottle is going to last me months, because all you need is a small amount. As well as it leaving my skin soft it helped me get rid of a few dry patches that just wouldn't budge over time.  The hair and skin serum can be purchased in 12ml for £6.95 all the way up to 500ml for £99.00.

All of the Silk oil of morocco hair care range is–
·         Sulphate free
·         Sodium Chloride free
·         Parabens free
·         PPG free
·         Formaldehyde free
·         Suitable to use after Keratin Straightening

Mineral Blush & Professional Vegan Blush Brush
I have always adored mineral blushes so when I saw they had a range of their own I jumped at the chance to try their wonderful brand.  The silk oil of morocco mineral blush is also infused with argan oil (you don’t hear that every day) and minerals, which is rich in colour. I was sent the mineral blush in Moroccan berry which is the most gorgeous colour I have seen that matched perfectly with my skin tone; the blush is easy to build from a pinch of colour to full cheeks. With the winter months’ approaching this gorgeous colour gives me a sweet glow and natural rosy cheeks. I normally find that with some mineral blushes they lack in having rich pigmented colour but this is the complete opposite, and I find myself wanting and craving for more of the range. The Mineral blush comes in a range of colours including Flame, Summer and Coral at £24.95 each you’re getting the best of the best out there. I have never seen a product that looks so high end and chic, the packaging definitely beats all my other blushes!

With the mineral blush I was also sent the vegan blush brush, I wanted to see how they both worked together hand in hand, and as I thought, they are the perfect pair. The blush brush is sleek and professional with the softest black nylon hair bristles to give me a flawless application. The powder moves through the brush effortlessly and picks up the right amount of product that you need. The vegan blush brush was designed specifically for the mineral blush which is why they work so well together. It has become my number one brush to use, and I cannot wait to purchase more of the range, at a sweet price of £24.99 you can’t argue for a professional vegan blush brush. Perfect in every way!

 { Mineral Blush on cheeks, Wavy hair courtesy of Volumizer} 
The mineral cosmetics only consist of pure simple ingredients; they do not contain artificial fillers or dyes that are not natural for the skin. I love Silk oil of morocco for so many reasons, how professional they are, they don’t test their products on animals and how lovely and unique the range is. If you are looking for a new skincare, hair or cosmetics company, why not check out their website and find out more about their magical range.

Thank you again to the team of Silk oil of morocco!


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