Sunday, 28 September 2014

Rant: Manners don't cost a thing

Manners don't cost a thing...

So many times and in so many places I find myself asking why people have no manners and behave in the way that they do. I mean obviously this doesn't consist of everyone but just the elite few of obnoxious cretins. It's little things that shouldn't need any space for thinking that really grate on me, such things as common decency to give up your seat to the heavily pregnant woman who is literally ready to give birth.

 One of my biggest pet peeves being (and sorry if you didn't want to hear a rant today) that of business men in their sharp suits, with their overly sized brief cases and shiny polished shoes sitting on public transport, generally with their heads down with no interest with what's going on around them, as they are too engrossed in their new piece of technology. The gadgets they are sucked into being their massive laptops to show how much money they have or playing candy-crush on a smartphone of some sort or even a racing game on their tablet not to mention pretending to be interested in their newspapers. These are the reasons as to why they 'can't see' or are 'too busy' to give up their seat to a woman. What ever happened to chivalry, or men being of a courteous nature. Now please believe i'm not bashing or bad mouthing all men just those who don't ever feel the need to be polite and give up their seat. And yes I do know not only men should give up their seat and women can to, but it is generally these same XY chromosome of 'powerful' men that lack in manners. 

I am pretty sure we are all brought up with common knowledge that pregnant women, the elderly and those with children are vulnerable and the ones that may need the seats. Unfortunately countless times I have seen heavily pregnant women with their swollen feet standing amongst the other sardines not being offered a place to sit down. I would easily get up and give my seat but why cant others do this to. Does it no cross their minds?  Why does it have to be like this... 

I am and always will be a strong believer in karma and positive energy of the world, what you give and put out to the world is what you get back. 

And as we are all venting together my second topic on manners is that of jealousy. I cannot stand jealousy, especially when jealousy brings bitterness, it is not a healthy mindset to
 uphold neither is it a good quality to be manifesting. It is very good natured for us as humans to be happy for the accomplishments of others. Now I am not saying that I have never been jealous because we all have and we are only human, it is an emotion that we will all display at one stage or another. But what I am saying is that people should not be bitter to other people. 

This recently happened to me, where I had accomplished a goal that I had set and attained. Unfortunately a ''friend'' had also been aiming for the same goal but never sufficed. After contacting me to see whether I had obtained my goal she then went on to hit me with a low blow by using my weakness as her own personal strength. Making me acknowledge that ''I had only gained the position because of my disadvantaged background and sad/bad life'' - Which in her words apparently she wasn't suited for. 

It was only then I started to doubt myself and my ability. After discussing it with my mum and best friend that made me aware about bitterness and jealousy. And the realisation that this friend was not actually a friend at all. And this related back to my reason for writing this post and ranting the way I did. When has it ever been socially acceptable to use someone's past and weakness for personal gain and to make 'you' feel better about yourself?

Feel free to let me know what you think as I don't usually write posts like these



Sunday, 21 September 2014


A/W Wishlist

This year I have been loving literally everything but now the leaves are starting to fall and changing colour I too want to step up my wardrobe game for the Autumn/Winter season. I want to change my hair colour as well as the colours in my wardrobe. Darks is the way forward. 

.Black. Burgundy. Khaki. Auburn. Chestnut. Grey.

This is what im thinking this year. I'm already looking for the cosy knits to go with my flask of hot cocoa and warm room filled nights wrapped in my duvet watching chick flicks. 

Fave Picks:

 Dark Green Check Blanket Cape £19.99  |  Stepped Hem Tunic £38.00 |  Shirt Jacket £34.99 

I choose these three pieces following my theme of colours, I want to be able to have things that are light weight to wear and comfortable. The blanket cape reminds me of kimonos during the summer so it would be a nice addition to the wardrobe as something to wear over outfits to keep me warm if not wearing a jacket. This is also the same for the Shirt Jacket I have always liked dark greens and khaki colours which fits in perfectly aswell as being light weight and versatile enough to wear as a jacket or a shirt even enabling me to be able to layer up during the colder months. The Hem tunic is just a simple way to add some form of detail to an outfit instead of having a plain tshirt.
Jersey Jacket £29.99 | Brown Boys Chelsea Boots £42.00 | Check Jacquard Sweat Tunic £32.00  

