Sunday, 21 December 2014


My SlimFast 321 Plan Experience
For seven days I was able to trial the Slim-Fast 3.2.1 plan, initially I started this seven day trial two and a half weeks ago but unfortunately was sent products I couldn't use, banana and mocha (caffeine) in which I am allergic to. So my initial trial ended three days in, but honestly hand on heart can say I lost 1lbs in three days.

So your probably wondering how it all works. To break it down in a simple form you are able to eat six small meals a day this consists of; three snacks, two meal bars or shakes and one meal. One of your meals resulting in a low 600 calorie controlled meal of your choice and the others using the Slim-Fast products. The Slim-Fast 3.2.1 plan is as simple as 1.2.3.

This week on Monday saw the return of my seven day trial, I was kindly sent a new batch of products the Friday before with shakes/powders,bars and snacks that I was able to consume. Although it was all going fairly well I forgot to mention I was allergic to nuts therefore unable to use some of the meal bars which was also the same for the chocolate bars.

The battle is always the start of the process working out and planning exactly what you are eating, and sticking to it when there is so much temptation around. Every day I was able to consume my 600 calorie meal (Which I can go into at a later date if requested). I found this is what I most looked forward to, as after day four of the same regime it started to become a little repetitive.

A big thing for me is trying to lose weight with my condition, hypothyroidism slows my metabolic rate right down to the point it is hard to digest and break down food. The 3.2.1 plan is a good way to consume food in smaller meals in order to help me digest with my hypo but I believe others may find the plan slightly repetitive and possibly this is how people drop off the programme.
I have plenty of praise towards the plan my only main negative being that because I have a condition, I am a fussy eater and have many allergies it is harder to find solutions and prep and plan everyday. The only other slight change I had to make was I had no time to have six small meals within the day (meals and snacks), which had to be dropped down to five (two shakes or meal bar, one main meal and two snacks). With my seven day process I lost another pound.

I grew very fond of the shakes as it was very easy to pack shakes and snacks when on the go, the taste is better than I expected and I can see myself using the shakes and snacks in the future as they are low calorie and agreed with me 100%. The shakes keep you full as a replacement and are tasty and keeps you going through the morning, my favourite being the summer strawberry shake and my favourite snack the bbq corn-chips. Even after my trial ends today I will continue to purchase the shakes and snacks.

I wasn't very keen on the meal replacement bars, I found these to have no flavour and when I had planned to eat this during the day I wasn't looking forward to that particular meal, in my opinion every meal should be tasty and nutritious. If there was another alternative or maybe even a new formula or flavour it possibly could have been a better experience for me. Secondly with my hypo it never gave me the weight loss I expected in the week compared to other results I have seen. After losing a pound whether just luck previously or with the help of Slim-Fast, I found my results was not the same or anywhere near the results you hear of other people during their 3.2.1 experience. This is not necessarily Slim-Fast's fault as my hypothyroidism in regards to weight loss may need better tailoring in regards to a programme diet and healthy lifestyle living.

Special thank you to Natalie a complete an utter star at Slim-Fast who kept me in the loop in regards to products, sent me out new products as soon as she could and was just generally very patient and friendly to work with.

Overall my experience with Slim-Fast was insightful, for those who are interested to try Slim-Fast I would definitely say give it a try as you may just like it and it could work out for you. But be sure to make sure you can plan ahead all the time and dedication is key. For me the plan is not exactly what I like but as stated before I will continue to buy products from the brand to tailor my own weight loss journey and healthy lifestyle.

Have you tried any Slim-Fast products or Plans? Let me know your experience!

Saturday, 20 December 2014


The Glamour Party Beauty Edit

So as we all know there are hundreds and hundreds of different monthly subscription boxes you can purchase over the internet, from beauty to healthy eating to gaming. I have always been curious to venture into one of these beauty monthly subscriptions boxes, but I don't think im the type to put money aside just for a box of a few items. So as I was doing some research I came across the site 'Latest in Beauty'

Latest in Beauty offer a monthly box in which you can personalise and build every step yourself, not necessarily at a monthly price, but as you add your chosen items to the box you are paying for the amount of items you want at a discounted price. So your getting all the latest products that you actually want to try, not what is already planned. 

They also have LIB collections, in which you can purchase one off boxes at one price. I recently purchased the 'Glamour Party Beauty Edit' for £16.99 inc pp. The box consisted of products worth around £80 and as well as a free Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish: Hot Cloth Cleanser.

