A/W Wishlist

This year I have been loving literally everything but now the leaves are starting to fall and changing colour I too want to step up my wardrobe game for the Autumn/Winter season. I want to change my hair colour as well as the colours in my wardrobe. Darks is the way forward. 

.Black. Burgundy. Khaki. Auburn. Chestnut. Grey.

This is what im thinking this year. I'm already looking for the cosy knits to go with my flask of hot cocoa and warm room filled nights wrapped in my duvet watching chick flicks. 

Fave Picks:

 Dark Green Check Blanket Cape £19.99  |  Stepped Hem Tunic £38.00 |  Shirt Jacket £34.99 

I choose these three pieces following my theme of colours, I want to be able to have things that are light weight to wear and comfortable. The blanket cape reminds me of kimonos during the summer so it would be a nice addition to the wardrobe as something to wear over outfits to keep me warm if not wearing a jacket. This is also the same for the Shirt Jacket I have always liked dark greens and khaki colours which fits in perfectly aswell as being light weight and versatile enough to wear as a jacket or a shirt even enabling me to be able to layer up during the colder months. The Hem tunic is just a simple way to add some form of detail to an outfit instead of having a plain tshirt.
Jersey Jacket £29.99 | Brown Boys Chelsea Boots £42.00 | Check Jacquard Sweat Tunic £32.00  

I choose these three pieces again because it fits the theme for my wardrobe. The Jersey Jacket is a nice addition to have in order to wear during the autumn when it hasn't got to cold yet. It also would pair nicely with the burgundy tunic, jeans and the cute chestnut coloured Chelsea boots (which is originally for guys but it is way too nice not to want them). I'm sure you can vision the outfit i'm planning in your minds.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Jumper £22.99 |  Red Tartan Bodycon Dress £19.99 | Patterned Bomber Jacket £24.99  

I also choose these three pieces to add to my A/W wishlist as really who could not want a Hogwarts jumper, this doesn't even need any explanation, it's Hogwarts! Enough said.
I am looking for patterned dresses to layer with this autumn/ winter with jumper and boots, and this one would be so easy to wear for lots of occasions and with the festivities coming soon it can also be worn for Christmas. And finally the patterned bomber, i'm a sucker for a patterned bomber as it reminds me of 90's styles. My favorite is the vintage patterned bombers but this H&M would have to do.

All these pieces are already getting me ready for the colder months, which to be honest are my favorite months. Odd I know but I cant help it. There is just something that is a lot more nicer about the winter months, maybe because you don't get hot, people aren't sweating all over the place and so on and so forth. 

Let me know what you thought of the wishlist. And have a good day!



  1. There's an identical version of that Hogwarts jumper in Primark! :) Might save you a few a pennies! (I have the tshirt version, LOVE it)

    Laura | elelibee

    1. Oh my thank you for the heads up! xx

  2. omg I love the chelsea boots and the red sweater!! I want!!!


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