I choose these three pieces again because it fits the theme for my wardrobe. The Jersey Jacket is a nice addition to have in order to wear during the autumn when it hasn't got to cold yet. It also would pair nicely with the burgundy tunic, jeans and the cute chestnut coloured Chelsea boots (which is originally for guys but it is way too nice not to want them). I'm sure you can vision the outfit i'm planning in your minds.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Jumper £22.99 |  Red Tartan Bodycon Dress £19.99 | Patterned Bomber Jacket £24.99  

I also choose these three pieces to add to my A/W wishlist as really who could not want a Hogwarts jumper, this doesn't even need any explanation, it's Hogwarts! Enough said.
I am looking for patterned dresses to layer with this autumn/ winter with jumper and boots, and this one would be so easy to wear for lots of occasions and with the festivities coming soon it can also be worn for Christmas. And finally the patterned bomber, i'm a sucker for a patterned bomber as it reminds me of 90's styles. My favorite is the vintage patterned bombers but this H&M would have to do.

All these pieces are already getting me ready for the colder months, which to be honest are my favorite months. Odd I know but I cant help it. There is just something that is a lot more nicer about the winter months, maybe because you don't get hot, people aren't sweating all over the place and so on and so forth. 

Let me know what you thought of the wishlist. And have a good day!



Sunday, 14 September 2014



February 3rd 2014 saw me jump into the deep end and join the Princes Trust Team Development Programme. After going through tough times in life and being new to my hostel after being homeless, my key worker was determined I went onto the three month course to build up my confidence and control my anxiety. (See GAD post here)

I joined a programme where I wouldn't know anyone and had to travel alone everyday for 12 weeks to the Hackney Center, in order to complete the course. During my journey I had many set backs which led me having to pick myself up again and push forward. I completed the programme on the 24th April and can honestly say I feel like a new person. Being able to travel alone and with new knowledge that I have techniques to control some parts of my anxiety helps lift the weight off my shoulders. So your probably wondering what the 12 weeks entailed. Well sit back relax and grab a snack because this is going to be a long one.

My Princes Trust Team Programme consisted of a group of people from the ages of 17 to 25, each week as a group we are faced challenges and targets to meet. Here is a breakdown of the twelve weeks.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Week 1
During week one of the team programme of the Hackney Center the group is introduced to each other through a variety of warm up games, ice breakers and trust games, This week was a pretty relaxed week for all of us, as it was the chance for us to get to know one another before the big residential.
Week 2
I know this may sound scary but week two, saw the whole group travel down to Dartmoor in Devon for the whole week. Living with strangers who you don't know, working in a team to complete tasks and sleeping in a cold room with 4 other girls can seem quiet daunting, especially for me with absolutely no self esteem. I had no idea why these people was on the course, what they're backgrounds were or what they had to gain from the programme. I'm not making this sound very fun, but these were my exact thoughts at the time, knowing that I would be stuck on a coach with people I don't know and my travel sickness for hours and hours, to then spend a whole week with them in a cottage in the middle of nowhere in the Dartmoor marshes with no telephone reception, no tv just us...

