1. Oversized Jumper £12.99 | 2. Short T-shirt £12.99 | 3. Patterned Skirt £12.99 | 4. Sparkly Stone Earrings £3.99 | 5. Small Shoulder Bag £7.99 | 6. Patterned Tights £6.99 

It has been a while my fellow blog lovers but alas I am back with a new post, a short but sweet wishlist for you all. All these cute pieces are from H&M my favourite place to shop, that I'm even starting to consider signing up to their catalogue! 

I'm still enjoying the summer clothes out and about and will never get enough of pastel colours, florals and small accessories to mesh it all together. Sooner or later they will all be mine! *cue evil laugh here*

Is there anything that's caught your eye?


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