In the Beauty Edit you receive:
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 Cleanser
Vichy Life Serum
Collection Lengthening Mascara
Stilla Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner
Phillip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Shampoo
Phillip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner
Lola Nail Polish
Burts Bees LipBalm
Loreal Elnette Satin Holdspray
Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow
Pop Band London
Skyn Iceland Eye Gels

Now I may not be interested in the monthly subscription boxes but this is something I definitely can see myself purchasing every once in a while for new products to test, I am impressed with just how many products you receive at decent full and sample sizes. And I am looking forward to purchasing more in the future from LIB!

What do you think of the Glamour Beauty Box?


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Are you ready for SEROZINC?

La Roche-Posay Presents Serozinc

For all you La Roche-Posay fans out there wait no longer the secret is finally out and I will be sharing it with you. Serozinc is the latest of the family, the newborn into the blogger world for the UK, making it's way to our fingertips at just one click of a button, you can purchase this little beauty from the one and only Escentuals, although it is not available right this second you can pre-order (put your name on the waiting list) from Escentuals to ensure you are one of the first to receive it in the post when it comes out January 2015.

Serozinc is the newest and most talked about toner in the blogger-sphere and I was kindly invited to its launch on Monday 8th December by La Roche-Posay at the Magazine Restaurant in Kensington Gardens. The event was filled with bloggers left right and center which enabled us to make friends with new people and catch up with old ones over champagne and nibbles

This toner is in the form of a mist and I am looking forward to doing a full review for you all in the next few weeks, so make sure to keep a look out for that in the near future. Here is a few snaps from the event...

To get your hands on this beauty for pre-order and receive 15% off the recommended retail price just click here and head over to

Thank you La Roche Posay for the invite I had a brilliant time.


Pictures Courtesy of SRFTaylor

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Vashi: Diamond Event

Vashi Diamonds Private Viewing Event

Hey yall, im so sorry I was unable to post last Sunday due to unforeseen circumstances but as I have always said better late than never, so lets get into the post. Wednesday 26th November I was invited to the private viewing of the Vashi Diamonds collection at Tart Bar London, and bought my best friend ie my photographer along with me. Vashi Dominguez is the founder and owner of, a diamond expert with years of experience, starting his trade in the early 2000s and launching his online business in 2007. The event was hosted in the wonderful Tart Bar London which had a lovely ambiance, dimmed lights to set the scene and a plethora of bloggers and vloggers alike. The bar was in full flow of mojitos whilst the DJ created a backdrop of fresh tunes. 

The collection hosted a variety of jewellery from diamond engagement rings to a multiple of precious stones such as sapphire and ruby. Guests were able to try on necklaces, rings, and bracelets and oogle the collection in its full glory. With tunes pumping and drinks flowing guests mingled amongst one another discussing the beautiful collection and indulging in blogger chit chat. The event was full of Vashi’s favourite bloggers and vloggers until it was time to go.

Amongst the private viewing you were able to pamper yourself with what the collection had to offer. From be-spoke pieces such as the yellow sapphire, white diamond halo ring and the letter necklace to other divine pieces that bloggers where a fan of included an array of diamond engagement rings, earrings and necklaces as well as a set of diamond sapphire necklace and matching stud earrings, and a set of diamond ruby necklace with matching hoop earrings. The collection of jewellery pieces ranged from £239 to £6,065 and can be purchased from the Vashi website.

Thank you again Vashi for inviting me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Website: |Twitter: @VashiDiamonds |Facebook:

What do you think of the brand and the beautiful jewels?


Sunday, 30 November 2014


Give A Little Love

Today I just wanted to have a little short chatty blog post and talk about giving. As it is nearing the Christmas period, I want people to remember it's not all about presents, but its about spending time with loved ones, cherishing what you have and being thankful. I am not one to be religious and I don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday but Christmas has a very mysterious way of warming our hearts and acknowledging  what we do have. 

Many people this Christmas will be homeless, hungry, cold and alone, and I for one want to let you all remember that as you open your presents someone out there wont even be opening a tin of beans. As a personal connection to this issue my own hostel has over 30 residents including myself who are 'homeless' and suffer from a multiple of issues may it be mental health, physical health, escaping domestic violence and some haven't a penny to their name, but the hostel gets donations from people and Food Banks to ensure people eat a hot meal this Christmas. The staff even go as far as buying small gifts for every resident to make sure no one is left with nothing as some people have no family or friends.

This is no way a post to make anyone feel guilty for what they do have but maybe a way of opening peoples eyes to what some people do not have, and whilst you may be wishing for some latest album to be released, the new gaming device such as the PS4 or the new glossy urban decay palette remember those that are in need.

