Give A Little Love

Today I just wanted to have a little short chatty blog post and talk about giving. As it is nearing the Christmas period, I want people to remember it's not all about presents, but its about spending time with loved ones, cherishing what you have and being thankful. I am not one to be religious and I don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday but Christmas has a very mysterious way of warming our hearts and acknowledging  what we do have. 

Many people this Christmas will be homeless, hungry, cold and alone, and I for one want to let you all remember that as you open your presents someone out there wont even be opening a tin of beans. As a personal connection to this issue my own hostel has over 30 residents including myself who are 'homeless' and suffer from a multiple of issues may it be mental health, physical health, escaping domestic violence and some haven't a penny to their name, but the hostel gets donations from people and Food Banks to ensure people eat a hot meal this Christmas. The staff even go as far as buying small gifts for every resident to make sure no one is left with nothing as some people have no family or friends.

This is no way a post to make anyone feel guilty for what they do have but maybe a way of opening peoples eyes to what some people do not have, and whilst you may be wishing for some latest album to be released, the new gaming device such as the PS4 or the new glossy urban decay palette remember those that are in need.

This Christmas (and not even just at Christmas)  why don't you donate to the Food Bank and the Trussell Trust. Donating food will give someone a chance to have meals over the cold festive period, and not only that you can also donate clothes, duvets and skincare products such as toothpaste, shower gel, soap and even nappies for those who may be less fortunate. 

I have personally seen first hand what good Food Banks do for people, as a service user myself when I have been in crisis and also as someone who has volunteered with the Hackney Food Bank. It is the little things that people seem to forget that means a lot. And I bet you giving is a lot better than receiving!



  1. Such a beautiful and meaningful blog-post. It makes me wanna do something good this Christmas :D Keep the great blog posts coming!


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