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I have always treated my skin with the tender loving care that it needs, and I don't know how much I preach to my friends and family to look after their skin as you cant just buy new skin. In regards to finding the right products to buy, never fear i am here. I am no expert no dermatologist but just a young woman experimenting like every other young lady to find what works best for their skin. But during my years of research experimenting and general goofing around some of the best products are either home made remedies or inexpensive products. Many of men and women fall for the adverts and merchandising and packaging of a product compared to the actual beneficiaries that the product holds. Just because a brand has a big name doesn't necessarily mean that it works, look past the glossy labels big bold and colourful packaging and airbrushed adverts and take time to indulge in things that actual work for you and only you. 

I must admit I'm not a avid shopper but when I'm out I take time to read everything and like I said I have found the inexpensive products work just as well or even better at times. Don't just always assume high-end means good quality.
So indulge in my mini haul of Superdrug skincare face and body products that I picked up and have fallen in love with, as most people know not every product works for everyone, each to their own and always cater to your own skin type and your own bodies needs. My body generally falls into the normal skincare category so its a bit easier to try a variety of things, but my face falls into the combination oily category so I have to be ever so careful with what I buy.

I do love the tea tree range from superdrug and it has featured in plenty of hauls and had it's own post before also, usually I only pick up the tea tree face wash or face peel but I came across the Tea tree and pink grapefruit face wash and as I thought it is just as good as the original. It's not on the online site (so I linked the lemon version) but can be purchased at a local store for £1.99.  The Tea tree and grapefruit face wash unclogs pores and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth, I particularly love that it doesn't dry out my skin, I kinda expected it not to since I have been using the range of products since I was 14.

As you may already know if you have been reading my blog a while, I swear by baby products. Just because we are older and wiser doesn't mean we can't use baby products to enrich and moisturise our skin. I find that all baby products are the easiest thing to pick up as you know it is specially made to cater for young sensitive skin therefore it needs to nourish the skin fully and it doesn't contain any rubbish you will find with adult products. I picked this Johnson's soap up to give it a try, I don't really like using soap but its always handy to have in the cupboard and i find most of the other soaps on the market leave your skin dry but not this little gem. You get 4 baby soaps in a pack for an affordable price of £1.59! The Johnson's baby soap is infused with honey to leave you with baby-soft skin, and that is exactly what I have, baby soft skin ftw!

This product is so good I wrote a whole blog post solely dedicated to this beauty, Find it here

I do use other shower lotions and bath products but I always find myself putting the original source products back into my shopping basket. They all smell divine and leave your skin feeling thoroughly nourished and luxurious. Whether your having a quick 10min shower or a long soak in the bath, this product works well for all skin types.The shower gels can be found in your local Superdrug for an amazing price of 99p!

This is honestly the best underarm spray ever and now that I have found it, I wont be going back! It doesn't leave any white marks like other regular sprays do, and doesn't leave clumps under the arm if your armpit isn't fully dry form your bath or shower.The Vaseline double invisible is alcohol free and has specifically been made for those with sensitive skin. I just can't explain how much I swear by this product, it lasts way over 8 hours for sure. And for only 99p you cant go wrong, even if your just picking it up to try its not really going to dent your purse now is it. 

Do you have any affordable products that you swear by?


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    1. Thanks for the comment, i dont do follow for follow, but will defo have a look hun x

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    1. Super amazing and inexpensive! x

  3. I have the tea tree range and I love it. Great price too x

    1. Defo one of my fave brands specially as im a student. xx

  4. Great review on a range of great products! Very informative and filled with great personality. Keep the reviews coming.

    1. Hehe thanks, keep watching this space. x


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