The Autumn Tag

The Autumn Tag

Hey all you lovely people. Look outside, ain't it getting dark oh so early now. Since the clocks went back I thought I would delve into a simple Autumn post for you. So grab a cuppa, some hot chocolate, nibbles and cosy on up under your duvet or favorite blanket. This is going to be the  Autumn tag, as I thought it was appropriate now we are officially in Autumn and soon to be Winter. 

Favourite Autumn Drink?
To be honest, I can see this post getting very boring very quickly for some of you, as i'm pretty much a plane Jane. I haven't got a favourite drink for Autumn at all, I just drink whatever I have in my fridge which is generally water lol. And i'm not necessarily a big lover of hot drinks let alone getting all happy about a Starbucks mocha choca or whatever they're called.

Favourite Album?
This isn't actually a good question to me as I have many of albums that I love. Also i'm not really sure how this is Autumn related but at this moment in time i'm really loving Chris Brown's 'X' album, Ariana Grande's 'My Everything' and still just cant get enough of PND both albums.

Favourite Thing To Wear In Autumn?
I love HiTops whatever the weather but I do love a good winter boot that can battle out the cold and a solid Coat. How could you not say your favourite thing is a coat especially when the weather is beginning to turn.

Favourite Pumpkin Face?
I generally prefer the faces that are made up as you go. But for something that people can familiarise with it would have to be either Jack Skeleton as a dude or his girl Sally from the nightmare before Christmas, which i'm pretty sure most people will say. Although I did see a very good lion king carving but that's not very halloween?

Favourite Autumn Movie?
 Harry Potter all day everyday the whole box set and I am proud to say I own two boxsets, one for watching and the other still sitting there, in the plastic wrapper for appreciation haha.

Favourite Thing To Do?
My favourite thing to do in Autumn is absolutely nothing. When Autumn first arrives I do like walking outdoors and seeing the changing colour of the trees the conkers falling off the tress and stepping on crunchy leaves. But once Autumn swings into full force, I prefer to stay indoors with friends and family snuggled up under a duvet or blanket in cosy pj's watching movies and eating pizza.

Favourite Autumn Comfort Food?
I love Pizza in the colder months in relation to movie nights. But anything home made is my absolute favourite, roast dinner, shepards pie, mmmm yes.

Favourite Candle To Burn?
I dont care what brand, how much or how little it was. Im not into any of these fancy scents like apple crickle-wood (made up obviously) Plain old vanilla.

Favourite Lip Colour?
Red, or dark/deep red. I don't think I can quiet pull of purples so i'm gonna keep it safe and say red.

I tag you all to do this tag.
Hope you enjoyed this light hearted simple post this Sunday.



  1. Oh look at that gorgeous Hedgehog! haha
    I am definitely the same for drinks, I don't drink hot drinks at all...I only drink juice!
    And yes, totally Harry Potter! Anyday of the year!
    Big vanilla fan too!



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