This Christmas (and not even just at Christmas)  why don't you donate to the Food Bank and the Trussell Trust. Donating food will give someone a chance to have meals over the cold festive period, and not only that you can also donate clothes, duvets and skincare products such as toothpaste, shower gel, soap and even nappies for those who may be less fortunate. 

I have personally seen first hand what good Food Banks do for people, as a service user myself when I have been in crisis and also as someone who has volunteered with the Hackney Food Bank. It is the little things that people seem to forget that means a lot. And I bet you giving is a lot better than receiving!



Sunday, 23 November 2014



I was kindly sent the Vichy Dermablend setting powder from Escentual to review. I'm already a fan of Vichy products, so was excited when this little beauty popped through the door and greeted me with welcome arms. 
This is my go to powder at the moment for everyday use,  for when I have just finished applying make-up. I found this powder to be so light weight and left my skin and make-up absolutely velvety after every use. I particularly like that it is a simple translucent powder that settles into the skin effortlessly. I apply the Vichy powder with my large powder brush from real techniques, tapping a little bit of product into the lid and swirling my brush in circular motions to pick up the powder. I concentrate mainly on my tzone area, forehead, nose, chin, and under the eyes/ apple of my cheeks. I find that this product doesn't sit horribly on spots or fill up and emphasizes creases or pores.

As you all know I suffer with oily combination skin and found that after first application and wear, half way through the day I need to re apply some powder to blot my face. Although this is a great first application setting powder, it wasn't as helpful the second time round for blotting my skin. I believe it would work wonders on someone who has normal to dry skin but not as well for oily or combination skin. Overall for its lightweight feel and velvety touch it gets a 4/5 from me.  

You can purchase this little beauty from here for £14.45! 

Let me know what you think of the product, have you tried it?


Monday, 17 November 2014



After missing the opportunity to attend the Trilogy event, they kindly sent me over a few of their products from their range. I was astounded with the amount they sent me, as I am already a really big fan of Trilogy, religiously using the Organic Rosehip oil and Rosapene Night Cream. I definitely didnt have to think twice about adding these beauties to my skincare routine.
The Trilogy very gentle calming serum, is a soothing and hydrating serum that can be used morning and night after cleansing your face and neck. The serum is said to calm irritated and intolerant skin by providing light but effective hydration whilst restoring the natural balance of the skin as well as minimising the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This beauty is also a Marie Claire Prix de Marie Claire Finalist. 
I use the Trilogy serum morning and night after cleansing my face, with the use of its handy pipette it allows me to use just the right amount of product. Which I find particularly life saving as I hate using to much product and wasting it. The serum has a cool calming feeling when applied and sinks into the skin effortlessly. It keeps my skin feeling fresh and helps to control the oily combination skin that I suffer from, it has easily found its way in my top three serums! The Trilogy serum is fragrance free and dermatologically tested.  
The Trilogy vital moisturising cream, is a nourishing hydrating cream that is used for morning routines after cleansing the face. The moisturising cream is said to be a versatile nourishing cream available for all skin types. A non-greasy formula that is quickly absorbing with rosapene, marula and orange flower. The ingredients of the product helps to restore hydration as well as helping to smooth the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
I use the Trilogy vital moisturising cream after cleansing, toning and using my wonder serum from Trilogy. It sinks into my skin again with ease without adding any extra oils to my combination skin, I apply the moisturising cream right down to my neck. The biggest bonus I find whilst using the moisturising cream is that it doesn't make my make-up slip or slide, as I have found some hydrating creams try to restore the skin so much, that after applying foundation it doesn't stay in place. Not with this piece of magic, it restores hydration, nourishes the skin giving it a healthy look and keeps my make-up in place.
The Trilogy firming body lotion, is a nourishing, smoothing and firming body lotion. The body lotion should be massaged into clean skin and can be used all over the body. The firming body lotion is said to moisturise, firm and improve skins elasticity and texture. Mixed with the calming fragrance of lavender, frankincense and rose geranium, your skin with time should feel firmer and more supple.
This is my go to product to use after I have a long bath, I massaged the body lotion in circular motions to ensure my body is absorbing all the ingredients the product has to offer. The body lotion is non greasy and hasn't got a sticky texture either. Although I may not necessarily need to use a firming body lotion as of yet but I am thoroughly enjoying using this product.
Overall the products work hand in hand together with each other, and especially as I have purchased other products from the range they all compliment each other. I certainly can recommend Trilogy to anyone who is looking to indulge in a brand that you haven't before. On the Trilogy website you can find products to suit your skin type by using the skincare selector, so be sure to check that out.

