Saturday, 14 June 2014

Eucerin Dermo Purifying Cleanser Review

Eucerin Product Review
I was kindly sent some Eucerin products and samples from the lovely people at Escentuals. Within the goodies I received the 'Dermo Purifying Cleanser', & the 'Even Brighter Day and Night Cream' along with other miniature samples.

Dermo Purifying Cleanser
What is it? The Eucerin Dermo Purifying cleanser is a formula made to balance oil-prone skin, it is a gentle soap free gel cleanser that is used with warm water. Apply a small pea sized amount and gently massage into the skin once it has lathered up to get rid of excess sebum, dirt and to minimise blemishes and imperfections. 

Results? I have been using the purifying cleanser for just over 3 weeks and found that it works a treat. I have suffered from acne and because of that have been left with really bad scarring and blemishes. As well as having oily skin I was eager to try the Eucerin cleanser. 

Within the first week of receiving the product I never noticed much difference to my skin or saw any benefits, so I wanted to continue my reviewing process longer to see if the Eucerin cleanser worked for me. At the end of the second week I started to notice some changes with my skin, firstly that the spots I had previously had renting space on my face had either reduced in size or moved out and completely gone! Continuing onto the third week my skin has fallen into routine with the cleanser and now if I miss a day my skin craves for the gel cleanser. It has definitely helped to reduce the oily shiny skin I have. And was glad I decided to wait a little longer to review this product as I have seen some positive results. I will continue to use this cleanser in my skincare routine. 

Out of 10? 10/10
Find the Eucerin Dermo Purifying Cleanser > HERE
£6.00 limited offer RRP £9.00

Even Brighter Day and Night Cream
What is it? The Even Brighter Day & Night Cream are both pigment reducing brightening creams. The day cream is combined with SPF30 protection which helps protect against UV light to keep skin plump, bright and youthful. The brighter day cream helps to reduce and even out skin pigmentation as well as repair damaged cells. The night cream with its rich creamy texture is said to even out skin complexion and is designed to reduce dark spots to leave skin bright and youthful.

Results? I used the Brighter Day & Night cream alongside the cleanser for just over 3 weeks, and also found that at the beginning of my testing journey, I found that this didn't really do much for my skin. So I wanted to use the creams for a longer amount of time to see how I felt about them. By the second week I found that although they fit easily into my routine and never broke me out with spots I preferred to use the night cream rather than the day cream. The day cream left my skin somewhat shiny which was fine when I wasn't wearing foundation, but when I wanted to wear foundation it wasn't very good as a base. I love the night cream and how rich the cream is as I apply at night, that when I wake up in the morning my skin feels soft and moisturised. Overall I preferred the night cream over the day cream, both have left my skin soft but not necessarily brighter.

Out of 10? 7/10
Find the Eucerin Brighter Day Cream > HERE
£15.00 limited offer RRP £22.50
Eucerin Brighter Night Cream > HERE
£15.66 limited offer RRP £23.50
Have you used Eucerin Products? Let me know what you think!
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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2014

Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2014

The afro hair and beauty live show commenced on Sunday the 25th May till Monday the 26th May, opening their doors from 10.30am till 6pm at the Business Design Centre in Islington. Afro hair and beauty live is Europe’s largest ethnic hair and beauty expedition gathering thousands and thousands of visitors from the UK and even abroad. The event is a platform that showcases hair and beauty styles and trends as well as having a full on show to entertain us on the main stage from such topics like battle of the barbers and the afro chic fashion show. With all the acts, you even had the chance to be treated like a king or queen in the pampering lounge. 

  There was the chance to buy from many hair and beauty organisations from Mary Kay Cosmetics to Palmers and the Remy Hair Club. I was able to attend some of the seminars and workshops from the likes of Jane Carter, there was also the chance to hear debates from some of the industry’s leading hair and beauty experts such as ORS, Sensationnel and Wahl UK. Afro hair and beauty takes place every year, and this year you was able to purchase a ticket in advance for a minimum of 10.00 or 12.00 on the door.

I was able to take a moment in the bloggers lounge where I was gifted a lovely goody bag and network and meet other bloggers and writers, the event had such a beautiful atmosphere allowing everyone to embrace and share common interests, I was in such awe of the hundreds of people with beautiful hair and the unique styles I was opened up to. 

I was particularly fond of the brand ''design essentials' as i was able to talk to them about their new products. they kindly gifted me their almond and avocado detangling conditioner which I look forward to delving into and giving it a thorough review on how it works with my natural hair. 

Afro hair and beauty is certainly not an event to be missed and I will certainly be going to the next one. 

Afro Hair & Beauty:



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