Sunday, 11 May 2014

Ombre Lips on a budget!


Ombre lips have been gracing the glossy pages of magazines, and also has been seen on catwalk shows. If you are looking to jazz up your lips this spring/summer then this is for you. Not only can you create this look in an instant but also for an affordable price.

This look doesn't require much effort either and can be done with ease. All you need is a toothbrush, a lip balm and two lipsticks that compliment each other. I have opted to use my chapstick in strawberry and two lipsticks from the Little Mix range by Collection, Perrie and Jesy.

To achieve this look first start by exfoliating the lips. This can be done with a soft bristled toothbrush to ensure your lips are smooth, combine this with the chapstick or lip balm of your choice to ensure your lips are in perfect condition. Next using a lip brush, the darker toned lipstick should be applied to the outer corners of the lips, and lined round. The lighter lipstick should then be added to the middle part of your lips. Finally using your finger tips gently blur the two shades together, where they meet to remove any lines. And voila the perfect ombre lips on a budget!

You can buy the chapstick for an affordable price of £1.22 at many supermarkets and pharmacies. The best thing about the chapstick range is the variety of flavours they come in such as strawberry, cherry and apple as well as keeping my lips soft and smooth every day.

And can find the Little Mix lipstick range by Collection for £2.99 from The Little Mix lipstick range are fun flirty and vibrant perfect for this time of year. They work really well for creating the ombre lips and to wear alone and last all day. Pigmented and creamy they would suit anyone for any occasion. Why not try them yourself?
Lips: Jesy (Red) & Perrie (Purple)

What do you think of the Ombre Lips trend?


Saturday, 10 May 2014

beauty and hair faves

Beauty & Hair Favourites

For a long time I haven't been loving products as much as I would like to. But as of recent I have been really enjoying using the products mentioned below.

1. Makeup Forever Shine on Powder
I have really been getting into the swing of using this beauty, to highlight my cheekbones as the sun is gracing us with it's presence more and more. It really compliments my skin tone blessing me with a sun kissed glow and I also find it very versatile to use. Not only can it be used to highlight the face and body (if that's your thing), but it also can be used as an eye shadow. With a light hand you can have a subtle golden lid and if you add a bit more, the pigmentation creates a shimmery bronzed, golden and brown toned fiesta on your eyelids. 

2. Impulse: Be Surprised 'Violets & Red Fruits'
This cheap and cheerful product is the perfect little handbag accessory, the combination of floral and fruity concoction leaves you feeling how the weather should be at this time of year. Spring/Summer fun fresh fruity and delicious. For a minuscule price of a pound you cant really go wrong with the Impulse collection.  

3. St. Ives: Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub
For a long time, I have been trying new face scrubs in order to see what works for me. Until I rediscovered the St. Ives products. I had totally forgotten how well it worked during my teenage years, especially when I suffered with acne. This facial scrub clears away all blocked pores without stripping back your natural oils. I particularly love how gentle it is to the skin and have found that using it 2/3 a week has revived my skin completely. 

4. Dove: Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea
The compressed Dove sprays always works wonders for me, keeping me fresh and sweat free. This is more like a holy grail repurchase as it always does what it says on the tin. Gentle to my armpits lovely smell and keeps me going all day.

5. Sofn'free Oil Moisturiser 
As a child I used to use the Sofn'free range in order to cater to my natural hair. After rediscovering it I remembered how perfect this range was with my natural hair. This product gives my hair just enough oil to nourish it, it helps to strengthen and enrich my damaged ends.

6. Sofn'free Curl Activator Lotion
The curl activator is just an added bonus to define and enrich my curls. I have completely gone back to using all the Sofn'free products once again with my Olive oil hair care products, and so far my new hair care regime for my natural hair is working a treat.

Do you have any new faves that you have rediscovered?

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