The Winter Coat

Battle of the 'Winter Coats'

For ages now I have been searching for that perfect winter coat. But I didn't want any old coat, I wanted something that represented me, keeps me warm, and has style. Every where I look I find things that are nice, but who wants nice? I certainly don't. So I decided maybe I need something to make me look a little bit more like my age as I always get mistaken for the age of 17-19 lol (my actual age is 22 if you didn't already know). 

Plenty of high street stores catered to my needs for looking more grown up and these are the few I ended up with. All very similar but different in colour, I like coats and jackets that aren't just black as I have plenty of that in my wardrobe. For my shape I love coats that aren't too over the top but still have elegance and style. 

So here we have a few coats from Asos to Topshop, the usual shops/ online sites us bloggers would head to, all of the selection above range in prices from around £50+, and I believe if you want a really good coat that is going to last you, you need to invest! 

So for £89 the Topshop coat is worth the money as you know you are getting something worth while, what I like most about this is its pale blue colour and its slight Wendy (peter pan) style collar and shape. I also really love the Asos coats they both cost £85 and both have biker style influences, it adds an edge to a simple design that is easy to wear. The petite biker coat may look like its black but in fact it is in a deep grey (which I think is better than the black version!). And finally the £49.99 H&M figure fit coat, has taken my heart for the pure and simple fact that it disguises as a dress and although its a straight coat it caters to your curves, so a simple coat like this can change and become something new based on your shape. No need to worry about looking the same as someone else as it will sit differently on each person. #winning!

If I could I would certainly purchase all of them, as they could all cater for different outfits. But alas I cant so will have to battle down to 1.

Have you found your winter coat yet?


  1. That last coat I must have!!

  2. I love the last two coats, did you end up purchasing any?

    1. I ended buying two different jackets that was similar to my list :)


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