Thank you again to the lovely people at Trilogy

Twitter: @TrilogyProducts

Pictures Courtesy of @Srftaylor


Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Autumn Tag

The Autumn Tag

Hey all you lovely people. Look outside, ain't it getting dark oh so early now. Since the clocks went back I thought I would delve into a simple Autumn post for you. So grab a cuppa, some hot chocolate, nibbles and cosy on up under your duvet or favorite blanket. This is going to be the  Autumn tag, as I thought it was appropriate now we are officially in Autumn and soon to be Winter. 

Favourite Autumn Drink?
To be honest, I can see this post getting very boring very quickly for some of you, as i'm pretty much a plane Jane. I haven't got a favourite drink for Autumn at all, I just drink whatever I have in my fridge which is generally water lol. And i'm not necessarily a big lover of hot drinks let alone getting all happy about a Starbucks mocha choca or whatever they're called.

Favourite Album?
This isn't actually a good question to me as I have many of albums that I love. Also i'm not really sure how this is Autumn related but at this moment in time i'm really loving Chris Brown's 'X' album, Ariana Grande's 'My Everything' and still just cant get enough of PND both albums.

Favourite Thing To Wear In Autumn?
I love HiTops whatever the weather but I do love a good winter boot that can battle out the cold and a solid Coat. How could you not say your favourite thing is a coat especially when the weather is beginning to turn.

Favourite Pumpkin Face?
I generally prefer the faces that are made up as you go. But for something that people can familiarise with it would have to be either Jack Skeleton as a dude or his girl Sally from the nightmare before Christmas, which i'm pretty sure most people will say. Although I did see a very good lion king carving but that's not very halloween?

Favourite Autumn Movie?
 Harry Potter all day everyday the whole box set and I am proud to say I own two boxsets, one for watching and the other still sitting there, in the plastic wrapper for appreciation haha.

Favourite Thing To Do?
My favourite thing to do in Autumn is absolutely nothing. When Autumn first arrives I do like walking outdoors and seeing the changing colour of the trees the conkers falling off the tress and stepping on crunchy leaves. But once Autumn swings into full force, I prefer to stay indoors with friends and family snuggled up under a duvet or blanket in cosy pj's watching movies and eating pizza.

Favourite Autumn Comfort Food?
I love Pizza in the colder months in relation to movie nights. But anything home made is my absolute favourite, roast dinner, shepards pie, mmmm yes.

Favourite Candle To Burn?
I dont care what brand, how much or how little it was. Im not into any of these fancy scents like apple crickle-wood (made up obviously) Plain old vanilla.

Favourite Lip Colour?
Red, or dark/deep red. I don't think I can quiet pull of purples so i'm gonna keep it safe and say red.

I tag you all to do this tag.
Hope you enjoyed this light hearted simple post this Sunday.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Eau Thermale Avene

Eau Thermale Avene

A few months ago I was introduced to the wonderful brand that is Avene, I was kindly gifted the Xera Calm Balm and Avene Thermal Water Spray from the Pegasus beauty event, and then later was also sent the Xera Calm Cleansing Oil.
Since 1743 the first Hydrotherapy centre was built which has been entirely dedicated to dermatology. Avene spring water has therapeutic properties that are used to address many dermatological conditions and skin concerns.  Avene created a full range of skincare products dedicated to those with sensitive skin and alas the Eau Thermale Avene brand was launched.  Formulated with their thermal spring water in every product to keep skin hydrated and full of rich natural ingredients, ensures that its anti-irritating soothing properties reduces sensations of discomfort.

The Xera Calm range consists of three products Xera Calm Balm, Xera Calm Cleansing Oil and the Xera Calm Cream.  The complete range gives simple easy steps to help elevate irritable skin, dry skin and eczema prone skin.
“Helps to reduce itchiness by 97%” - Avene

I personally suffer from sensitive combination skin but have spouts of eczema that always seems to creep up on me and has done for years. The Xera Calm Balm is more beneficial to someone with dry skin and not combination skin but I do use it religiously on my eczema morning and night, and have seen a dramatic difference in regards to itchiness, it certainly does soothe the skin 100%. I have been loving the Avene Thermal Water and Cleansing Oil within my daily routine. The Cleansing Oil leaves my face and body feeling nourished and enriched as if I do not need to moisturise after coming out of the shower or even just washing my face. It doesn’t leave your skin tight or dry after being in the water, which is what many other products lack. It has officially become a Holy Grail product and when the 400ml runs out I certainly will be purchasing another. The Thermal Water gives you a spritz of life when you have been having a long day, it can be used to set your makeup, for hot sunny days to cool you down, to treat nappy rash or for irritated skin. It is a handy little product which I just cannot get enough of.

