Hostel Life

Hostel Life

I do like indulging in a few lifestyle posts as I believe it gets my readers to understand me and my life better and build a more respectful and understanding relationship. Recently I have dipped in and out about my life in previous posts about rather personal life experiences, such as depression, anxiety and being homeless, and thought to myself why not write about what its actually like to live in a hostel. Hostels have really bad reputations and horrible stigmas, which isn't completely true. A few times I have said I live in a hostel it has dawned on me the taken aback expression people seem to have amongst their faces.

Yes I am 23, I dress rather well and tidy, have a positive mind set, good friends and family as well as being a motivated young lady that lives in a hostel. Why does that seem to shock people? Not all hostels are filled up with people in which society think the worst of. The media and society need to get out of this sticky stigma of stereotyping everything and everyone. 

October 2012 I was made homeless due to no fault of my own whilst battling my manic depression and anxiety. Which lead me to almost sleeping on the streets, was it not for my friend taking me into her family council home in which if you know the system can get you into a lot of trouble. I was sofa surfing for over a year when I was approached by my ESA worker (Employment and support allowance) who went out of her way to help me find a permanent place to rest my head. For obvious reasons, yes I was on benefits because I couldn't work due to my mental state (but we can leave that for another day another post).

I was then invited to an interview to see whether my current hostel was able to help me or not as they take on individuals of low to medium support. A week later I was invited to take up residency in the 36 bed hostel for my room - living space/bedroom, separate kitchen and separate bathroom, no sharing of facilities with other men and women in the hostel. 

I do my daily routine just as an other ordinary person would do in their own home. I have been at my hostel 10 months and it has improved my health and well being drastically. The support workers are available day and night and actually care about your well being. I can honestly say I have made some friends from my hostel and we probably laugh a lot more than the average person does.

Now im not saying my hostel is a haven simply that it isn't what you may think it is, yes we have had fights, arguments break out but doesn't that happen in a normal family household let alone a dysfunctional one. The thing people seem to forget that these people are sensitive and vulnerable we are all battling our own demons of  mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse, homelessness and more. And ten times out of ten these individuals are the ones who have unfortunately been through the majority.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is don't judge a book by its cover, as cliche as it is, because any one of us can become homeless or go through situations which was no fault of our own. This is our home, just as much as your home is yours. So when you hear the word hostel don't be shocked by the term.


  1. amazin girl! Thanks for sharing such a personal post! I was also close to living in a hostel since I suffered from post-natal depession and anxiety. I was also living in my partners family's home so it was definitly a cramped living condition (especially just having a baby) I was fortunate to have a support worker who helped me get into council housing. I am so happy and very inspired that you had shared your story about living in hostels since I know quite a few people who do aswell. It's nice to know that you're not alone and there are others that may show a brave face and a bubbly attitude but also hide their inner demons inside..

    on a lighter note.. I am loving your blog!!

    Shanna |

  2. Thanks for the comment and tweet certainly gave me a huge smile across my face. xx

  3. Such a brave post to write! I suffer from a few illnesses so know where you're coming from. So good to hear you're back on you're feet!


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