The whole week flew by so quickly, but I must admit I would do it again. The week consisted of team building exercises, as well as some some of us facing our biggest fears. We learnt how to navigate in the Dartmoor forest (which reminded me of River-dale from Lord of the Rings) see Dartmoor ponies, read compasses and maps. Abseil almost 100 feet over a bridge. Complete night trails. Hike for miles in treacherous weather of winds up to 60miles per hour with hail and rain. All leading up to our final challenge of rock-climbing, abseiling, navigation, hiking and everything else that we had learnt as a team during the week. It was actually one of the funnest weeks of my life and one of the most memorable, not only for the fun activities but for each person being able to open up to each other about our lives past and present, our fears our dreams and our futures. We became a little princes trust family  
Week 3- 6
As a team we had to find a worthy project to help the community, this consisted of us fundraising money to help the cause, researching companies, organisation, allocated roles, and teamwork. We decided to help a local housing association called 'Stonewall Housing' a LGBT housing group, and help them renovate and decorate their hostels. By repainting/redecorating, part furnishing their lounge and kitchen as well as renovating one of their gardens. The team was able to raise almost £600 with our cake sale at Excel in which we used all the earnings to buy the required tools and equipment needed to paint, decorate, buy gardening equipment, patio table and chairs and much needed plants.
Week 7-8
I was able to plan my own work experience, as week seven and eight gives you the chance for your team leader and colleagues to find suitable work placements catered to your desired field of work. During our meeting with Stonewall to propose our plan to fundraise and help a cause (in week 3-6), I was able to secure a work placement the same day with Stonewall to help in their hostels. For the two weeks I was able to attend a Bi-sexuality awareness training as well as domestic violence training. I shadowed two support workers from Stonewall who opened me up to the life of a support worker and how each day is different to the next. I was even able to learn about the re-homing service and referral processes for the homeless men and women.
Week 9
By this stage their was less people in the group unfortunately people had left or were told to leave for whatever reasons. Week 9 we was able to refresh our cvs and put our new work experience on to them. We also had the chance to visit the charted insurance institute who gave us interview techniques. The team and I were able to visit organisations and companies such as the Royal London Hospital to speak about pathways jobs and was given the chance to explore the helipad and helicopters. The week also saw us work on our self esteem and the media with the NHS and learn about sexual health. As well as a talk with my bank about finances.
Week 10-11
This was the time where the team and I had to research and plan another two weeks of helping people help themselves in the community. We fundraised money by selling cakes and sweet treats to the Princes Trust Offices, Corporate Companies and by selling our own business in which I was able to sell fairtrade chocolate at £3 each to friends and family. We also raised money by having a jumble sale open to the public.

Our first week we used our money to buy all the necessary sports equipment, food and refreshments, easter eggs, arts and crafts for Young Hackney a Youth Center based in Hackney and planned a fun day for children from 5- 17. The children were able to indulge in basketball, football, rounders, arts and crafts, and Easter egg hunts. The most behaved children was rewarded their own eggs for good behaviour. Donating all the equipment to Young Hackney in which they gave us all t-shirts to show their gratitude.

The second week we was able to help out with the Hackney food Bank. We used our fundraising money of almost £100 to buy food from Tesco and donate it to the food-bank, and then the next day help with the organisation and process at the food-bank itself, speaking to the people who came throughout the day and serving them tea or coffee.
Week 12
Our final week saw us preparing for our final speeches and completing our progress folders in which has to be sent off to head-office in order for us to receive our certificates.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
There is so much more that I am missing from this breakdown of three months, such as being able to compete in a debating match on young unemployment and antisocial behaviour and rewarded certificates.
Before & After
Before the Princes Trust I was suffering with depression taking anti depressants and struggling with my anxiety. I used to hide behind makeup due to my low self esteem and didn't travel alone for over 4 years. The Trust enabled me to trust individuals and gain some confidence about myself and the world that we live in. No longer on anti-depressants and not having a panic attack since April 2014 I see that as a very big positive change. I even have learnt to not only go out alone to the shops and back or to uni but also to go outside with no makeup on.

Even during my time with the Trust and my team, I had many set backs due to my anxiety flaring up constantly hyperventilating and distress. I was able to push through which I believe is my biggest achievement. Even though something may happen to trigger my attacks I will be ok and I can get back up again. Going backwards and having blips are not the worst things in the world.

Since the trust has finished it has enabled me to become a bit of a social butterfly, joining my hostels residents panel as well as taking charge of monthly girls night for the ladies of my hostel. I am able to attend a lot more blogger events instead of declining them due to fear of panic attacks and anxiety.

My friends, family, key workers and team saw a new me, one with a new found confidence. Even winning the most developed team member voted for by my own team. I'm also being put forward by my team leader for the Princes Trust Breakthrough award.

And it doesn't just stop there. In the final weeks of my team programme, I applied to become a Princes Trust Young Ambassador, representing the trust and telling my story of how it can help young people. And I can officially say you are reading the writings of a Princes Trust Young Ambassador.




Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bloggers Festival 2014

Scarlett London's Bloggers Festival

Saturday 6th September I was invited to the lovely Scarlett London's blogger festival. The event was held in a swanky 31 story high venue in Paramount. Giving you full view of glorious London. The event gave wonderful networking opportunities between companies and bloggers as well as giving bloggers the chance to chit chatter amongst ourselves.... about what you ask? Hair, Nails, Beauty, Skincare, Fashion and everything else the world of blogging has to offer. 

