Rant: Manners don't cost a thing

Manners don't cost a thing...

So many times and in so many places I find myself asking why people have no manners and behave in the way that they do. I mean obviously this doesn't consist of everyone but just the elite few of obnoxious cretins. It's little things that shouldn't need any space for thinking that really grate on me, such things as common decency to give up your seat to the heavily pregnant woman who is literally ready to give birth.

 One of my biggest pet peeves being (and sorry if you didn't want to hear a rant today) that of business men in their sharp suits, with their overly sized brief cases and shiny polished shoes sitting on public transport, generally with their heads down with no interest with what's going on around them, as they are too engrossed in their new piece of technology. The gadgets they are sucked into being their massive laptops to show how much money they have or playing candy-crush on a smartphone of some sort or even a racing game on their tablet not to mention pretending to be interested in their newspapers. These are the reasons as to why they 'can't see' or are 'too busy' to give up their seat to a woman. What ever happened to chivalry, or men being of a courteous nature. Now please believe i'm not bashing or bad mouthing all men just those who don't ever feel the need to be polite and give up their seat. And yes I do know not only men should give up their seat and women can to, but it is generally these same XY chromosome of 'powerful' men that lack in manners. 

I am pretty sure we are all brought up with common knowledge that pregnant women, the elderly and those with children are vulnerable and the ones that may need the seats. Unfortunately countless times I have seen heavily pregnant women with their swollen feet standing amongst the other sardines not being offered a place to sit down. I would easily get up and give my seat but why cant others do this to. Does it no cross their minds?  Why does it have to be like this... 

I am and always will be a strong believer in karma and positive energy of the world, what you give and put out to the world is what you get back. 

And as we are all venting together my second topic on manners is that of jealousy. I cannot stand jealousy, especially when jealousy brings bitterness, it is not a healthy mindset to
 uphold neither is it a good quality to be manifesting. It is very good natured for us as humans to be happy for the accomplishments of others. Now I am not saying that I have never been jealous because we all have and we are only human, it is an emotion that we will all display at one stage or another. But what I am saying is that people should not be bitter to other people. 

This recently happened to me, where I had accomplished a goal that I had set and attained. Unfortunately a ''friend'' had also been aiming for the same goal but never sufficed. After contacting me to see whether I had obtained my goal she then went on to hit me with a low blow by using my weakness as her own personal strength. Making me acknowledge that ''I had only gained the position because of my disadvantaged background and sad/bad life'' - Which in her words apparently she wasn't suited for. 

It was only then I started to doubt myself and my ability. After discussing it with my mum and best friend that made me aware about bitterness and jealousy. And the realisation that this friend was not actually a friend at all. And this related back to my reason for writing this post and ranting the way I did. When has it ever been socially acceptable to use someone's past and weakness for personal gain and to make 'you' feel better about yourself?

Feel free to let me know what you think as I don't usually write posts like these



  1. Manners really do cost nothing! I love the quote 'Throw kindness around like it's confetti' because if people did the world would be a much better place. And as for those suit wearing, brief case carrying, rude men on public transport - if they are playing CANDY CRUSH they are clearly not the big professional adult they think they are, we should probably forgive them as they haven't reached an age of maturity yet and know no better!



    1. Thanks for the comment honey! Its so bad we don't see people just being genuinely kind. xx


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