Sunday, 13 July 2014


 Pegasus Beauty Showcase 2014

Thursday 10th July I was invited to the Pegasus Beauty Showcase. The Pegasus Beauty Showcase was held at the beautiful Westbury Hotel in London from 12pm to 8pm, allowing all guests to be able to attend throughout the day.

The showcase was held on the second floor of The Westbury Hotel, as soon as the lift doors opened to the second floor I was welcomed and greeted with warm friendly smiles of the Pegasus ladies. The event hosted over 20 brands showcasing the latest products they had to offer and more, brands such as Collection Cosmetics, Temple Spa and Trilogy were on hand to give advice, offer samples and schmooze about the day.

Guests were also invited to indulge in the many pampering treats they had on offer such as the manicures, indulge in cocktails and get networking amongst those who share the same interests. I made sure to take full advantage of the manicure sessions leaving with freshly manicured green nails (Poison Ivy) from the new Collection Heroes range coming out this September. I managed to mingle with many of the brands and learnt the secret to Avene’s thermal water, educating myself on how to get better skin with the help of Colladeen Visage and your diet. As well as chit chatting with the ladies from the Harley Medical Group about their skincare range.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the showcase and look forward to working with some of the brands in the near future and experimenting with the products I received..




Buena Beauty Lashes:  Review

Friday the 13th June I was booked in to have my eyelashes done by none other than the beautiful Ligaya. She traveled all the way to my hostel and greeted me with a warm and welcoming smile. As you all know my anxiety can hit the rough when meeting new people and being put in new situations, my biggest worry being that there may be awkward silences or not enough things to talk about as we don’t know each other from Adam.

I welcomed her into my home and made myself comfortable and she started her magic. Not once did I feel uncomfortable and neither did my anxiety flair up, I lay down as she started applying the false lashes and the conversation just flowed with ease.The eyelash extension was on promo for full set of lashes for £45 instead of £60. The whole process took around one hour. And I look forward to having my lashes topped up when they start to thin out. Top up lashes cost £30.

So far writing this post I have had my lashes on for just over three weeks and absolutely love them. They completely make my face look already done even when my make-up isn't on, and it saves me from layering up on my mascara to get my desired look. I have received plenty of compliments and cant thank Ligaya enough.
I look forward to writing a full review about my lashes after I have had them for a month, in detail about how to care for them etc. But in the mean time I cannot praise them enough.

Here are a few photos with my lashes. Take a look for yourself. What do you think?



Thursday, 3 July 2014

Summer Loving- Bath Time Special

Bath Essentials from Bomb Cosmetics

I was kindly sent some bath products to try and review from Bomb Cosmetics, and can honestly say they are such luscious products, perfect to relax in a warm bath at the end of a summers day.
I received a selection of bath melts along with, two bath blusters and a bar of soap. The bath melts range from £2.09 – £3.49 made from a rich pure blend of cocoa and shea butter. I received the Chasing Rainbow bath mallow, Mango and Vanilla bath mallow, and the Summer Sun bath mallow.

After a hot sweaty day a luxurious bath is just what you need, the bath melts melt down into a creamy consistency perfect for you to relax in. I was particularly impressed with the knowledge that these bad boys last up to six baths, not just a one hit wonder. These beautifully scented bath melts come in a variety of styles and mouth-watering scents, Brulee, Tulips, Buttercups, Butterloops, Cocoa, Swirls, Mallows and Creamers. I have fallen in love with just how moisturising and silky smooth they leave your skin as you come out the bath.

The bath blusters I received was Knickerbocker Glory and Mango Mumba, they are both £2.99 giving you the illusion that they are mini doughnuts, but don’t be fooled these sweet treats cant be eaten. Mango Mumba fizzed straight away in the bath releasing its tropical scent and essential oils, with a fusion of mango and pineapple this little bath bluster gave me a instant rush of tropical paradise.
Knickerbocker Glory fizzed twice as fast releasing a sugary scent of fruity sweet ice cream, wild fruit, red berries and creamy vanilla. This little bath bluster has definitely got me smelling like British summer time. You can’t go wrong smelling sweet as you leave the bath. The best thing being that the scent stays on you a couple hours after and your body is already beautifully moisturised.

The handmade soaps are blended with ingredients to cleanse the skin whilst keeping the natural PH balance that other soaps tend to remove when removing dirt from the skin. At just £2.49 these beautiful products are worth every penny, they look and smell nice and leave you feeling gloriously clean and beautifully scented. I particularly love the colour of my Hawaiian soap that looks so vibrant and smells divine.

Why not treat yourself this summer and indulge in some sweet treats. Summer bath time essentials from Bomb Cosmetics. They also have magnificent Body Butters, lotions and much more to tickle your fancy!

Thank you again to Bomb Cosmetics your bath range is literally the bomb!
Twitter: @BombCosmetics


IMATS 2014

IMATS 2014

Last weekend held the notorious beauty trade show event that is IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show). Held every year in Kensington Olympia this event draws in and welcomes thousands of people from all walks of life, whether you are a makeup professional or a makeup enthusiast, everyone is welcome. The event is held over three days Friday to Sunday and tickets range from £45 in advance or £60 on the door if any tickets are still available.

I was able to attend the event with my press pass and I was able to take in all that it had to offer. IMATS enables you to attend talks, classes and master classes from some of the biggest people in the business such as Gillian Blair and Mike Spatola. As well as being able network with others who share your interests, meet some of your favourite you-tubers and bloggers and shop till you drop with all the magnificent discounts from some of the biggest brands out there MAC, Bobbi Brown, NYX, NARS, Makeup Forever and many more. 

I particularly enjoyed the battle of the brushes where up and coming makeup artists and students from makeup schools can battle it out to create a makeup master piece. Some of the prosthetics creations simply had me in awe, and all the amazing talent that had attended was incredible.

Keep a look out for the small IMATS haul to grace the blog soon!
Will you be at IMATS next year?

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