The Eau Thermale Avene range has been a huge hit now that it is easily accessible in the UK. I have both my friends and family addicted to the brand. 

Avene is available from
Twitter: @AveneUK_IRE

What do you think of the brand? 



Sunday, 19 October 2014

Uni Living

Hello again beauts, I'm back with another lifestyle post and this time its about university. I don't necessarily mean to rant and rave when I come to type, but sometimes it just turns into that. 

As many of you know I am a student and have been for several years now. I'm officially in my third year of my BA Hons combined social sciences degree and nope it's not my last year. My course is six years long! I kid you not. Whilst being ill I knew I had to focus my mind on something and when your ill you lose interest in other things you used to enjoy, which are the reasons why I never used to blog as much. I always wanted to go to university but a conventional university just didn't sit right with me especially with my anxiety disorder. So for me there was no freshers no unnecessary distractions needed.

Three years ago I decided to start university with the Open University which if you read my GAD post you would understand. My first year flew by in a second and it was over, I then entered my second year which seemed longer but also ended as quickly as the first. And now i'm in my third year studying part time as always, as well as studying future learn courses on the side line. 

Ever since being a child I was always inquisitive and wanted to break things apart to see how they was made or constantly touch things to understand why they feel they way that they do. I was such a Curious George. And now big 23 and I still want to learn everything and understand everything the world has to offer. Hence why even though I'm studying a degree part time i'm also doing short courses. 

I know this post is titled uni living but to be honest I live probably more comfortable than an average teen off to resident halls. I study in my own home online or with my books in my own time, I do have deadlines to meet, essays to write and tutorials and lectures to attend but there is so much less pressure about studying at home. I take it in my stride that all of my learning is down to my own determination as I have to do absolutely everything myself. Organisations is the biggest key if you want to study and so is time keeping, scheduling studying around your own busy life can be quiet daunting but you get the hang of it.

The Open University is one of the best decisions in my life and I would even like to study more when my six years finish. Within combined social sciences you literally learn everything; Psychology, philosophy, sociology, political science, social policy, law, criminology, geography and the list goes on. In the future I would love to be a psychotherapist using creative ways for people to release from the troubles of their life. But in the mean time I am concentrating with working with young girls and boys, teenagers and young adults who have had troubled lives to give them support such as a youth worker or support worker in hostels. 

I hope you enjoyed my little description about my uni life and what I do,
Let me know where you study or work?


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Debenhams Winter Wonderland Beauty Event AW/14

Wednesday 8th October held the annual Debenhams Oxford Street beauty press show A/W'14. Showcasing all the latest beauty products Debenhams had to offer. They set the scene with their magical winter wonderland theme, it transported me forward to December, putting me in the Christmas spirit with their shimmering snow, Christmas music, mulled wine and candy canes galore, who couldn't feel festive? Not to mention the Christmas tree and presents showering every corner, and lets face it Christmas is coming round the corner fast.
The day enabled me to indulge and test every product available, I was like a kid in a candy shop. From skincare to makeup to perfume and even men's products, you was able to learn more about the products on hand and even post a little letter to Santa of what you desired most, better make sure you was good this year or you might just find a lump of coal.
Debenhams had a wall dedicated to the twelve days of Christmas and paid special homage to brands such as Origins, Trilogy, Elemis, Clinqiue and Burts Bees. But that's not it, If the wall of temptation didn't tempt you, you also had the Christmas tree baring gifts of Debenhams lustful products, the "must haves" of beauty gifts. Including exclusively at Debenhams the popular Christmas advent calenders in particular, the Benefit Candy Coated Countdown and the Elemis 12 days of Christmas. Debenhams also exclusively have the This Works Miracle Cracker, Too faced Everything Nice Palette and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gift Set sitting under the tree, what more could a girl ask for? 
Debenhams was also giving away the new CK Reveal to their guests, but not only that you were able to get your bottle personally inscribed with whatever you desired. The CK Reveal is the perfect gift this Christmas for your mum, sister or significant other! If your looking to get all your Christmas gifts early this year, then look no further, Debenhams has everything and anything you may be wishing for. Santa's grotto in disguise. 

Thank you to the wonderful Debenhams ladies for a magnificent evening!



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