I was lucky to pick up the cherry coco ‘Shea Butter & Coconut Whip’ during Make-Up Show Live and met the special talented cherry herself, I was so thrilled to be able to schmooze with her sister learning about the products and the brand itself and was given an added gift with my purchase which was the miniature spa bar. Cherry Coco creates luxurious handmade soaps and skincare using natural plant oils, butters and botanical ingredients.

Cherry Coco products:
o   Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
o   No preservative
o   Not tested on animals
o   No animal fats, petrochemicals, or sodium lauryl sulfates.

Shea Butter & Coconut Whip
The Shea butter and coconut whip is a un-refined Shea butter mixed with Coconut oil and natural body butter infused with May Chang and Lime oils and that’s it, a very natural product with no hidden ingredients.  All the products have positive benefits for keeping skin hydrated as well as giving it essential oils.
The Shea butter literally melts into your fingertips (without being greasy) when scooping out of the pot and dissolves effortlessly into the skin, leaving you with silky smooth baby soft skin.  I found that this magical pot is so kind to the skin and leaves my skin feeling so rich and nourished. I particularly love the fresh subtle zesty lime smell and haven’t come across anything like this before.
The Shea Butter and Coconut Whip can be found at for a minimal price of £6.99 (small) or £12.99 (large).

Miniature Spa Bar sample
I was so shocked to have received this miniature gift to sample and can gladly say i can’t get enough of it! The Spa Bar is handcrafted with red rose petals, sea salt and oatmeal.  Each ingredient has its own special benefits for your skin:
o   Rose petals- Rejuvenates, hydrates and soothes skin.
o   Sea salt- Detoxifies and exfoliates the skin.
o   Oatmeal- Rich ingredient for nourishing and moisturising the skin.
This works wonders during a bath especially for keeping feet soft as it gets rid of dead skin and leaves your feet supple and smooth.  The Spa Bar can also be found on the website but at an even sweeter price of £3.50!

With the cold harsh weather these products are just what you need to give your skin the tender love and care that it needs.  I’m looking forward to purchasing and delving into more of the range myself.
Cherry Coco products are perfect for pampering gifts so if you haven’t heard or need to have a look yourself head over to the website now!

W: .. Twitter: @1cherrycoco


  1. Shea butter and coconut must be a great combination. Never heard of the brand Im going to look at my local hairstore

    1. Yes the combination is amazing. The best place to find them is on their website. x


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