Adidas Originals Plimsols

Adidas Originals Honey Stripes Mid Plimsols

This is just a quick post to update you about my new fave plimsolls by Adidas, as you may know I have a magpie eye for hitops and anything alike, therefore I am always looking to broaden my collection and up my shoe game (as we saw in a previous post). I completely love these shoes particularly how comfy they are and also how versatile and easy they are to wear.  They are sport shoes with a lace twist, how could you not like that? Yes I may have been drawn to them also because they are black... *shhh, all bloggers do it*. 

I have a new love for them so much that I don't even want to wear them as much as I first would like to, due to the fact that I worry they will get ruined. Do you ever feel like that? You don't want to wear or take out your favourite shoes, clothes or particular item in case they get ruined? 

These plimsolls by Adidas Originals fuse classic sports style with a vintage thrift  twist. The mid-tops works well with the continuing monochrome trend and its buddy sportsluxe. You can purchase these bad boys here!

Let me know what you think of them? And keep a look out for future posts! x

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