Buena Beauty Lashes:  Review

Friday the 13th June I was booked in to have my eyelashes done by none other than the beautiful Ligaya. She traveled all the way to my hostel and greeted me with a warm and welcoming smile. As you all know my anxiety can hit the rough when meeting new people and being put in new situations, my biggest worry being that there may be awkward silences or not enough things to talk about as we don’t know each other from Adam.

I welcomed her into my home and made myself comfortable and she started her magic. Not once did I feel uncomfortable and neither did my anxiety flair up, I lay down as she started applying the false lashes and the conversation just flowed with ease.The eyelash extension was on promo for full set of lashes for £45 instead of £60. The whole process took around one hour. And I look forward to having my lashes topped up when they start to thin out. Top up lashes cost £30.

So far writing this post I have had my lashes on for just over three weeks and absolutely love them. They completely make my face look already done even when my make-up isn't on, and it saves me from layering up on my mascara to get my desired look. I have received plenty of compliments and cant thank Ligaya enough.
I look forward to writing a full review about my lashes after I have had them for a month, in detail about how to care for them etc. But in the mean time I cannot praise them enough.

Here are a few photos with my lashes. Take a look for yourself. What do you think?


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