Eau Thermale Avene

Eau Thermale Avene

A few months ago I was introduced to the wonderful brand that is Avene, I was kindly gifted the Xera Calm Balm and Avene Thermal Water Spray from the Pegasus beauty event, and then later was also sent the Xera Calm Cleansing Oil.
Since 1743 the first Hydrotherapy centre was built which has been entirely dedicated to dermatology. Avene spring water has therapeutic properties that are used to address many dermatological conditions and skin concerns.  Avene created a full range of skincare products dedicated to those with sensitive skin and alas the Eau Thermale Avene brand was launched.  Formulated with their thermal spring water in every product to keep skin hydrated and full of rich natural ingredients, ensures that its anti-irritating soothing properties reduces sensations of discomfort.

The Xera Calm range consists of three products Xera Calm Balm, Xera Calm Cleansing Oil and the Xera Calm Cream.  The complete range gives simple easy steps to help elevate irritable skin, dry skin and eczema prone skin.
“Helps to reduce itchiness by 97%” - Avene

I personally suffer from sensitive combination skin but have spouts of eczema that always seems to creep up on me and has done for years. The Xera Calm Balm is more beneficial to someone with dry skin and not combination skin but I do use it religiously on my eczema morning and night, and have seen a dramatic difference in regards to itchiness, it certainly does soothe the skin 100%. I have been loving the Avene Thermal Water and Cleansing Oil within my daily routine. The Cleansing Oil leaves my face and body feeling nourished and enriched as if I do not need to moisturise after coming out of the shower or even just washing my face. It doesn’t leave your skin tight or dry after being in the water, which is what many other products lack. It has officially become a Holy Grail product and when the 400ml runs out I certainly will be purchasing another. The Thermal Water gives you a spritz of life when you have been having a long day, it can be used to set your makeup, for hot sunny days to cool you down, to treat nappy rash or for irritated skin. It is a handy little product which I just cannot get enough of.

The Eau Thermale Avene range has been a huge hit now that it is easily accessible in the UK. I have both my friends and family addicted to the brand. 

Avene is available from www.avene.co.uk
Twitter: @AveneUK_IRE

What do you think of the brand? 



  1. i really like their thermal water spray!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  2. Its defo one of the best products x


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