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Hello again beauts, I'm back with another lifestyle post and this time its about university. I don't necessarily mean to rant and rave when I come to type, but sometimes it just turns into that. 

As many of you know I am a student and have been for several years now. I'm officially in my third year of my BA Hons combined social sciences degree and nope it's not my last year. My course is six years long! I kid you not. Whilst being ill I knew I had to focus my mind on something and when your ill you lose interest in other things you used to enjoy, which are the reasons why I never used to blog as much. I always wanted to go to university but a conventional university just didn't sit right with me especially with my anxiety disorder. So for me there was no freshers no unnecessary distractions needed.

Three years ago I decided to start university with the Open University which if you read my GAD post you would understand. My first year flew by in a second and it was over, I then entered my second year which seemed longer but also ended as quickly as the first. And now i'm in my third year studying part time as always, as well as studying future learn courses on the side line. 

Ever since being a child I was always inquisitive and wanted to break things apart to see how they was made or constantly touch things to understand why they feel they way that they do. I was such a Curious George. And now big 23 and I still want to learn everything and understand everything the world has to offer. Hence why even though I'm studying a degree part time i'm also doing short courses. 

I know this post is titled uni living but to be honest I live probably more comfortable than an average teen off to resident halls. I study in my own home online or with my books in my own time, I do have deadlines to meet, essays to write and tutorials and lectures to attend but there is so much less pressure about studying at home. I take it in my stride that all of my learning is down to my own determination as I have to do absolutely everything myself. Organisations is the biggest key if you want to study and so is time keeping, scheduling studying around your own busy life can be quiet daunting but you get the hang of it.

The Open University is one of the best decisions in my life and I would even like to study more when my six years finish. Within combined social sciences you literally learn everything; Psychology, philosophy, sociology, political science, social policy, law, criminology, geography and the list goes on. In the future I would love to be a psychotherapist using creative ways for people to release from the troubles of their life. But in the mean time I am concentrating with working with young girls and boys, teenagers and young adults who have had troubled lives to give them support such as a youth worker or support worker in hostels. 

I hope you enjoyed my little description about my uni life and what I do,
Let me know where you study or work?



  1. Really interesting post as I'm currently considering Open University. You course sounds really interesting and it's nice to know that you manage to juggle it well.
    Kate xx

  2. I considered open university and whilst it isn't the path that I took I wish I had seen blog posts like this one whilst I struggled to make the decision. Very interesting and informative, maybe I should revise that decision in the future!

    Sammy xo.


    1. Thanks hun, it is defo a good option if your not feeling going through conventional university xx


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