The beautiful Hazel and Mariah accompanied me into the blogger festival and we spent the whole experience together so it wouldn't be just me and my loser self alone in the corner with my anxiety. Schmoozing amongst the other bloggers we was able to visit different brands around the venue swapping business cards, blog links and friendly banter. I was so overwhelmed by the amounts of sweetie goodness and goodie bags offered by the brands that I forgot to take many pictures or maybe it was just that one glass of strawberry champagne. 
Brands such as Urban Outfitters, BeeGood, Quiz, Very and many more where amongst the crowds. I had so much fun meeting other bloggers and I am gutted that I have forgotten a few of your names especially the lovely girl who thought my weave was my real hair!

Thank you again to Scarlett for inviting me, it was a pleasure to attend and your organisation skills are immense. I look forward to more events to come.

Was you at the bloggers festival let me know!


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bodhi & Birch

On Thursday the 21st of August I was kindly invited to the Bodhi & Birch press event, launching their new skincare collection called Rosa Rosa. The day was hosted at the St. Martins Hotel just around the corner from Leicester Square, giving you the chance to pop in and make an appearance from 1pm to 8pm. As soon as I arrived to the hotel, I was greeted by the magnificent scents from the Bodhi & Birch range. I was able to have a friendly conversation with Elijah Choo the founder of Bodhi & Birch, discussing how the new range would be perfect for those with dry to normal skin and those with sensitive to combination skin. So what is the new Rosa Rosa collection? 

Rosa Rosa is a beautiful new skincare range that features a three step system that includes a clarifying cleanser, hydrating toner and a nourishing daily moisturiser. The products are all blended with the finest natural ingredients that are ethically sourced from sustainable origins, each containing essential oils and botanicals to rejuvenate the skin, combat dullness, smooth, tone, and brighten your skins complexion. Rosa Rosa is translated as ‘Blush Rose’ it features a blend of Damask Rose Otto, Tunisian Neroli and Roman Camomile which helps to capture the summery florals of Blush Rose and Orange Blossom. It is helpful to know just what is inside the products you use, and as you can see Rosa Rosa is a blend of natural goodness. 

Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser (150ml) £32 
The Rosa Rosa cream cleanser gently foams to help dissolve and melt away any dirt, impurities or makeup on your skin. The cleanser helps to replenish your skin’s moisture, leaving it soft smooth and supple. Rosehip oil is one of the key ingredients used in the clarifying cleanser to help boost and restore skins luminosity leaving it bright and clear and oh so silky smooth. 

Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner (100ml) £28 
The Rosa Rosa hydrating toner is a blend of pure floral waters which include the delicate fragrance of Rose, sweet Orange Flower and calming Camomile. Infused with essential flower oils and floral waters, the Rosa Rosa toner has anti-inflammatory properties, which allows the skin to be soothed, refreshed and hydrated leaving it smooth and calm ready for moisturising. The Rosa Rosa toner is formulated without any alcohol just natural ingredients. 

Rosa Rosa Daily Moisturiser (50ml) £35 
The Rosa Rosa daily moisturiser is a luxurious day cream that includes Shea Butter, Rosehip, Meadowfoam Seed and Coconut oils to help deeply nourish and stimulate skin cell rejuvenation. Extracts of Neroli help to improve skins natural elasticity and to refine pores, whilst the Rose Otto revitalises skin texture leaving you with an instant radiant glow and softer more youthful skin.

I was able to indulge in a complementary hand massage using the new trio of Rosa Rosa products from a hand therapist and was amazed at how well the cleanser foams up with just a little touch of water in a cotton pad. The hydrating toner has to be a spritz of magic as it gently sank into my skin. The Rosa Rosa daily moistureiser left me smelling like spring time had started all over again. The trio of products are created by a true skincare magician!

The Rosa Rosa collection also comes in a Skincare set for £80 saving £15.
Bodhi & Birch products have a period after opening of six months, as well as containing only the best of the best ingredients free from any synthetic or chemical ingredients.

Founder Elijah Choo quotes: “The idea may be simple but it is in this simplicity where it’s beauty exists.”

Rosa Rosa skincare collection is available at:

Pictures courtesy of SrfTaylor

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